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Check out my cool new hat!


Warrior.......yes, my bad......I did mean Mike.  What can I sucks getting old.  Ain't that right? "misplet" the word........and you're correcting me???  Sort of like the blind leading the  Luv ya Brother!

Peace Out,


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Hello Bob.

Most of the hats I've worn have helped me to blend into whatever environment I find myself in. The reversed sou'wester was percieved as an improvement on the deerstalker I used to wear however, over the years I have had a range of hats to suit different occasions. If I get time in the next few days I will try and put a picture up (as I now know how to do this!) 

Bellily's picture is great. It reminded me of a hat that was made for me many years ago by one of my former clients (who was also a hatmaker) to hold in my 'Rasta-locks', when attending a local festival. 

Best wishes



Hi Bill, People used to wear hats all the time,but now you don't see to many now it is ball caps. We still have a lady in my church that has and wears a hat that matches with every outfit she has and she has a lot. I like to see men in a cowboy hat, I have always liked that era. I have a channel on my TV that only shows western shows, I watch it a lot. Anyway the only thing I have worn that comes close to a hat is a hood on my coat. LOL


Lovely I am with you on the Cowboy seeing men in them..think I'll go try and find me a Cowboy...LOL..



It has been quite a few years ago when the western fad was going on. Everyone was wearing cowboy outfits, They were doing western dances. My son bought several pair of boots and western shirts. Fads come and go but I wish that one would come back.


Bob do your glasses still fog up or not.


His glasses probably dont...but...likely his brain does from the heat under his g a n g s t a hat.  Guess who Bob?


Im gunna glue a cowboy hat to my pouch . does that count as " wearing them"hee haa! Giddy up. 

Posts:2530, they don't fog up with my cool new hat!  THAT's what makes it so COOL.  Get it?

Warrior........I love sparring with ya bro.  Folks anywhere outside of NJ don't get the whole banter-thing we do.  They always think we're arguing.  I guess there are some things I really do miss about NJ other than pizza, hard rolls, bagels and White Castle.  Thanks Warrior, think I'll call some of my old friends still up there in the Garden State and shoot the shit.  Gangsta-style, of course.

Now where did I put my cowboy's around here somewhere...........




Hi Mike,

  I'm the skinny black dude on the right.  I have no idea who that handsome devil is on the left, but if I was a pretty ostomate (girl) I'd sure be trying to find out.  (wink, wink)

Hope things are still going good for you........we're waiting for another update.




HAHAHAHA Warrior....We defo want a picture pf the hat bag....and dont forget the Spurs!!  LOL


warrior, I don't think it was specified where it was to be worn. LOL

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