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Scam Scum Is Back!!!! And Her Name Is Tina

Posted by Mayoman

Hi Guys,

                      It looks like Old  " Glory "  is back with her scam attempt. Her name is Tina this time and it just screams Scam.

People without a profile stick out like a sore thumb. and this one is pretty obvious !!!



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skyblue : she tried on me may be old but not a fool Mar 12, 2014
bes0642 : she's bugging me as well. I'm going to unsubscribe if they can't get this kind of stuff stopped. This is the second one within the last 2 months. Probably the same person. Mar 12, 2014
Mayoman : I've been on here about 6 months and have only seen 2 of these and this would appear to be the same as Glory. She was the standard African inheritance person looking for your bank details!!!How stupid do these people think we are ??? DUH !!!Magoo Mar 12, 2014
Past Member: I got a email from her today suggesting I contact her at her private e-mail address. I'm no longer a dues paying member and She still got thru to me. I will never pay for a site that allows this kind of thing. Mar 12, 2014
Mayoman : I notice that these people ( person ) leave no information on their profile to indicate any knowledge of the Ostomy process or experience. Do not even say they have an Ostomy. I think that this is a very simple Red Flag to weed them out. The smallest barrier will shut them out, they'll lose interest. We just have to point them out as soon as we notice them on the site and help the administrators to show them the door.Magoo Mar 12, 2014
stevio58 : Is anyone our age that vain or stupid to think a young girl wants to bed them. Just ignore them. Mar 12, 2014
Irish63 : She sent me an email last night, didn't feel right to me either thanks for the info mayoman, Mar 12, 2014
Mickey : she sent me a email also lol thanks for the info Mar 12, 2014
Past Member: Hey guys, keep a sense of humor and have some fun with Miss Glory aka Miss Tina so as long as you keep in mind she is a fraud. When she plays you, you play her! Mar 12, 2014
Anoniem18 : And it is unfair to blame the site. The only way to stop that is to demand a valid e-mail, verify the e-mail and prevent anyone from sending messages.Surely we have heard enough about the various countries in Africa having too much money and wanting it to share with you, if only you pay some of the up front expenses.It is no different than the phone calls:Congratulations! You have won a cruise....or a free stay at this luxury hotel if only you listen to a sales pitch. Where you are pressured into a contract for 50 years of time sharing.Of course I would sign up if they agree to make sure I'd be around for 50 years, it would be the best deal ever. BTW I'm 69. :-)Ed Mar 12, 2014
Mayoman : As I said in the previous post the best way to weed these people out is for the members to make people aware of them when they appear. They are nothing more than a nuisance. I get random emails all the time telling me I've won some ridiculous prize. Common sense is a wonderful thing to have---- we all have it, use it !!!That's my Motto . This silliness is the price we pay for an open internet.Keep up the good work Admin Magoo Mar 12, 2014
Steve7809 : She emailed me yesterday. I came to the site today to check her profile and couldn't find it.... But I found this. Even better! Thanks bro. Mar 13, 2014
stanly : I came to the site today to check her profile and couldn't find dam Below is her email: Hello dear,My name is Miss Glory. Bellow is her e-mail address ( ) So far the are two??? Mar 13, 2014
nwcurtis : In addition to Tina, there is gloryluanama4u(Miss Gloria) as a scammer. Mar 13, 2014
Primeboy : Tina and Miss Glory are amateurs in today's global marketplace. Internet scamming has become more sophisticated than a trite personal appeal from some third world telemarketer. It's a modern day hi-tech version of pick pocketing. What's picked, however, are bits and pieces of personal information slowly harvested over time and collated until there's a sufficient amount to allow the thief an opportunity to work some credible financial mischief. Interestingly, friends and relatives are often unwitting accomplices in these scams. Have you ever received religious or patriotic email asking you to pass it on to at least 10 friends if you truly love Jesus or America? That's 10 new real email addresses for the bad guy. Or, have you ever passed on fun email which, for example, will amazingly calculate how many days you have lived when you enter your birthdate? That's countless DOB's with IP addresses. Someone will connect the dots. While we rightly worry about the government's gathering too much personal information on us, we would do well to remember that the bad guys have the same technology but with enormous motivation. I doubt if any screening program could effectively block out all scammers in an open forum such as ours. Our best defense is vigilance, common sense (as Magoo advises), and a well used delete key. Good luck! PB Mar 14, 2014
