Do you want to know your cause of death?


Put me down for not wanting to know. That said, I'm kinda hoping it's due to an exorbitant amount of sex...


I want to choose when I die. MAID. And when the time is right, I'll set a date and file all the paperwork.

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Great attitude Ben38!! I hope you stay stable for many years to come. Life is good!

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Good morning and Everyone! Hope your doing good and your best and I don't understand why this is a topic there's days when we should get texting or talking and being or trying hard as hell to take good care of myself and talk about it as we do and not think a hard like that and wish for things, Feeling Good- many things I can't do and having ;issue with I can't or I'm not able or can't eat everything I want to eat as I'm, vegetables and fruit and dairy etc... I'm trying to take care of myself as you all are going I'm sure but I'm upset and depressed and think stupid and people left me as I'm trying to talk with tubes down my throat septis shock you know and I'm trying ;I'm a woman who loves every one ( well mostly) LOL I'm alone and it's all since and now it's hard to even find a nice person to even talk to without a problem and I can keep writing and saying how most woman well I know men, feel the same ways! But when I saw that had to reply, I don't come in much not been anything but why not say What is next in my life to make me feel Good!!! Question: Anyone listening ...hugs

Its hard to push, pull,pick up anything I feel uncomfortable and hurt! Anyone??????

I notice it more now then ever and I don't here anyone talking about it! Thank you ;thank you so so much in advance appreciate your kindness and help and your friendship!... +...always!

But about 7 years ago got told off then I was called so many names and a transgender and I can't and won't grrr let this happen again because people are not nice, when there mean people! We all know them kind I'm sure

anyway I'm just saying, and I'm hoping everyone is doing good,on this very hot day ;here in New Jersey

I have a lot me and you all can say ,different things and I'm sure and I just have been through so much and trying to figure out what to do to make my life different,? Trying to get a positive attitude more than not, good people, feeling Better,happier, more fun and more energy and, you know what, I wonder how many will Answer this question? I'm going to say this and I hope your having a good day! I love every one and hugs and hope you have a great rest of the summer!!

Happy Monday Hi Everyone I don't ;come on here ;much scared to reallyand I don't say much and when I did I got bashed and trashed! Well anyway, I just wanted to say hello to the ones that know me! And of course people that don't know me hope your having a great day! Just texting all over the place LOL anyway way enjoy

With lots of Victoria


Hope you get better soon, Victoria, and have a great day.

Staying Hydrated with an Ostomy with LeeAnne Hayden | Hollister
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Hello Victoria

Lots of good wishes and prayers going your way. Get better soon.


When my time comes, it will come. Not rush!


I'm going with "Ignorance is bliss!"

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Hello NewlifeVictoria.

Welcome back to the forum and thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiences in this way.

I am sorry to hear that you are having a hard time at the moment and hope that this resolves itself soon.

It is difficult to tease out all the things you have to say in order to give a comprehensive reply. However, In my usual way I have chosen a rhyme from my latest book which might address some of the issues you raise on kindness and unkindness. I hope you like the sentiment expressed.

Best wishes



Kindness is a complex concept,
yet, so often, is a percept
that makes it seem to stand apart,
devoid of any counterpart.

Through yin and yang, it can be shown,
that kindness does not stand alone,
so, maybe it’s most apposite
juxtaposed with its opposite.

To give to kindness its true voice,
we should view it as a choice,
between what may seem right or wrong,
in terms of what’s done by the strong. 

An act of kindness or of care 
may, on the face of it, seem fair,
and this will seem desirable, 
especially with the vulnerable.

But what is kindness all about?
And why should kindnesses stand out?
The answers to these questions hide
in what is on the other side.

For unkindness, has for too long,
been the thing we think is wrong, 
and hence, when people do what’s right,
it shines an even brighter light. 

Thus, I encourage folks to see
these acts as a complexity, 
and understand what is at stake. 
in choices that humans may make.

Most human beings think things through,
and have a choice in what they do.
So, those who chose the kindness path, 
bequeath a better aftermath.

          Be Withers 2021

              (in:’ B. Withers Be kind’2022 p380)


I was scared and asked that question 40 years ago when I was diagnosed with rectal cancer. How long do I have? The surgeon said "A lot if you drive carefully!" Now, after beating esophageal cancer 6 years ago, and then 2 years ago being diagnosed with prostate cancer, my comment to the doctor was "I always thought that I wanted the end to be a Mack truck or a jealous husband, and you just ruined number 2!"

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I don't think I'd really want to know, but I think as the end approaches, you probably do know!!

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