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Dark green has turned to black tar looking stool

Posted by Faith4Today, on Sat Jul 24, 2010 9:24 pm
My doc has put me on Nexium, thinking maybe peptic ulcer, or burning from too much stomach acid.  Also said chewing gum after meals helps stop the stomach acid, (who knew).

One week but no change..  Any suggestions?
Reply by Pinky, on Sat Jul 24, 2010 9:38 pm
Hi Faith - tarry stool does NOT sound good!  I think you should ask for a colonoscopy.  Have you had one through your stoma yet? It's not as bad as it sounds, even though of course the prep is a drag.  I had a hemmorhage from my colostomy Mother's Day weekend and that blood was maroon, not tarry, and my GI doc thought it was from a small ulcer. I had an emergency colonoscopy and endoscopy. Now I'm supposed to have a "capsule study" of my small bowel but I keep putting it off.

BTW, I know your neck of the woods up there - Pine Cove and Idyllwild.  I like Mountain Home too.  So beautiful.   Smile
Past Member
Reply by Past Member, on Sun Jul 25, 2010 6:48 am

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Nexium is a great pill and takes about two weeks to work well, I personally take Prilosec OTC.  It works also and now it is over the counter and a lot cheaper than Nexium.  But they both do the trick if you give the pills a good couple of weeks, the gum that we chew is so the acid coming up goes back down as we swallow.  I am a long time gum chewer and have no intentions of giving it up, I also like my teeth so I listened to my Doctor years ago as acid can eat them up also.  After my reversal which I am having and did my own research on and it is a reconnect and not a problem in the world we can see.  Then I am having my own teeth  veneered.  Faith I am not disagreeing with you, I just have had this illness for so many years and I am not talking about my colon, I mean Acid Reflux and I do know how to treat it.  Also not everyone knows about this chat or that there is help out there, my husband came home from a service call about a month ago, he told me this womens sister shot herself and died after her Colostomy, didnt shock me as I was in her same shoes just a couple or three months ago, it took someone like Michael and my good friend Jo Jo to show me how much I was needed in my own life.  I wasnt being selfish for not wanting to live, I had never had a bowel problem in my whole life.  But I was told I would have to wait a year for a reconnect and it was more that I could take until I came to this site and a gentleman told me his story and how this had saved his life.  I am big into Pro-Life but I also believe in Hospice and dont believe we should have to live in pain mentally or Physically.  I would make sure you knew the differece between a reconnect and a J-pouch before you said much as we have some young teenagers on here.  I know of someone I care about very much getting the J-Poch as I write this.  So I dont want to take anyones hope or Faith that they can get better away.  I know I am going to be just fine after my surgery and yea I have been doing my workouts and getting ready for it, but I am not afraid and I told my sons and my husband if something ever happened to mom during this surgery please dont cry for me except happy tears.  I make it or I dont and if thats my odds I sure dont need someone telling me they are less.  50/50 is good enough for me, God Bless and always remember what we say can affect someone elses life, suicides are high enough without taking away any hope we have of being who we were.  Jenny
Reply by swiffer, on Sun Jul 25, 2010 11:14 am
I would take your doctors advise first of all. If you have to call him or her everyday until you are better. It is great to research all your aliments and give that to your doctor also. Mine was very happy to get any info i could give him but in the long run they have the best knowledge of what you need. These kind of ailments have checks and balances. It takes time to figure them out. Hope you are better soon.
Reply by Faith4Today, on Sun Jul 25, 2010 12:33 pm
There are so many different circumstances that we all have our stomas.  Each of our Drs are the 1st opinions we should take.  I am not trying to steal anyone's hope.  Certainly if your Dr wants you to have a reversal, go for it. The largest group that failed was over 60, with other physical areas breaking down from age.  So youth is really the greatest for a speedy full recovery.  I am trying to offer information about the cons of surgery, and just putting out there, that medical journal are availible online. Researching trials Doctors are performing on us, sometimes gives us knowledge that they don't always come up front with. There are perfect canditates for reversal, those should go for it, but if your Dr sounds unsure about sucess, these may be some of the reasons.  I believe the final result for any problem is in God's hands.   Keeping the "Faith"  Sorry if this sounded to harsh, I was pretty discouraged by the discovery also.
Reply by swiffer, on Sun Jul 25, 2010 1:31 pm
Yep there is always hope . I have the non reversible colostomy but still hope that someday they will come up with something new that will attach to me on the inside and work like a healthy colon does. I would be first in line to see if it worked. No kidding i think it could happen and yes keeping the faith.
Reply by lottagelady, on Sun Jul 25, 2010 2:56 pm
You have really got me thinking guys - I am not in that good a shape at the moment and am diabetic, but do not have any bowel disease (yet anyway!) I had already decided 2 yrs ago I didn't want any more surgery but have been told I need it (as regards my hernia anyway as it is so large - and this will be combnined with either a relocation of stoma and a permanent stoma being formed OR a reversal and hernia repair ...... I really feel my body couldn't take either to be honest, and that is not the frame of mind to be heading for surgery with ..... ummmmmmmmmm?
Rach xx
Reply by swiffer, on Sun Jul 25, 2010 4:11 pm
You are thinking about it and that is half the battle. I have not had diabetes or a hernia but know both are very serious. I can tell you about my permanent colostomy.  It has bettered my life in so many ways . I can go anywhere any time,drink and eat the right food until i am so full i need to take a nap, my mood is much better about everything, and in my case i have not had to go back to the doctor for my illness in 6 years. Yes i have leaks , I have to buy the supply's and dating is some what embarrassing for me but that is a thing i have to work through { many don't have that problem}. My friends my point is you don't have to settle for second best . There are professional doctors that do care what happens to all of us and will do their best to give us a normal life. The trade off between the little problems i have now are much much better than the large ones i had before surgery. I waited 14 years and wish i had not waited a day now.
Reply by Pinky, on Sun Jul 25, 2010 5:19 pm
Hi everybody - great thoughts on the reversal issue.  I had a temp colostomy for 7 months in 2003, then a reversal.  The first two years went OK - there was a lot of gas and diarrhea problems I hadn't had with the temp ostomy (in fact after 7 months I was pretty used to it).  But I always had pain with the reversal, had to go on long-acting morphine and other pain drugs, and was really miserable most of the time. I felt I needed to try everything to avoid the colostomy: hypnosis, biofeedback, probiotics.  Couldn't work.  Had accidents at school.  Got backed up at the anastomosis and got mega-colon.

