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Be kind whenever possible

Sat Dec 04, 2021 7:12 am
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One of my favorites....

These are the top 5 issues ostomates face:

1. Dating and relationships
2. Concealing the pouch
3. Foods to eat and avoid
4. Losing or gaining weight
5. Pouch ballooning

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Sat Dec 04, 2021 8:52 am

Hello sunflower111. 

Who would have thought that I would find inspiration from a quote from of the  Dalai Lama. Thank you - I'll take the inspiration from wherever and whenever it arises. 

Best wishes



Yesterday, I had a thought
about some things that I was taught
so long ago, by someone wise
that should have opened up my eyes.

She said, we should be kind today,
and not wait to another day,
for today soon slides away
to become a yesterday.

Yesterday’s are well and good,
but kinder people think they should
enact kind deeds as they present
and live their lives with kind intent.

There’s no point putting off these things,
for all procrastination brings
are memories of things not done
so, are no good to anyone.

Time is always moving on,
so by tomorrow, now is gone,
and we won’t get it back again
to heal a hurt or sooth some pain.

If our kindness is not on track,
then when we come to looking back,
there will be nothing to be seen
and we ‘ll not see what could have been.

If kind deeds are done everyday,
then those that were done yesterday
will still be memories today,
so those done now may overlay.

Yesterday’s kindnesses may be
the kind of things to set folk free,
so, take every opportunity
to be kind with impunity.

                                     Be Withers 2021

Sat Dec 04, 2021 9:59 am

Since my cancer diagnosis and all the treatments I've had since(yes, I'm completely cancer free now) I try to live along the lines of three songs,  Humble and Kind and Live Like You Were Dying both by Tim McGraw and Don't Blink by Kenny Chesney. Life is way too short to be all worked up over little stuff and to be so self centered to not give a crap about others. Of course, there are days when you still have to call someone a dumbass and just shake your head. 😁

Sun Dec 05, 2021 3:23 am


I agree with you on this. If you can't be kind then don't say anything 😉 XX

Sun Dec 05, 2021 9:01 pm

This is kinda long but ever so true. 

Did you roll your eyes at that 350-pound man in front of you in the all-you-can-eat buffet line? Would you judge him a little differently if you learned that he has an inoperable brain tumor and needs to take steroids that blow up his size?

Remember the way you screamed and glared at that lady who started to drift into your lane? Would you have reacted any different if you knew that she was driving home from the hospital after her daughter just passed away?
Did you judge that guy who stood helplessly by, while the lady in front of him struggled to lift her heavy carry-on bag from the overhead bin? Would you think differently if you knew he was flying home from two spine surgeries and wasn’t allowed to raise his arms or lift anything more than five pounds?
Or maybe that guy you thought was rude, because he didn’t acknowledge your greeting in the elevator? Would you cut him a little more slack if you discovered that he just left his lawyer’s office making a bankruptcy filing for his business, and was thinking about how to tell his family?
You remember what you thought about that lady in front of you at the checkout, trying to sneak 11 items in then 10 or less line? Would it matter so much to you if she had a special needs child at home, or was a caretaker for an elderly parent, and she was desperate to get back to them quickly?
You know that new guy that seemed aloof to you? Would you have given him more of a chance if you found out he has social anxiety disorder and needs extra time to open up to people?
Did you think that guy on the subway was a jerk because he didn’t get up and offer his seat to that elderly lady? What if he’s a wounded warrior and under those slacks are two prosthetic legs that he’s still learning to balance on?
Maybe the better question is simply this…
Are we too quick to judge?


Mon Dec 06, 2021 5:15 am

Lovely this has given me food for thought. Yes we are very quick to judge. XX

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