Mayoman : The old adage applies never volunteer; never volunteer your information in this context. and , there is No Free Lunch, if it looks too good to be true then it's a scam. Nobody legit will ask for a Password OR a Social Security number OR the PIN Code for your bank card. I once signed in for on line banking and before it asked me for my password it sent me to an identical window/ screen which asked for my SS number My PIN Code AND my Birth date !!!!! but it still looked like the bank's site. I immediately turned off my Router and the hit the OFF switch on my computer so that it could not shut down as normal and possibly save some MALWARE that had been sent through the fake webpage. Temporary/ scratch pad memory is erased, erasing any nasty stuff waiting to install itself on my computer. No matter how careful The Admin is this stuff will get in , it's up to the users to be vigilant. This scam scheme is just silly amateur stuff but some are from the pro's.Common Sense Rules !!!!!! Magoo X Mar 14, 2014
dcrazy : Ignore spam. The way it something was written, I knew. Not sure if it was the same person. I can see how some might fall for things though. Mar 15, 2014
dcrazy : something is written- Lol. Mar 15, 2014
garfish : we should track them down and give them a stoma using a butter-knife and dirty spoon. i think i'm kidding :( Mar 22, 2014
Mayoman : Now you have the idea!!! Mar 22, 2014
panhead511 : Hey everyone. I just wanted to comment on this for a minute.I know that it is b.s that scammers have to do this here!! We have to keep in mind that they go wherever they can to get information and money. I want to point out that this site and the administration is probably doing the best that they can to eliminate problems like this. Please don't hate this site just because this person has targeted us!!! I have also noticed that on facebook a lot of Ghana, West Africa scammers target people there. All we can do is alert admin. when this happens. Take care Mar 23, 2014
Mayoman : I agree Totally Panhead. Shit Happens....the users have to alert fellow MAO's about these people. Also people Use the Common Sense that Your Gods ( whichever one is yours hahaha ) gave you. These are the lowest rung of the scam ladder and just a nuisance. The more devious ones are more dangerous. Be Aware!!!Magoo Mar 23, 2014
panhead511 : cool! We have to stick together and keep each other informed when this kind of crap happens. It is not only facebook but now it is happening on gmail accounts!!! I get these idiots e-mailing me. When I do my research the best that I know how to they all come from West Africa. Mar 23, 2014
Mayoman : West Africa seems to be the origin of most of them but many are very unsophisticated and easily spotted. Your email addresses are sold by every organization you connect with. I have one email address for personal stuff and several others for different activities. I just ignore and delete anything that I don't recognize. The latest scam is the One Ring Phone Call, DO NOT CALL BACK , you will be routed to a foreign number and will get a huge phone bill. Resist your curiosity if you do not know the phone number, pay special attention to the area code.Mayoman. Mar 23, 2014
panhead511 : Hey mayoman, if I don't know a number I never call it back! I don't trust sh*t especially the one ring wonders. hehe.. the main reason that I know about west africa is because 2 different woman tried to hustle money out of me. They never received any, not that stupid. They ALWAYS go into what do you do for a living, are you on ssd or ssi. They ask the work related and money questions damn near right off the bat! Red flag... Some think that they are smart by waiting about 10 questions into the conversation. hehe.. Then they ask. Also when you start asking them stuff what happens, they shut down or try to divert the conversation back to you. Most of these people are freekin' lame! They don't know how to run a game. They think that we are all stupid and vulnerable, wrong. Also they target us because we are older. They think that we have money and well off and sometimes we are in worse shape then they are! They will always find someone to leash off of no matter how carful we are. Mar 23, 2014
panhead511 : Hey brother your from S.F? I grew up in the bay. Grew up in Daly City. Lived in San Mateo for a long time. Also used to run in the T.L and the Bay Veiw district. What a trip! Mar 23, 2014
panhead511 : Like Garfishes attitude!!Butter knife and a dirty spoon. Good ol' Sreet justice! hehe.. I'm game.. :=) Mar 23, 2014
panhead511 : Hey Mayo what part are you from in S.F? Mission, Sunset distric, Dolores? I am from the Bay Area grew up in Daly City. I lived in San Mateo for years. I used to run in the mission, Bay Veiw district, and the T.L ( tenderloin ). Have you ever gone to Lake Merced since you like to fish? Haven't been there in years. It is by the S.F Zoo. I didn't notice until I seen your profile. Wow what a trip heh! Nice to meet you. Mar 23, 2014
Mayoman : Yea Unfortunately there is some Low hanging Fruit out there, innocents with access to an Internet and a world that they don't understand but these latest scammers are rank amateurs. They do indeed think that all Americans are rich and stupid. I'm sure they have no idea what destitution medical problems can cause for people. They have no idea what an Ostomy is and probably will never refer to it, they have No point of reference. They watch too many American TV shows and believe them all haha. It's the scam artists who know what they are doing that we have to worry about !!!Mayoman Mar 23, 2014
