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Space between stoma and wafer



  You're a real trooper! I sure do believe you trained horses.  I get what you're saying about getting hubby onboard and you're expensive mattress. I have a queen sized bed and my girlfriend at the time didn't want to sleep on the mattress I just bought a single (full?) sized topper for my half of the bed. But I did feel bad cutting a big hole in it. The other thing I was thinking about.......and I don't know your insurance or financial capacity.......but you could just change your barrier every morning.  When my skin around my stoma was in pretty rough shape I was changing my barrier every morning, which did allow my skin to heal. I reused my bags to keep costs you might want to consider a daily barrier change, at least to buy you time to try some other things to get a handle on leaks.  Just a thought.



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Me, a trooper?  How about you?  I think you are fantastic to take so much time to do this!  Thank you again.  I am trying a new barrier.  It is about 4 inches square and you cut a hole in it the size of your stoma.  It goes on first with the bag on top. so-far, so good but I will let you know.

i didn't find your last post for a while and a friend of mine said you probably decided I was a college student jerking your chain.  Glad that isn't the case!

i hope the latest barrier works.  Reusing bags isn't really an option.  I have contacted Coloplast about this but the end of the bad, the entire flange assembly has come off entirely....the whole thing.  I am left with just the bad itself. if I would choose to reuse it, probably could, just too finicky.  Join me in hoping the new Hollister barrier works!

since you do listen AND because I think everyone else has gone away I have also had Throid Cancer,  multiple breast biopsy's and a complete hystorechtomy.  I am ok, though.  Still have my tonsils!

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