You know you’re an ostomate when…

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He might have been frazzled by his kids but that was no excuse for acting like an a**hole to you.

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I bet you did!


I think I do this one way to much... "You absent-mindedly feel your bag to see if it needs emptying, regardless of your surroundings."

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thanks for this. It was hysterical.

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I catch myself doing that as well!

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You know when you're an ostomate when....

You get home to find the parcel on your stoop has been obviously opened and re-sealed, but NOT STOLEN.

Oh, I'm sorry Mr or Ms Porch Pirate, belly bags not quite what you were expecting? ;No XBox for you today my friend!

I now have my supplies delivered to my office ....


I've often wondered if that has happened to anyone and now I know!Beggars belief, but at least they didn't steal them!

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