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Colostomy reversal/possible ileostomy

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Hi Putt Putt,

Thank you for your response. I also read about your experience in the other thread in which you wrote about your situation. I am so glad to hear your recovery is going well following your ileostomy reversal. That’s wonderful!

I had three pages of questions for the colorectal surgeon on my mom’s 2nd consultation visit this past week. Most of our questions were regarding the temporary ileostomy and the risks for both reversals. She explained that we would plan for a laparoscopic and robotic colostomy reversal and she would only get the ileostomy if she is concerned something would not heal perfectly. We had extensive discussions about the risks for both reversals. She said the chance of a leak is pretty low. She said in her cases, the chance of a leak is less than national average (3%) but still there. She said if she does colostomy reversal and feels there a 10% chance of leak, she will perform the ileostomy. She said she would test the connection for ileostomy in about 6 weeks. As long as everything healed, they would reverse the ileostomy 2 weeks later. So be 8 weeks, the ileostomy would be gone. 

Surgeon said my mom’s rectum is still relatively intact and she doesn’t believe she will have trouble with control but cannot guarantee it. She recommended to start doing kegal exercises to strengthen those muscles when laying in bed. But my mom doesn’t understand how to do them. Anyone have any advice? I tried to explain to my mom to go to pee, and hold it, and those are the muscles you need to use but she doesn’t understand.

My mom still hasn’t made a decision yet about the reversal.

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Hi Daughter,  I don't know about in the U.S., but here in Canada there are Physiotherapists who specialize in pelvic floor issues and could teach this to your mom.  You could ask your doctor or surgeon if this is available where you are.


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Thank you Terry!! The surgeon did mention that if for some reason my mom did have issue with fecal incontinence post op, there are physical therapists that can work with her on doing those exercises so maybe I can ask if something is available pre operative. 


Hi.  I've been ostomy free since 07/21.  I only had an ileostomy bag for just one month short of a year. But living with SBS Short Bowel Syndrome which leaves me staying close to home never knowing when or what might set off a rush of diarrhea. Therebare times when it's hard to determine which is the worst.  At least with the bag  I didn't have to worry about having an accident. 

 I am in the process of start a new medication Dattex to reduce the rush of bowel movement. Has anyone else used this med? 

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