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Severe nausea, pain & bloatedness after reversal

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Posted by Past Member, on Wed Jul 28, 2010 8:50 am
Hi Kizzed, I dont hate you or have any ill feelings, I just am having my own hard time.  Anyway my Daughter was way out there with rock and roll and she had a thought process kind of like that, so if you think that, then it is all cool.  Cause I had one cool daughter before she died, she loved her wild and crazy beliefs and I loved her anyway, She has so much memorabillia of Alice Cooper and Nine Inch Nails an alot of others and I didnt listen to the Music, but I dug the Lyrics.  So have a good time in your own world and thats what I always wanted for my daughter.  Jenny
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Reply by Past Member, on Fri Jul 30, 2010 5:28 pm
Caroline I forgot to mention hubby had 2 enema's before the xray but nothing came out, then had xray, then had dye & scan. They did try a gastro tube to try get anything from the top end as in stomach but again nothing came out. Therefore cos they saw where stuck half way down & half way up nothing could be done just wait for bowel to awaken. Since the dye though I think it must of got things started...maybe it was a bit more stronger than the enema's & the movicol he kept getting given again with no results, cos he seems to be going lots even now a few days on. Its still very watery tho, but his swollen tum seems less swollen, he isnt as nauseas & less pain.

All of you guys the latest is Hubby home!!

My neice & I went & sprung him.
He was getting very low, not eating cos he's a vegitarian & NO choices on menu other than cheese butties or some very dodgy looking slop. We took him a veggie subway & he ate the lot so lack of appetite more due to food choice than couldnt eat.
The surgeon was thinking of maybe letting him go the next morning however he got real upset when time nearly time for us to go. So I asked if I could sign him out. They sent for on call doc, she turned out to be a junior with no authority to decide on whether he could go or not so she advised for us to wait for the morning.
Hubby got more agitated so I decided to take the bull by horns & said well we will sign whateva he's coming home.
I discussed my reasoning...the surgeon had spoke to me direct the day of the scan saying no blockage, no leak & no danger just lazy bowel & we just had to wait for it to reawaken, I therefore said he may as well wait it out at home. Plus he couldnt eat their as little or no veggie food therefore bowel wouldnt even begin to operate until eating properly. Also if he tense so would his bowel which again would stop it from working properly. Finally I said we can always return if any problems, so it made sense to take him home if it made him happier.

Since being home less pain, less nausea, less swelling, more eating & drinking therefore finally bowels beginning to work, albeit a little watery but at least he now going a few times a day!!

Thanks again for supporting me through the bad.
I nearly didnt post again, as felt like I had upset someone by the bad time we was having. I got a little touchy am afraid, as we was really having it rough.
I had felt the comment about only wanting to hear good or happy stories was aimed at me for posting in the first place, especially given our full story has been real bad. I have deleted our story for that reason.
I am a positive person therefore although we have bad things happen believe good can be found in everything. I guess thats why I told our full story as good has prevailed through the toil.
With lots of gratitude to you all for your stories & advice.
Love Kizzed xx
Reply by lottagelady, on Fri Jul 30, 2010 5:58 pm
Great news Kizzed, hope you will both feel a lot happier now that things have settled down somewhat!

Don't ever be afraid to post here please - that is how we help each other; I'm sorry someone gave you that impression..... we all go through good and bad times and that is why I for one am here - to give and receive support, and I am positive that is the same for most of us?

Please keep us posted with your progress?