Finally agreed to what my surgeon had recommended all along - a permanent colostomy with daily irrigation.  I've never gotten to the point where I can wear just a cap, but I do wear just the mini-pouches.  Some ostomateson this site have told me they irrigate only every 2-3 days, but I like fiberous foods so I can't go that long.

Even after all my problems - I still had GI doctors and alternative medicine doctors telling me I didn't need a colostomy!  So I say pick ONE of your doctors who you really trust and let that person guide you.  I'm glad I did.  Smile

PS - Swiffer - loved that pic of the frog's legs.  Very Happy
Past Member
Reply by Past Member, on Sun Jul 25, 2010 6:47 pm
A href="A"Faith4Today, Faith Thank you for helping me understand what you were saying.  I just know how hard this is on me and I am so close to my reversal surgery also.  I also have been Praying everyday for a young girl on this site who is having a reversal done this month.  I know this sweet Angel is in good hands and that everything is all good for her and her family.  I do think that was going out of your way and being ever so kind to tell me how you really feel.  I also wish I didnt have Acid Reflux as it sucks, I love spicy foods and all the things that produce a lot of acid or have a lot of acid in them.  That's when you need the Nexium or Prilosec and I also take a Zantac just so I know I am on the safer side.  Acid Reflux I got after my gallbladder ruptured a little over ten years ago and it cause me to have Peritonitis.  Faith, my daughter was alive during this time and her and my two boys were at the hospital, My husband and I had custody of our youngest but the adoption wasnt finalized.  The Doctor told my older children and my husband that he or his team didn't think they could find anyway to save my life but they were willing to try.  Gangrene was eating me alive and 4 surgeries later and one bad ass infection, I lived.  My only Prayer at that time was for the Lord to make sure the child who is now our adopted son would have a good home and a family that loved him as much as we do.  My little Angel and that is so true, I named him after Michael the Ark Angel and he ran down those halls at two years old screaming my mom is not going to die.  I Prayed so much for her and I cried listening to him until he got in my room.  I was never afraid of any of those surgeries as my Faith was always strong and always will be.  Also I want you to know, I was trying to explain how you take your Medicine and how long until it starts working, but it is a medicine you should never stop taking if you have Acid Reflux.  After you been taking it for about two weeks, after you take a pill you start wondering what is in this little sucker to eat up that much acid.  I use to call them my cotton ball medication.  Worked good for me.  Also I love chewing gum and if you think it is to expensive then you can buy it at Big Lots or the Dollar Tree or any wholesale place like that.  I buy the EXTRA in spearmint and it really is easy to chew or just suck on knowing that the acid wont get back up as long as I swallow.  Anyway thanks for helping me understand what you said and I feel better about it now.  God Bless You Faith, Plus believing is another Miracle and look at all the Opportunities Companies have come out with for people with simple Ostomies.  They have one gaget that Convatec makes where a Colostomy patient like me can wear for eight hours at a time now and I am looking at my life like this right now, my Doctor knows what he is doing and I have hundrend percent faith in him and all my test came back and said I am a go.  I was a Nurse a lot of years out of my life and from what I can see it looks real good for me.  Plus I live by the words: that I will not be given anymore on my back than what I can handle: but then again the Lord took my only daughter last year.  I am either stronger than I ever thought or my Faith is as strong as I always believed it to be, You Take Care Of You Faith, Jenny
Reply by lexus1, on Sun Jul 25, 2010 9:40 pm
I have to mainly agree with Swiffer...My ileostomy is non reversable, but the trade offs are huge. I no longer have to time my world around running to the pot, trying not to have an accident from bloody stool. Over 4 years of this before I finally agreed with my Doc. He was trying to get my mind around surgery for that long before I agreed. I am happy with my body now, just a few leaks, no problem. I have been solo for 4 years, but I think it may be awkward if I ever dated again; Altho most of my friends are well aware of my pouch. I know there will never be a reversal for me, but I am always hoping that they find out more about Crohns disease and other auto-immune diseases. Hang in there, and thank goodness for this site; I'm so happy to know I'm not the only one out here with issues! keep a seal, lex
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Reply by Past Member, on Mon Jul 26, 2010 3:20 am