panhead511 : Freekin' eh! They are idiots.. That is where the learn the tricks of the trade I guess. hehe.. They probably think american t.v. shows are actual documentaries. Fruit loops. Oh yeah they have a nice irish pub in Burlingame, Burlingame Ave.. Mar 23, 2014
panhead511 : You crack me up with the stuff you say, hillarious!!! it is the truth though . Mar 23, 2014
panhead511 : Hey bes0642 hang in there ok. Like I said before it is not the sites fault. They do have a lot to monitor and they need us to notify them. This stuff happens on a lot of sites but if you feel strongly about it don't go on any because there will be a possibility of it happening there too. It is everywhere you go nowadays. I am not trying to sound harsh but we look after each other here! This site has helped me in so many ways that words can't explain. It has saved my life a few times. Don't give it up just because someone is an a=hole. We would all like you to stay if possible, Chris Mar 23, 2014
Mayoman : In total agreement Panhead. You can't give up on the internet or a site because of a few bad apples. Credit cards are scammed all the time in huge numbers but we still use them , right?? Neighborhoods are safe because the neighbors watch out for each other and keep an eye open for each other. You don't have to become paranoid. Paranoia makes people shoot through their front doors at harmless strangers. Vigilance makes you look through the peephole or peek through the curtain before opening the door. I think that vigilance is the better option. Don't throw the baby out with the bathwater, so to speak !!! This site is a wonderful resource and has allowed me to meet and make some great friends I could never have met otherwise. There wonderful people on here who need the site and want to contribute their ideas and their experiences as well as meet people.Stick with it bes0642 .Mayoman Mar 23, 2014
panhead511 : worded nicely mayo Mar 23, 2014
bes0642 : MayomanYour right there are some great people on this site. I have gained a lot of good information from the folks here. Guess you could say I was having a bad day when I posted. Sorry to everyone! I value being a member of this site. Normaly I'm a very positive person but I let this get to me. I'll be more carefull and not let this kind of crap get me. Thanks to all who contribute to this site. Mar 23, 2014
bes0642 : Panhead511 and MayomanThanks for your kind words. I have a thicker skin than what I showed in that post. I'm not giving up on this site and I really don't blame them. There is a lot of this kind of stuff going on within the web. Like I said I guess I was having a bad day. Sorry! Have a good day, everyone. Mar 23, 2014
panhead511 : you are more than welcome Mar 23, 2014
Mayoman : You got it bes . If we give up then these people win and we lose. I have some of those days, we all do , right? In the past I could be extremely negative and I turned it in on myself; the only one who suffered was me. I have become much more positive in recent years. I try to be a decent person and the way other people are is something I cannot change. Change the things you can, learn to live with the things you cannot change and have the wisdom to know the difference....words to live by. Nasty people are out there , all we can do is dodge their bullets !!!All the best .Mayoman. Mar 23, 2014
Primeboy : I am finishing a 1998 novel by Barbara Kingsolver called The Poisonwood Bible. It's about how western countries went into west Africa and exploited the people and their natural resources. It's ironic that we are now finding west Africans reciprocating the favor with their own crude computer scams. What was that comment by Reverend Wright about American's chickens coming home to roost? Anyway, let's still be on the lookout for the bad guys but remember where some of them learned their trade. BTW, anyone interested in a nice bridge in Brooklyn? PB Mar 24, 2014
Mayoman : Hi PB, Always good to hear from you. The Colonialist Chickens are coming home for many Western countries. I'm Irish and the English Colonial past all over the world is coming home for England, has been for years!! Ireland suffered as a victim of Colonialism for a very long time and that status has very long term implications for the occupier as well as the occupied. With Good education and membership in the EU Ireland finally gained it's identity back in recent years. Being controlled by outsiders , as Africa was for a very long time turns Everyone into a Hustler, that is how you survive!!! Getting one Over on the next guy gives you a better chance at survival. Now that technology has arrived it just changes the face of the hustle which is now a computer screen or a telephone. The book sounds good , I will check it out PB.Later , Mayoman Mar 24, 2014
stanly : Hi Guys, It looks like Old Glory is back with her scam attempt. Her name is Tinbaby this time and it just screams Scam. tinbaby commented on stanly' photo. Apr 06, 2014
Teddiee : Hmmmm......looks like we Ostomists face CRAP from ALL directions - lol. Get her and all similar nuicances blocked from this site!! Jun 04, 2016

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