Welcome to California. Get out your wallet.

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California has many great attractions.  Beaches and beach cities, forests, mountains, great coastal drives, Hollywood (well.. kinda), state parks, restaurants of all types:  To name a few attractions.

A diverse place of beauty (Santa Cruz) and ugly (San Francisco & LA). rolled into a now disintegrating state.  My wife & I were born here.  Worked hard to have a nice life.  We never stray far from our city.  Safer that way.  At Christmas holiday time we take our annual drive to central California.  Very nice at this time of year.  With the occasional rainy day.  

Taxes.  Let's talk tourist taxes.  My room in Santa Cruz had "room tax" of $45.51 a day.  Plus "tourism city tax" of $4.05 a day.  Plus "California tourism assessment" tax of $.74 a day.  Hotels also now charge for parking, $15.00  a day.

Coming here on vacation?  Bring plenty of cash.  And pay close attention to parking signs.  They are confusing on purpose.  Cities make lots of cash from unwary tourists via parking tickets.  

Next year we're probably going on a cruise.  Cheaper and safer.  Count me as a tiny blip on a statistical chart of disenfranchised taxpayers.



If I saw a seperate parking charge on my hotel room, I’d never rent a room there. 

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Mysterious Mose

Back in the mid-70s, the saying in Colorado was "Don't Californicate Colorado". I left the state 1975 and came back in the late 80s. The first thing I noticed is that it was only a slogan. 😪



I used to live in California.  Not a very great place to be in my opinion 

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Hard to find a hotel that's near where you want to be, that does not charge for parking.  

Living with Your Ostomy | Hollister

🎵🎶 welcome to the Hotel California.... such a lovely place.... such an expensive place ....🎵you better bring your wallet and the suitcase full of cash.... otherwise you will.. otherwise you will ...be sleeping on your ass🎵🎶😂🤣😂

yea living it up ..🤑🎼🎵🎶 at the ho- tel california..any time of year- any time of year-  you just can never park there🎵..🚔  oh!

Reply to Beth22

Used to be great.  But with years of single political party rule... has gone downhill fast.  68 billion dollar state budget deficit this year.  Last year CA had a 100 billion dollar surplus.  Politicians love spending other people's money. 

Our Governor now dreams of being president.  He was mayor of San Francisco for years... gee, how's that once great city now doing?


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