COVID-19 Shots: Who's Getting Vaccinated?


Bill, please try and keep your opinions of our president to yourself. He is here and you are there. I don't care about your feelings about President Trump. Either you are going to take the vaccine or not, that was the question asked of you. Regards


Hi all,

I have decided to get the COVID vaccine! I was on the fence until I spoke with my oncologist. He said for me to absolutely get it. He already had his first and will get his second this coming week. His take on this is all the what-ifs about the vaccine are just what-ifs. What if it was produced too fast and not effective, what if there are long-term effects, what if you have a reaction to it, etc. He said there are many what-ifs, but there are many facts that say you should. COVID is here. COVID is a killer. COVID can leave lasting issues such as permanent lung damage. COVID is a fact! So the facts certainly outweigh the what-ifs!
I trusted him with my life on a very aggressive rare cancer, and I am here today, so I think I will trust him on this as well!
Just my thoughts!




Good on you. Getting the vaccine is a no-brainer for me. As soon as it is my turn, I am there. It could not be any sooner. Just, K.

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Hi, Freedancer here. I am not touching that vaccine! I do not trust it one single bit!


Hey mates!

Considering what has transpired over the last several days, the ability to tell the truth from a lie is distressing, life-altering, and life-threatening. I guess it depends on the sources of our information.

The Covid crisis will be devastating to any country's health system, thus all of us will bear the brunt of incompetent leadership, no matter where one lives. This, unfortunately, will be our legacy. Role modeling should be top down. Our last beef, as written in the news... "Canadians call out leaders for breaking their own Covid-19 rules."

The question of taking or not taking the vaccine doesn't just end with a yes or a no. Education is a huge factor. It makes me wonder what scares people about any vaccine. The health expert? The scientist? Our neighbor? The guy or gal in another town? The fact that the shot may hurt a tad or have a few side effects? Heck, I just took the second shingles shot and my arm was sore - but it sure outweighs the symptoms of shingles. Vaccinations managed to wipe out polio - for those who remember that period in history. On another note, the Queen and Prince Philip just took the vaccine and Pope Francis has said he is in line for the jab.

Oh well, each to their own. And, if it were not for "opinions," there would not be such a word in our vocabulary. Imagine a world with only group think! That is an even scarier notion. Just, K.

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<p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Hello Daisy.<br />Thank you for feeling free to express your opinion to my post. The issue of whether I was going to take the vaccine or not (I feel) was addressed and, the discussion as to which vaccine we were contemplating having (and why) also seemed relevant to this discussion. <br />As for keeping our opinions to ourselves. Principles and concepts such as this should surely apply to everyone or no-one. If people like Donald Trump stop expressing his opinions about others across the globe, then I might consider keeping my opinions about him to myself.<br />On the other hand, I have made it a mission in life to expose overt and covert 'bullies'. i.e., those who would try to 'tell' people what they should think and do, so it is very doubtful that I will be keeping quiet about Donald Trump or any of the other would-be dictators around the world.</p> <p>It is perhaps a given that, (long before the Trump presidency) I had also thought about people (especially bullies) who express their hard-held opinions, wishing to 'impose' them on others, whilst simultaneously trying to stifle the opinions of others. <br />This perspective, as usual, has been expressed in Rhyme and, although prior to Trump, it still seems pertinent today.<br />I hope you enjoy the rhyme I have chosen to address your concerns.<br />Best wishes<br />Bill</p> <p><br />PLEASE KEEP YOUR DOGMA ON A LEAD.</p> <p>As I observe it flying round<br />knocking people to the ground,<br />I wish to stop you and to plead,<br />Please keep your dogma on a lead.</p> <p>Hard and relentless in attack<br />I think it&rsquo;s gone, but it comes back.<br />Reflect and ponder as you read &ndash; <br />&ldquo;Please keep your dogma on a lead&rdquo;.</p> <p>The narrow mindedness it shows<br />so often brings you near to blows.<br />No-one else will this thing head,<br />so, &lsquo;YOU&rsquo; should keep it on a lead.</p> <p>Perhaps if we could pass a law<br />to make you see as we all saw,<br />this might just help you to concede<br />and keep your dogma on a lead.</p> <p>In pondering the human race,<br />which lives confined in time and space,<br />I feel that it will best succeed<br />with all our dogmas on a lead.</p> <p>&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; B. Withers 1993<br />&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; (in: Inverse Feedback 1995)</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>

Definitely. Not sure I've seen this answered, but do those of us without colons more or equally susceptible to the virus from an immune standpoint. That's without meds that may suppress the immune system.


Hi pup,   you make some excellent points.   I agree completely.   I also feel the urgency to get this thing under control because the longer it rages on, I keep thinking my chances of not getting it are getting slimmer and slimmer, especially with the new more contagious variants.

All the best,



Hi Bill,   I love the verse!   I also love the other points you made.   So well thought out and expressed.   Bullies don't need protecting and their lies don't need to be defended.   They and their lies need to be exposed.   Keep up the good work!




