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A hug is likened to a gift
that tends to please and to uplift
both the giver and receiver,
whether sceptic or believer. 

A hug does not come at a cost 
so when it’s given, nothing’s lost 
and if one hasn’t got a lot 
a hug might be all that we’ve got.

A hug’s not like material things; 
money, diamonds or gold rings,
it’s value’s on a different plane
presenting huggers as humane.

A hug can mean so very much 
as it has power and can touch
those emotions deep inside 
from which we sometimes try to hide.

When all is well and we feel great 
a hug is used to celebrate. 
With those whom we have grown quite fond 
a hug will tell them there’s a bond.

Yet there are times when hugs are used 
to comfort those who’ve been abused, 
assuring them that someone’s there 
to give support and show them care.

Sometimes a hug is not direct 
or maybe not what we expect, 
for it might be a nice surprise, 
or some kindness in disguise.

A little hug, without a fuss 
can help each day for all of us, 
so we can go those extra miles 
and share our care with loving smiles. 

                                                B. Withers 2022

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Bill, thanks it's a beautiful poem.quite touching!
A hug gratefully received thank you Bill. My dad was never a hugger and never told me he loved me but he showed it in ways by providing for all seven of us children and giving up work to look after us all, so love to me is just a word but actions are more powerful. XX ????
Thanks Caz. I can definitely identify with your perspective on fathers as mine was much the same. However, sometimes when I try to capture my feelings in rhyme, I need to get a few extraneous thoughts out of the way before getting to the central point I was trying to educe in the first place. In this case it was to acknowledge how my granddaughter had showed/taught me that hugs are a great way to show affection and that we care. So, the next verse in this series begins to address this concept from that perspective. Best wishes Bill A HUG 3 - FROM YOU TO ME The person who initiates a hug, likely appreciates the effect their hug might bring and how it shows that they're caring I'm grateful to my granddaughter for she's the one who thought I ought'a have a hug each time I see her for before, it did not occur. It's extra pleasant when you're old not to be left out in the cold in terms of growing family who drift away so readily. I've always felt that children should be independent where they could and so, I like to see them grow and let their independence show. But nonetheless it's good to see that they have not forgotten me and demonstrate that they still care by having hugs that they may share. There is no doubt within my mind observing children being kind is so uplifting for the soul especially when they're in control. A hug's not something that is trained so, independence is retained and they are free to give hugs to those people they think have value. I'm pleased to think I'm one of those whom my granddaughter sought and chose to give a hug to when she could for this small act makes me feel good. B. Withers 2022
Thanks Bill; a hug really does say alot. It brightens my day everytime.
Hi Bill, Loved your poem. Its like everything I read at present is just what I needed to hear.
Hello Morning glory & Nubianqueen. Thank you so much for taking the time and trouble to read and respond to this rhyme. I really do appreciate the feedback (especially when it's positive). Best wishes Bill
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