Lex, what Faith and I are talking about isnt about a choice or making one.  We are talking about Hope and Faith in the Lives of people who need it.  I am also one of those people who need my Faith.  If I went around spending my whole life without any hope then why bother living.  I think Swiffer made an astute and remarkable answer to how Faith and I are handling this.  Swiffer would love to know he also has hope as it isnt gone for anyone, medicine keeps changing every day.  I am not down on you Lex but man I am a few weeks away from a reconnect and I never had crohns, IBS or any bowel problems in my whole life.  I am more like ED on here, we were just in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Some time Doctors make some big ass mistakes and someone has to be on the recieving end.  I wish this wasnt the case, but it is.  If I had cancer, Crohns or IBS or any bowel problems that were affecting my life then I would want this Pouch and even thank God for it.  But in my case I have had my trials and tribulations with my own Illnesses and this isnt one of them, so I shouldnt have to suffer for something I dont have when I am told mine is really just a reconnect and no J-Pouch and no other help but the workouts I have been given. Plus the good Lord knows I did awesome with all my medical test. I get nothing implanted in me for help and will just be sewn back together as I was before.  Except I did loose three inches of my large intestine, but that isnt enough to make me leak or feel sick.  Lex I am grateful you seem to care, but this is my life and the lives of my friends and I am going to be fine and so will Faith be.  I also think it is a good idea to keep hope alive for all of us even if everyone doesent have a easy reconnect, they still need hope and Faith and the Love should come from us.  I wont ever stoop low enough to hurt someone who needs my help and I see Miracles really happen everyday and I know Faith and Swiffer also do.  But having people give up thinking they have no hope ever in there future while we watched people die of a Cancer they can now treat.  Always have hope and remember are fellow neighbors need it also.  Love Jenny
Reply by Faith4Today, on Tue Jul 27, 2010 1:24 am
If you had a healthy bowel, your chances of a reversal might be great. Trust your Dr. but ask him a few more questions.  Like what he thinks the chances of sucess will be for your perticular situation. It sounds like he has alot of options for you. The stage of your diabetis will be a concern for your rate of healing. It sounds like if they have to go in for the hernia you may as well go for the reversal, I will keep you in my prayers. My surgery was an emergency so I only got the on-call Doc who has a bad reputation for sucess. He took more of my rectum than is usually taken which would give me higher chances for incontinence and I don't have to worry about that with a bag so, I am having second thoughts. My new Docs recomend reversal within 9 to 14 months my time is up next month so I am really gathering info as fast as I can.  I only had a 5 percent chance to live because I waited so long after my rupture I had gangrene.  Now I just don't want to push my luck.  I am just glad to be here and will take what ever God wants to send my way and be grateful for it. I really do wish the best for you.  Remember God guides us with His Peace that surpasses understanding.  You will have peace about your surgery or you will have His peace refusing it. Listen to you heart...He loves you and so do all of your friends here.
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Reply by Past Member, on Tue Jul 27, 2010 4:57 am
Faith, I am 52 years old and the only bowel problem was if I ate something with fat in it or even to much of anything before I went out for a long day with my family or just me and my son or sons.  I had gallbladder Peritonitis years ago and it affected how I lived my life, but I was living my life and enjoying it, I just learned how to eat when I went out.  I always had control of my bowels and no accidents as an adult.  I got Sepsis from a Seven Day Adventist Hospital where the Doctor told my husband he enabled me to see a Psychiatrist and I am on xanax, klonipin, and Loracet 10mg's for headaches and also sleeping pills.  Yea my husband is a great guy but he has never been able to stand up for me or even for himself.  I go in with a Bladder infection and come out with a bag and Sepsis and the highest fever I ever had.  Oh dont think I wasnt angry at my husband as I had fainted listening to that crazy Doctor and yea the US has nuts also.  So when I was out my husband really signed a paper he didnt read or bother to read, that is how I got my bag.  