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Hospital Etiquette or AITA


OMFG Special precautions removed, got a horrible nurse last night who decided to change my pain regimen and say the other nurses weren’t following protocol then she broke protocol, finally got it fixed after 14 hours. Started to get pain mgmt back under control. Now new roommate is hallucinating and yelling for people that aren’t there and thinks the closet is a window, so I’m being moved the day after some very painful biopsies this place really takes the cake, guess I better pack AGAIN. Nothing restful or therapeutic about this now 20 day stay with minimum 4 to go. I doubt I’ll be back unless it takes a year to find a new GI doctor and surgeon. 
I want to scream, bed alarm has gone off 8 times in 3 hours and incontinence 2x 
How not to run a hospital. 

Talk to others with an Ostomy
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