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Skin condition (warning, photo)

Posted by CuriousSoulAstray, on Wed Nov 13, 2019 8:54 pm

Everyone will say not to do this, but I clean my stoma with Peroxide. It is wonderful. Also, you need the right appliance. My skin used to turn that red when I had the wrong appliances. Hollister has an appliance that stopped the irritation. Hang in there and find the right appliance and the right way to clean. If interested in changing appliances, let me know, suffered with that for years. The pic is beautiful, btw. 

Reply by myyear54, on Fri Nov 15, 2019 7:59 am
myyear54 wrote:
judgelori wrote:

I use the Mio sensura  2 piece bags and i have been trying different barrier rings to see if that is an issue.  I have bravo ones, hollister ones and eakin ones...  I dont use too many products...i do have skin protectant wipes that i used tonight....i have stoma powder but dont really know how im supposed to use it....and i have some marathon that ive used before when its been worse than this....

I have had to change my bag a couple times in the last few days due to leaks...once sunday, once monday and again tonight.  So that has contributed to the irritated skin....i usually only change every other day or every third day...

So, that's where i am at...only been at this since February so im still learning what works and what doesn't....

I have an appointment with my ostomy nurse but not for 2 will be cleared up by the time i get i  to see her.  Same thing happened last time....i made an appt when it got irritated but by the time i got to see her, it was cleared up.  



May sound stupid, but I found relief for irritation using okeefs working mans hand cream. Was cleared with my Dr. Just said not to put it directly on stoma. Is greaselees, and with a rinse off, doesn't interfer with adhision. For 6 or 8 bucks is worth a try. Doug

I don't use powder, for me it seemed to get gummy and stopped the barrier from sticking to skin. Also don't be afraid to ask for samples to try different barriers. Took me couple of years to figure out it was barrier causing skin problems that caused barrier not to stick. My solution was the mio from coloplast. Have used it for over two years no problems. Also sweat is a problem, will soften barrier which will make it come lose easier. I don't propose my solution will work for everyone. It was trial and error for me.

Reply by Bigboredave, on Mon Dec 09, 2019 10:48 pm

Hello Judgelori,


Although I have not used it in a very long time an ostomy nurse recommended the following many years ago and it worked terrifically. I wish you the best of luck with your situation. 


Warmest regards,

DAVE  (Ileostomy 41yrs.)


Reply by kangaroo , on Tue Dec 10, 2019 5:07 pm

Hi judgelori - I also use nystatin around my stoma.  It is a prescription.  It's a white cream that comforts irritated skin.  The skin directly around my stoma was so sore and bleeding, and a dr. finally called in the nystatin for me.  I have been using it now for almost a year, and it helps so much.  I only need it directly around my stoma - so I apply it with my finger, all around the stoma.  Then I put the paste directly on the flange, and apply that right over the paste.  Then I attach the bag.  So far, it stays on really well, and almost never have any leaks.  Once in a while, that "crap" pancakes and goes under the flange - but not very often.  I hope you feel better soon!  met one guy who has a colostomy, and he said he applies pepto bismol to his skin, and that it works great.  I haven't tried that yet, but he swears it works for sore skin.  Good luck!  I'll be praying for you!!


judgelori wrote:
newyorktorque wrote:

Hi Lori.  It definitely looks like you've got some irritation there.  I am always having some skin issue myself and have scheduled an appointment with the nurse and arrive with a murphys law stoma skin.  I recently had to change to a bigger cut to fit bag.  As a result I now have some 'baby' skin thats going to be exposed to adhesive whereby it has not been before.  As I suspected I get the irritation from removing the bag off that fresh skin.  Since its not an infection, I smear a thin layer of nystatin on it and let it sit and sink in.  Then I will wash it off with a washcloth, dry and put on a new bag.


Can you tell me more about what Nystatin is?  Is it prescription?  Over the counter?  Order through Byram?  Not sure what that is. 



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