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Advice From a Llama

Reply to SallyK

Maybe the llamacorn will be able to teleport me to you Sally and we can go to Llama-zing Adventures together. 

Llama Airlines - the world's most wholesome airline

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Wouldn't that be llamamazing! 😍🦙💖

Reply to SallyK

Just wait a bit ...his Majesty  Elon  has that machine in the works !!!  Get you girsl together in an hour !

   He wants to build Vacuum Tube train tunnels ...maybe undersea tubes too !! Like the ones at the  drive up Bank  Window ..👍 no more Airports , I would vote for that ☘

Reply to Mayoman

We will make preparations and await for updates! 🍁❤️🚇


It sounds a bit crazy but tests by someone else showed that it works ...on a small scale .  Not sure if the G Forces would would turn you Girls into a tasty Milkshake ....or a Pancake stuck to your seat !!!😱

   On Tunnels ...The subway tunnel under San Francisco Bay is one solid piece several miles long . It's built like and acted like a garden hose , as one unit  during the 1989   7.1  Earthquake. The whole tunnel moved freely with the shockwaves  and there were no leaks and little damage because it didn't resist the ground motion , just went with the flow !   I thought that was a very useful and interesting bit of info for anyone in the Bay Area ....and for Elon's next venture 😱

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