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Acoustic AND electric!

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Oh boy, Alex, I hope the way that I said that didn't come across weird. I just meant that fans call them, "HFT." I'm so used to it.🤗


I like a lot of the bands y’all have mentioned! If I had to pick a favorite it just might be Nine Inch Nails because I grew up on pretty hate machine and Trent is a musical genius. It definitely depends on the mood and the older I get the more I seem to enjoy “old people music.” 😂

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An acquired taste? Pshaw.. even my mom loves the Beastie Boys 😉

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Love NIN PHM, I’m hit or miss with the rest of the catalog but love the stuff he did with David Bowie and Gary Numan. 
My taste went MIA for a few years in the last few years of the 90’s but got back into NIN with With Teeth, year zero and the slip. 

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I checked out Hot Tuna today and liked them a lot!

Have you ever heard Stevie Ray Vaughn and Double Trouble?  If not, try "Texas Flood"!

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I have and I love him!

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Saw him live it was incredible, blew the headliner right off the stage (Steve Miller Band). Also loved his guitar work on the David Bowie album Let’s Dance. Gone way too soon 

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I got to see him, too, around '84 at an outdoor jazz festival. He was one of a kind.


Albums-Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon" and "Hank Williams Jr. Greatest Hits" Concerts-Beach  Boys 50th Anniversary Tour and  Moody Blues


Excellent question! Albums for me would be Bob Dylan ‘Blood on the Tracks’ and Bruce Springsteen’Greetings from Asbury Park’ (Any Clash album honorable mention)

Concerts: Lollapalooza 2 - Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Ice Cube. 
Bruce Springsteen (in LA with Mike Ness  coming out 😊)

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Hehe.  BODY COUNT!!!  Evil 🍆 comes to mind.  


Albums.  IDK.  favorite concerts

Santana and Steve Miller Band.. both at the Texas State Fair.  

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