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Alt Bi Lifestyle

Mon Mar 23, 2015 7:43 am
"This is the best website for people with an Ostomy, hands down. So much understanding. Everyone should join."

are there any members here that would like to chat about being bisexual or being in an unconventional marriage? I know this is a long shot given that there aren't that many members of the site. 

Mon Mar 23, 2015 8:04 am

well vanessa youve certainly thrown that one into the ring, we talk about every thing else so why not, we are all amongst friends

MeetAnOstoMate - 26,936 members
Mon Mar 23, 2015 3:12 pm

Life is short. Im never going to let my ileostomy get in the way of living my life. 

Tue Mar 24, 2015 5:20 am

Well, sexy lady, you've already chatted with me. But I think my real adventurous sexual days are far behind me.  cry  "Sigh" what can I say. But, who knows for sure, life keeps sending me all kinds of surprises!   There were a couple gentlemen on here looking for an alternative lifestyle, but don't know if they still are around.  You are the first woman I've seen.  There are some gays, but I don't know if they are bi.  And I am responding here so people see this topic and come out of the woodwork if you are out there !?!  HELLOOOO ???!!!!  Honestly, though, after getting to know you a bit, I really don't know if any of these gentlemen could handle you!  wink Heehee   Good luck, vanessa!!!  Kisses 

Tue Mar 24, 2015 1:03 pm

It is so cool to see this topic thrown out there! I have always been curious about how we would go about alternative lifestyle without our ccausing others to be uncomfortable. 

I wish there here was a place for us "ostomates" to be able to post and swap sexier pics with each other with ostomies in proud view!

Tue Mar 24, 2015 6:04 pm

@ Vanessa.  I'm certainly interested, but I live in Oshawa, just outside of Toronto.

Wed Mar 25, 2015 12:16 am

Hey Mitch, 

  I was just going to write to  you, but needed to formulate what I was going to say....  Thanks Vanessa, for bringing up honest issues ( other than ostomy related)   We all live in the real world...   But Zywie......I think some people hide in "closets" not in the woodwork... just thought I'd throw in that joke.  

back to you Mitch....   I find myself in involved with a married man, for the second time in my life....and while it feels good to be wanted,  the satisfaction is fleeting.   The first time, a friend and I  connected, when we were both going through our divorce.   Back then, I didn't want to be the "other woman" and he assured me I wasn't, as his wife was seeing another woman ( one with whom they had been friends with for years)  and he was trying to get her back.   When that didn't happen, and they ultimately divorced, he felt that he and I were more like "siblings" than a romance..   Really?  Sybilings don't do what we did together.   Sigh...   he remarried...

I told myself "never again", and then I met a lovely man, who is in a loveless/ sexless marriage, and also has an adult son, who suffered brain trauma, so he and his wife provide a home and care for him.   He'll never be free.....so I'm "settling" for the bits of time he  has available.   Why?   Because in 20 years, I still haven't met that one person, who is both available and interested in me.

I left my marriage 20 + years ago, hoping that I would find a loving life partner.....   Doesn't feel good to "settle", but then again, being alone, feels like wasting time...    And so we all make choices.   Good luck to you.....I hope you find what you need & want. 

Let's keep this site interesting, informative, helpful and somewhat provacative.   Zywie, wish you lived closer....

Wed Mar 25, 2015 6:39 am

Very good point Vanesss. Just becacue of the trials and tribulations that have been thrown at us in the course of our lives doesnt change the fact of who we are or what we enjoy in life, and since the subject of alternate lifestyles has been brought up, I'll throw this out there. What about the subject related to the book "50 Shades of Gray"

Wed Mar 25, 2015 11:24 am

Thanks all. For all of us, we need to try to get beyond the ostomy. Its hard sometimes I know as well as you all. But a lot of it can be gotten over. My husband and I have a great relationship. He is a straightlaced guy but is very accepting of me and my desires. Its not for everyone. I know. But its right for us. 

Thu Mar 26, 2015 8:44 am

well im sp pleased that as allways a chat got going here, if i was alot braver then i could certainly tell a few tales but sadldy for peace of mind im gonna let my history stay with me, it gives me a nice warm smile when i need one and that is a help. i do think that this unique thing that we have all been blessed with does make us feel well what the heck

Thu Mar 26, 2015 10:24 am

I'm bi. My wife knows I'm bi. It isn't a huge factor in my life, considering I have kids and grandkids, a stressful job, etc... An ostomy pouch plays into the lifestyle somewhat but not a huge amount.

Mon Mar 30, 2015 6:16 pm

Hi Marsha, I'm sure we could find some mischief to get into if I did.  innocent

Tue Mar 31, 2015 12:35 am

ur very naughty marsha and zywie, ya raising the temp in here now, remember some of us have bllod pressure to worry about

Sat Apr 11, 2015 10:37 pm

That's what doctors & Blood pressure pills are for....

Paraphrasing a joke ( to fit my situation) ,   It my teens, "it" ( fooling around) was fround upon....so I didn't

I married young and back then "didn't believe in/ or need to cheat", so I didn't...

20+ years later, times & mores change, and one could "explore the possibilities", and I did.....but didn't find "the one.

50"s .....traveled the world, had lots of fun,a nd a few naughty "flings".....

And here I am 66.....medical issues & age aside, the mind is as active and "naughty as ever. 

In the original joke....a guy wanted to get his penis "sunburned", so he buried himself in the sand on the beach...

Along comes some 80 plus year olds who see the "Penis".....and reminiss about how they couldn't "do what they wanted to,

in their 20's 30's, 40's, .....70's    Ending with Here I am 80 years old and the damn things are growing wild, and I'm too old to "squat".

People..... that "ain't gonna be me".   While all the working parts are still "working", I'm out there looking for "fun".   " Z"   we would get into mischief together!

Tue Apr 14, 2015 11:26 am

I think a lot of us would love to get into mischief with you two!  ;)

Sun Apr 22, 2018 4:13 pm

Im not bi but gay

not sure that helps but, hey hoh


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