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J Pouch??

Posted: Mon Mar 30, 2009 9:55 am
Im due to go in for my last operation in May IV HAD MY ileostomy 2 years now and am thankful i can get it reversed but im worried if ill be back to square 1 after the op?? How different is it between having a normal bowel and having an ileostomy?

Posted: Mon Mar 30, 2009 6:23 pm
I tried twice to have a J pouch, both times went very badly. I now have a permanent ileostomy, and to be honest, it is much better than the J pouch for me. Go over to and read through all the posts, both good and bad.

Just remember, you will see more bad posts because the people with successful J pouches are out living their lives Wink It will be good to see all the little things you could experience. For me, the freedom to eat what I want without paying a price, or not having butt rashes, or having more say in when I need to go to the bathroom means much more than not having to deal with an appliance.


Posted: Wed Apr 01, 2009 3:29 pm

I've had my ileostomy since December 07.  I have a J pouch made in May 08 and then the reversal done in November last.  Everything went great for the immediate two weeks after the op.  However, when I went ,I developed and amostomotic leak and had to revert to the ileostomy a week later.   I also got hemroids which didn't help the situation.

I'm having this repaired in July and thankfully it's only a small procedure and I have a very good surgeon.  I'm having the reversal re-done early next year so please God it will be a success second time around.

At least I will be better prepared next time and know what to expect.  I may have rushed things last time which probably didn't help matters.

Do not be nervous about it.  Everything will work out just fine.  I just have one piece of advice and that is to avoid eating fibre for a while after the op. It tends to cause wind and that is something you need to avoid for a while until things settle down.

I have a couple of friends with J pouches and it can take 6-12 months for everything to settle down so you will need to be patient.

If you would like to ask any other questions, please do.


Posted: Sun Apr 05, 2009 9:26 pm
I had a j-pouch done in Jan/03, prior to an intestinal rupture in Jan/05.  The first year was great!! I still had to be near a washroom most of time. The pouch will only hold about 1.5 cups  at the most and that doesn't take into account all the gas your body produces and occupies the pouchs space. For the first 6 or 8 months managed to sleep pretty solid at night with few trips to washroom. After that I had major adhesions occur (which caused the rupture). I had enrolled in the pre-nursing program a year after the j-pouch surgery and the stress of it really caused great pain and yes, you can have terrible peri-stomal irritation (to the point where you can hardly walk but if I could go back to the j-pouch I that first six months I would without a doubt. Try avoid undue stress, eat properly and exercise regularly and you should be fine

Posted: Mon Apr 06, 2009 12:23 am
My wife has had the reversal and have a colonic j pouch and the surgeon said the cancer was very low and that it may not be possible but she has had it , the drawbacks that she has is that she has to visit the toilet so many times a day that it makes her sore , we cannot go anywhere without knowing where each loo is , sometimes she is a bit incontinent and has to wear pads which in turn is causing a bacteria and now is struggling with thrush , it has been a few years now and she has tried all sort or diet variations .

Although this may not be a guidline because there seem to be different types of j pouch and no two people are the same ,

We are delighted with the operation as she was very ill , she has recovered well and back up to and a bit above her normal weight , it's just that she sometimes wish that she still had the bag , but that on it's own had its problems which we were beginning to get on top of and she then may be wishing that she could have the reversal .

This is of no help but just a little feedback and in both cases many patients can give very positive feedbacks .

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