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I am a 59-year-old Male
Country: United Kingdom
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Talented young people

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Well, new to this!

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Disaster and it had to happen away from home

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Had my first meeting with my stoma nurse :)

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April 2, Daughters week

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Ostomy, Stoma and Pouch Covers

Can anyone make some bag covers for me please...i cant sew..

Hi..just wondering if anyone is handy with a sewing machine to whip up a couple of cover for my colostomy bag please.. tania

Views: 3317 Replies: 9

Pouch covers

Hi everyone I would like to know has any one out there used pouch covers and were they any good or just a wast of time . I am thinking of getting some so would like your feed back on this. many thanks Angel xx

Views: 5956 Replies: 18

Stoma covers

Good Afternoon, I have been irrigating about 10 years and currently use mestopore patches. However, the adhesive has been irritating my skin for the past few months. Has anyone got any suggestions regarding a skin friendly stoma cover? thanks, Diamond

Views: 2001 Replies: 4

American ostomy pouch covers!

Has anyone else seen the American stoma bag covers at www.americanostomate.com I got a Union Jack one from the same firm and it's fantastic. Had my picture taken wearing it and put it on the Ileostomy Association Gallery on their forum. Great fun!!!

Views: 2003 Replies: 1

My pouch covers

The idea behind C&S Ostomy Pouch Covers was developed for me over 30 years ago. Here is my story. At the age of 17, I was diagnosed with Chrons disease and endured the pain and heartbreak of slowly losing my large intestine. When I was 19, I underwent my first surgery and wound up with an ielostomy. I was devastated and thought that my life was over. My self confidence was non-existent. The thought of having a meaningful relationship or raising a family never entered my mind. However, th...

Views: 4196 Replies: 9

Osomy pouch covers

Has anyone else come across pouch covers made by a firm called Oh! Poo? They are hilarious -really funny designs, and you can empty bags while wearing them.There's one with a Union Jack design and as I'm British and proud of it I shall have to get one.Some of the designs would make "intimate moments" great fun instead of being embarrassing!

Views: 5780 Replies: 18

Bag covers

I like to cover both my bags with pretty bag covers. They are easy to make from oddments of material or even a pillowcase or something like that. I have included a link from a dutch website which shows how to make them. http://www.stomaatje.com/clothing.html I'm not lost, this is just a diversion

Views: 5927 Replies: 3

Pouch covers

can anyone help me find cheep pouch covers or patterns too make pouch covers? thank u

Views: 1964 Replies: 5






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