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Ileostomy - stomach pain

Posted by Sis1949, on Wed Mar 01, 2017 3:58 pm

I had my Ileostomy on Nov 2016.  The reason I had this done is for years I've been to many doctors because I couldn't go to the bathroom.  Been on many medications.  Every day feeling bloated and uncomfortable.  The doctors say I have a slow tract.  So I had my Ileostomy so I can get my life back but I'm still having spams and bloating in my lower stomach area.  Talked to my Doctor and she thought maybe I had mucus build up in my colon.  They took an xray and she said they saw some.  So I went in and had a gastrograffin enima done.  That didn't help.

The doctor where I had the enima done showed me that I had a reduntant colon.  Maybe that is why the pain?

Just wondering if anyone out there had the same issue with pain in the lower stomach area even after having an Ileostomy done. 

Reply by NJ Bain, on Wed Mar 01, 2017 10:07 pm


  I had a subtotal colectomy performed.  My rectum is still intact and I have about 7-8 inches of large intestine.  As an ileostomate, mucus still forms in the tract and can be pushed out.  At one time about 14 years ago, something prevented the mucus from voiding from my rectum and started building up.  I kept having these waves like I needed to have a bowel movement.  It got so backed up, it was pressing against my urethra and was preventing me from voiding my bladder.  I had to get cathed wide awake.  That SUCKED.

  The doctor admitted me into the hospital because he said, and I quote, "This man is dying."  Turns out that the fluid formed a ball about the size of a softball, pressing against my urethra, blocking the normal flow of urnine.  They put me on morphine and my rectum relaxed enough to release this ball of nothing but infection.  It fk'n reeked.

  The doctor said the pain I was experiencing matched that of a woman in labor.  I also had to go through 4 doctors until I found one that was willing to investigate perhaps a second opinion is in order?  Or maybe a 3rd or 4th?

  Just my 2 cents.



Reply by Sis1949, on Sat Mar 04, 2017 11:49 pm

Thank You Bain for your input.  They told me the reason I was having issues going to the bathroom is because I had a slow tract.  I thought since I got this Ileostomy my issues with bloating and pain would go away.  But it hasn't.   Since I have this redundant colon (which I just found out about) I think that's what causing the problem.

I sent a message through my patient portal that the gastrograffin enima didn't help and wanted to know the next step.  The nurse who handles the messages thought my doctor would want me to go to my Stoma nurse and have her teach me how to irragate my stoma to help rid myself of built up mucus since I have a loop ileostomy.  She would get back to me.  I will try that.  Waiting for the reply.

I really think I should get rid of my large intestine if its causing this trouble.  What else could it be??   I know my doctor wants to try a few things first to see what will help.   

I will seek another option if I'm not getting this taken care of...I got this Ileostomy because of the discomfort and pain and I still have it?

My husband thinks I should reverse it, but I would be right back where I started and that was twenty years of going to the doctors with no help except medication.  It helped at that time, but doesn't help anymore.   



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