I will when it is available to me.


Bill is allowed his opinion and I enjoy reading his words... He is not a US citizen but his words are important. Trump has put all US citizens in grave danger with his lies and actions these past days and years. Bill is speaking the truth... the very sad truth.


I got my vaccine appointment set up! Happy day for the 27th.


Hi all, I got my appointment for the 15th. After waiting a couple of hours for a call back, my second appointment is scheduled for Feb. 5th.


Good morning, O'mates!

Got my 1st shingles vaccination on Sunday. Speaking with my pharmacist, both my mom and I should be able to get our first-of-two COVID-19 vaccinations in about 2-3 weeks! So excited! :)



I have chosen not to take it. I am worried about having a negative side effect and frankly, I just do not need any more worries in my life. I never seem to have issues with the flu vaccine and make sure I take it every year.


OMG! I had the first shingles shot and was sick for two weeks. My arm swelled like I had a spider bite or something.   I hurt everywhere and even my skin hurt!! If I could have gotten away with wearing nothing but Maxine and a smile, I would have done it.   I did not get the second one!!


So - to everyone NOT taking the vaccine.

You all go out, you all buy groceries, you all use services, you all buy gas, you all are insisting on living YOUR life the way you want. When did it become so fashionable to be so inconsiderate of your fellow human beings? There may be reasons other than inconvenience as to why you do not want to be vaccinated. Then those good reasons should be a valid reason for abstaining. But just disregarding the well-being of your fellow humans is what? ..... OK because it's never gonna be your fault if someone dies? Must be nice to be so certain. Had folks believed and listened LAST MARCH, we would not have lost so many lives. But hey, it's not you, right?


Peace shouldn't be so hard to come by....



Hi, Dad.

I agree.

I choose to wear a mask, socially distance, wash/sanitize my hands, and get vaccinated to protect me, my mom - with whom I live - co-workers, and my community.   For those Americans who do not follow these CDC-recommended protocols, I ask:   At what point does your choice to not wear a mask, socially distance, receive the vaccine, etc., impinge on my choice to live?

I've had my first vaccination, and will receive my second this coming Friday.   Arm was a little sore at the injection site for a few days, a tad warm, but no other side effects.    

Hopefully, with time, progressive science, and people truly caring about each other and expressing that caring through positive actions, we will move into a COVID-free era.   Although, sadly, I don't expect it to be anytime soon.

May everyone stay safe & well!



Hey Terry,

Good to see you here! It has been a while.

I have had my J&J vaccine with no side effects at all. Nbsp
I was lucky that a friend owns a pharmacy and brought them all home on a Saturday so I got to go next door for the injection! No scheduling! I liked that! My husband, being a first responder, had already gotten the Moderna vaccine. He had no side effects from it either! Nbsp
Glad we did! Nbsp


I got mine! No side effects.


Hi, O'mates!

Update:   I received my second Pfizer vaccination on April 9th, and spent almost all of the following 15 minutes flapping up & down, wagging back & forth, my arm like a chicken.   If I had done the same with the other arm, with a stiff tail wind, I would have been airborne, I'm pretty certain!   : )

I had perhaps 24 hours of soreness at the injection site, but much LESS than from the first vaccination.   No other side effects, and I'm grateful for that.

Stay well, Everyone!   : )



Hi everyone,

Yes, I am one of those with the best of intentions of posting way more than I do. I read the posts via email updates, but that is not an excuse.

I am hoping to get some advice. I've just been to an allergist for the first time as I had a severe reaction many years ago to the flu vaccine that ended up in a 10-day hospital stay and kidney failure. I have an ileostomy and have had it since I was 10 weeks old (not a typo - 10 weeks). At that time, I was advised by the doctor to forego any further flu shots. I have since heeded their advice.

Now we have COVID. I have yet to get the first shot. In speaking with my doctor, who referred me to the allergist to see if there was a chance of an allergy to ingredients of the COVID vaccine, results are that I didn't have any classic signs of an allergic reaction. Now it's up to me to decide if I continue and get the COVID vaccine.

My father, who is 83, has just had his second shot and was out of commission for a good three days - nausea and extreme exhaustion.

I am curious what others on the board have experienced with their first and second shots.

I know everyone is unique in their experiences, and I am not opposed to the 'normal' sore arm, upset tummy, feeling crummy for a day or two. I just am curious if anyone has had issues that were more serious.

I am not an antivaxer. I want to make as informed a decision as I can.

Thanking you all for your time and consideration.

Stay happy and healthy!



Hi Dixie1, I had both shots with no problems at all. I don't have an ileostomy, I have a colostomy.


Pfizer both times, no problems. Just waiting for travel restrictions to open up.


Thanks everyone for your input.

This helps with my decision making.

Keep well!


Hi Dixie, I had both shots, Pfizer first and Moderna second. Bit of a sore arm the first time, more of a sore arm second time, no other issues. This was the case for both my husband and me. He is 74 and I'm 69. I'm an ileo also. Good luck with your decision.


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