Rach xx
Reply by swiffer, on Fri Jul 30, 2010 6:38 pm
Great news that he is home. Keep us posted and when he can log on we will be here for him also. Dont worry about misunderstandings . You are not the first one that has been misunderstood. This is a site for all of us to support one another it seems to me . I said it on another post that good news is the best and always welcome.Bad news is just as welcome because we all want to help people through it.
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Reply by Past Member, on Fri Jul 30, 2010 7:27 pm
Hi Swiffer & Rach
Thanks for the encouragement...I'd hate to upset anyone but maybe I was being over-sensitive with Jenny's comment about bad news. I was going through the mill at the time. Hubby was so sure he was gona die. He felt something was seriously wrong & that the hosp staff just wasnt listening. Thankfully he was wrong...but it did worry after the last cock up that ALMOST DID cost him his life.
He does seem very traumatised by it all. I have never seen him so emotional...he thinks tears are a sign of weakness yet he openly cried in the ward & there has been a few since he got home. I keep re-assuring him its normal to feel like this after such a traumatic experience. He was let down by the hospital by their over cautiousness about re-opening him up last time. Their wait nearly was my loss, so it was obvious he & I would worry that waiting & watching for whatever was gona end up being a wait too late.
I dont think he will ever quite get over all this, but I am sure as time passes he & most definately I will appreciate much more the healthy days...I feel sure once healed he will feel healthier than ever before & NORMAL for the FIRST time in his life. He never felt normal because of his diabetes & the ensuing ill health. The severity of the diabetes caused tons of operations & further complications...he never thought he would be healthy again. Whereas having to have the bag even for the short time I think put into perspective that the diabetes wasnt as bad as he thought especially given that it is now controlled.
Like he often says "people with health have no idea what us people with ill-health & ensuing disability it often causes are going through". I myself was probably one of those people, however as I said but deleted I had my own pains to bare so could empathize.
He will never get rid of his disability status due to his difficulty in walking, remembering, etc. But what we are looking forward to is his better health. He is fitter just not fit if you know what I mean. He would never be able to run a marathon or do sport...but he can now control the thing that used to control him - DIABETES. I dont fear his impending death like I used to, he still worries but I guess thats natural after his Dad dying at only 52 diabetes related. His Dad was a fitter man in some respects. He had FULL mobility & was a martial arts teacher. So it is VERY natural to assume the same will get 'me' (him) too. But I assure him that the only reason his Dad met his demise was through stubborness & fear of medical people. As hubby is not so stubborn & allows medical intervention, it will never come to pass the same. (His Dad died from a leg ulcer that he refused to have treated by professionals, thus he got a clot which killed him.)
I totally agree Swiffer good news is definately the best news so I intend to update on his recovery, as I am sure we will hve lots of good news in the future. We intend also in time to resume our IVF (InVitro Fertilisation) efforts thus I feel sure one day we will hold the much wanted & loved child we so desire & all of this will of been completely worthwhile, hence my take on bad can become good if we choose to strive toward that goal.

Swiffer...unfortunately hubby isnt computer ready...ha ha!!...he cant even turn one on, so I will be his voice on here as such. But I do read all this out to him, it really helped today. You guys balstered (probably havent spelt that right) his fragile spirit. He said "wow people like me, isnt it nice that they care enough to share their own experiences even though it must be real painful to do so sometimes".

U GUYS are the hero's in my eyes...that poem that mild_mannered_super_hero added to page one of  this:-
says it all. You have each put your burdens down to help others & hopefully the other part of the poem will thus come helping others your own burdens lessen.

God Bless you all,with much thanks & love Kizzed xx
Reply by swiffer, on Fri Jul 30, 2010 11:38 pm
I take it that your husband is no different than any other man .We don't usually show your feelings until we just can not help it. I do the same . It just sneaks up on us and wam. Heck afterwards i even feel better. I don't know if i have even shared what i do for a living here before but i am 51 and since i was 17 i have been a stone mason and a bricklayer. Started as a apprentice and then a jouneyman then a owner of a company. I say this just to show that even a {supposed} mans man has his bad days and lets it all out at times. You are a tresure for him.  I can also tell you both have a true love for each other.I wish you both the happiness you deserve .Ok this is getting to sobby for a bricklayer to say.
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Reply by Past Member, on Sat Jul 31, 2010 3:45 am
Hi Kizzed

No need to apologise - it is hard watching someone you care for going through pain. My husband has watched me for the last year. The whole reason for this forum is to express feelings of sadness and joy.

My stools are still very loose but I was told by the surgeon to expect that so tell you husband not to worry if this happens. I am still taking movicol, omeprazole and docusate sodium capsules.

