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NG Tube 👿

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An ex husband 

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What dept does he/she work in? My PCP is at CC now as well as my neuro, all GI, and vascular Dr who I received a letter saying it's been too long since I've seen him 😜 I think I'm about a year behind on seeing the ophthalmologist too but after 3 surgeries in 2022 I'm playing catch up with all of life now. 

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I think she just works all over the hospital. She's a hospitalist. I'll have to ask her. Her first name is Natalie. She's absolutely fantastic. She's also a wound specialist.


I get some morphine before they place the tube and that's helped. They use the lube too, maybe with lidocaine. And swallowing water with a straw while they place it. There's different thicknesses of the tubing, so you can try to ask for a skinnier gauge too. I had 18 gauge most recently and that was more comfortable than the thicker 16. It's still miserable though. The most recent time I started coughing and it came out my other nostril. Ugh!!!

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