By the time my son got back from DC and my Psychiatrist got me in Piedmont in Atlanta I was almost dead, I had Diabetes for a couple weeks, my kidneys also shut down, Anemia worse than a dying baby, Pnemonia and my Hemaglobin was gone and every day the Doctors kept asking me would I take blood and I said Hell No.  In Piedmont I get asked if I am a Jehova witness cause I wouldnt take blood.  I am not, just prefer to keep my own blood.  I wish people would keep Religion out of my Health Care and so far I have found some good Doctors that have.  Thank the Lord for my oldest son and my Jewish Psychiatrist.  Faith, I dont have diabetes, or any other problems you are talking about and I have talked to my Doctor who is doing this surgery and I am not afraid and I know I will be all better.  Faith when I had Sepsis the hospital was feeding me through my neck and those liquid meal bags do mess with your sugar levels, but I am fine now.  I had the flu last week and didnt feel well, but that isnt something that killed me.  I promise Faith if there ever was or is a question to ask before this surgery then I have asked it.  I promise I will be fine, I do think the same way I had to change my life around with Peritonitis, might happen again with a reconnect until I understand it all.  But I am so ready to get started and I dont have a leak anywhere and I doubt I ever will.  Faith thanks for caring, but I sware I am fine, I just get nervous seeing how many people are having problems with there reconnects, or reversals.  I will let you know how I am when I am out of the Hopital Faith, but know this, I am a fighter and I love winning so I am going in with a possitive attitude and I know I will come out that way, Love Jenny
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Reply by Past Member, on Tue Jul 27, 2010 6:01 am
Faith, I am a women who needs a cup of coffee before I can think, I saw you also had Gangrene and yea I do know how bad it is from my Peritonitis, but that was a little over ten years ago and I am ok with that part of my life now.  My colonoscopy looked awesome, I had a few hemroids he said were small from when I had probably had my children years ago.  I was 25 when I had a vaginal Hysterectomy and I did good with it.  I can see why you made the choice you made and I can see why I am making the choice I am making.  God kows after trying to go out yesterday and shop and I do my best to keep my pouch zipped up but some times you can see it, when I am talking it can cause someone to ask a question and like all my friends say Quote: I would make the worst Politician cause I am one lousy Liar.  The guilt really would eat me up so if someone ask me a question I will answer it honestly.  Sometimes my brain just has to much on it and I get confused like anyone else, but I do my best to follow the Laws of God.  I am not going shopping for awhile, but I think I will take my bike on the trail today as I always need my workouts and I miss the areobics in the pool.  I also want to make an appointment for Xteme lashes today as they are so easy when you are recovering and are sick.  Faith I promise I am sorry you suffered so much and I would never want that for anyone.  I am glad you can live with your decision and I know I can live with mine.  I also dont have a hernia and never did, Michael who has been a God send, told me about the NU Hope Hernia belts and I wear them to work out and I lift nothing heavy not even a gallon of milk.  It will be a year in October that this was done and I made it without a Hernia.  Thanks again Faith for showing your kindness, but I am totally doing fine, Take care of you, I promise I will give you updates on my reversal and I know I am going to do well, I work out everyday.  God Bless, Jenny
PS.  I wrote this letter to finish the one where I didnt put the part you had gangarene in it, I am so sorry and no I didnt miss that part as one time I also really had Gangrene also and it can kill you. Hope your life if filled with happy memories, Jenny
Reply by Faith4Today, on Wed Jul 28, 2010 11:48 pm
I am glad you are doing so well, but I think you may have misunderstood my last note.  I had addressed it to Lotta Lady and was concerned about her note she had written.
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Reply by Past Member, on Thu Jul 29, 2010 1:28 am
Faith, you are right, I copied it for you

Posted: Tue Jul 27, 2010 5:24 am

   Post subject: Dear Lottagelady

I am so sorry, I didnt see that small print, I am on a downer lately and so unlike me.  I also know you are a good person and cares about others and I want to thank you for that.  
Lately I am so busy with so many things and also my sons needs some work done for DC and I am overloaded thinking what are all these guys gonna do if I am not here to tell me to do these things.  I am also sorry I was a little snobish the other day, it was not a good day as I felt like life had just dumped on me and I mean that Literally.  Thanks for clearing that up Faith, God Bless, Jenny
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