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Reply by Past Member, on Sat Jul 31, 2010 8:53 am
Swiffer, Thank you for sharing what you do for a living, it is something to be proud of.  Once long ago I had a daddy and he did what you do and I never loved anyone anymore than him in my whole life until I had children.  My mom left him when I was really young and had a boyfriend and I remember me and my brothers and sisters were all little and we were staying at his apartment and it was dark out and the phone rang, my bigger sister answered and it was our mom and she told my sister that they were coming for our daddy in the morning and when she told us all then I asked my daddy could she do this and he said no honey I am going to work.  I remember getting up when he did and watching him out the window and I saw police cars and men with cuffs and I ran as fast as I could and screamed while they were cuffing my daddy, please let me just say goodbye and my daddy was put in the back of the car and never even looked back at me.  I died inside that day and swore I would never say goodbye to anyone ever again unless I didnt ever want to see them again.  This was in Ohio and my mom and her boyfriend put most of my brothers and sisters in Orphans homes and took 4 kids to Illinois and I was one of them.  It wasn't long until the state took my custody from her and I was put away and a Priest came to see me as I was a Catholic and he took my hand and held my pinky and asked me didnt anyone ever love you and I had no idea of what he was talking about.  After that it wasnt long until he moved me into the Church and later adopted me.  I spent years of my life without ever crying a tear after the day they took my real daddy and the Priest let me go to Cincy Ohio every year to see him and I did, but in the later years as I was a young teenager he couldnt remember my name and I had no contact with any of my siblings.  So when I was 19 and had just married my husband and was 7 months pregnant a operator called the Rectory and the Priest gave her my new number and she told me to call a sister I hadnt seen in years and she said my daddy had died.  The Priest took us to the Funeral and I had brothers and sister introducing themselves as I did not know them or care too.  That was the second time I remember crying as to me I was one tough girl and no one could hurt me.  I talked to one sister off and on for a few years but never had any bonds so my friends were and are my family even to this day. I lost the Priest when I was 25 years old of a heart attack and I remember screaming to God how could you take him from me.  But crying made me feel weak also and I never said goodbye so I couldnt understand why God would take him when I needed him and loved him so much.  Then when my daughter was turning 30 I paid for her trip to Fl.  and she called me to say it was one awesome Birthday and the best she ever had, so the cars I had bought her or anything I ever gave her wasnt as important as her friends.  I loaned my car to my sons girlfriend as she had to go to MO to see her mom who just had a stroke and I kept trying to call my daughter and couldnt get her on the phone, so when my husband got there the police found her dead and my husband went and got one of my friends to come home with him to tell me my daughter is dead.  I also never said goodbye to her either.  I screamed and was so angry with God and anyone in my life except my sons and husband.  For the first time in my life I had my showdown with God and I sreamed at him that I am not Job and my Faith is untouchable so please stop taking everything I love.  Then a quack Religious idot Doctor gives me an Ostomy and no way was I going to die as I had been seeing my Doctor.  I guess it was a kidney infection and then I get Sepsis and am told I am going to die with a twelve year old child I swore I would give him a great life.  Thank God for my son and my Psychiatrist taking me to a good hospital downtown Atlanta as they saved my life.  The only thing is I had to wait a year for a reversal and mine is a reconnect and no J-Pouch.  I am so close to October for my surgery and not afraid at all.  But for some reason all I do is cry anymore and I was never one to pity myself, just times I felt God put a little to much on my back.  I am not sorry for how I was raised but if I could change one thing Swiffer it would be to go back in time and grow up with my real daddy and know what it feels like to have your own blood love you instead of someone who just felt sorry for you.  Never forget Swiffer that your children will love you no matter what as you are there daddy.  Thanks for Sharing, Love Jenny
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Reply by Past Member, on Thu Aug 05, 2010 2:48 am
Swiffer, LottageLady (Rach), & CarolineW

Thanks for your continued support & concern. Just to update you & anybody wondering about reversal recovery timescale.

Now 2 weeks & 2 days post op - No more pain, nausea, bloatedness. Weight gain now gone, back to normal weight. Appetite back to normal. Urination returning to normal amount. Stools still watery but with some normal mixed in. Urgency not as bad but still present especially after eating, it comes & goes. Was full body cut/open surgery, scar tissue almost healed. Emotional state back to normal happy self. No longer pre-occupied & worried. Now glad he had reversal.

Life almost back to normal, now just waiting for stools to return to normal consistency & Bowel Movement to return to normal regularity. Hoping to return to work (manual work mainly-recycler in busy yard shoveling waste into correct crusher + fork truck driver) on 23rd August 5 weeks post op.

Hope this helps others that find themselves worried & anxious as we was at the beginning.

God Bless Kizzed xx
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Reply by Past Member, on Thu Aug 05, 2010 4:30 am
Great news Kizzed
Here's to a happy and healthy future
Caroline xxxxxx
Reply by lottagelady, on Thu Aug 05, 2010 4:30 am
Hi Kizzed, that is wonderful news! Thanks for letting us know ....

Beware incisional hernias (on the scar line) though with manual work ......

Rach xx
Reply by ShirleyR45, on Fri Jul 29, 2016 6:05 am

I've had a ileoatomy since march 2016 due to crohns disease. I continuously have nausea with dry heaves and sometimes vomit. Has anyone else had this issue? They can't seem to find anything wrong. I did have kidney stones a few weeks ago. And now they checking thyroid for I'm also losing gross amounts of hair.nany advise??

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Reply by Past Member, on Thu Sep 01, 2016 8:31 am

Under the 'Ostomy Reversal' Forum, I started a topic called 'Probiotics'.  Antibiotics, aging and stress all reduce the natural probiotics we receive from our mothers as infants.  You have to find the right kind and the right amount, and may have to let them build up in your system first.  They aid in digestion and help us break down foods and this may help remove much of the cramping and bloating, and help with food intolerances.  This should help you process your nutrition and vitamins better.  Because of the more efficient digestion, they can make you lose some weight, so be careful to keep an eye on this and maybe try to eat some more if you can.

I knew someone who drank a ginger-ale with real ginger.  She said it helped with her nausea.

Reply by Bagface, on Mon Jan 21, 2019 4:30 pm

Caroline, how has all this affected your weight? I'm having ileostlmy reversal soon. I have no colon due to emergency surgery for toxic megacolon. Thanks

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