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Travel And Sunshine And A Sexy Cowgirl Saved My Sanity..

Posted by Mayoman

I finally got back to the hot side of the planet, hot and Dry !! I k ow the California drought, fires etc bring misery but the Sunshine is saving my rain-soaked brain from drowning !! Summer in the SF Bay Area is from August to December. No fog , no clouds and most important rain !!! After spending the past year under a grey is so good to feel the heat of the su again on my skin. My gloomy mood seemed to just disappear after two days of sunning by the pool. I'm lucky to have the pool all to myself, very nice for swimming with an Ostomy Bag tagging along. I actually got the courage to let it all hang out...the Baggie...and get my Speedos on haha. My skinny butt can handle them, not overflowing at the edges jhaha !! I think my phone is getting too hot...misbehaving..I'm going to be adventurous a d post my Speedos pic with Baggie included. I do 't care if the neighbor sees me lying here , Ostomy bag ...neatly tucked in or just hanging.All the best to everyone 😊 Magoo








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Past Member: Eamon, glad to hear you are enjoying your time in Cali. I'm looking forward to getting out to Eureka next month :) I'll land in Sacramento, pick up my aunt in Grass Valley (foothills of the Sierras) and head northwest--Yay! to Humboldt Bay. Stay happy and healthy.
Aug 30, 2016
Mayoman : Hi Nancy , the weather here is so perfect this time of year, hot sun, mo fog and cool nights. The full sized pool all to myself is a big help haha ???? As you know this is the real summer in the Coastal Bay Area. I'll probably head back sometime before Christmas, visit DC and NY on the way back.
I like being able to swim without any thought of the Baggie hanging out....don't care anymore.
My Birthday wad Aug 7th so this visit was my present to myself !!
Enjoy your visit Nancy. Love to all XOXO. E.
Aug 30, 2016
Bill : Hello Mayoman. It's just as well we are not all the same. What sounds like heaven to you seems like a nightmare for me. The heat drags me down and I get exhausted without doing anything. Give me the cool rain to make the flowers grow and to give me the feel-good factor. I like the 'Emerald Isle', and the reason it is so green and lush is because it rains a lot! I like the rainforests for the same reasons and if I were where you are now I too would be inclined to spend most of my time in the pool, happily staying artificially wet.
Don't get me wrong! I like a bit of sunshine, preferably in the winter when it doesn't get too hot and where, here in the UK, it might come out in the morning and be snowing by the afternoon.
Enjoy yourself
Best wishes
Aug 31, 2016
Mayoman : Hi Bill, I was in Washington DC last week and that wa HOT !! Up to 114 F with the humidity. I spent most of the time indoors. The San Francisco Bay area is the perfect climate . I'm just south of the city so it's a bit hotter, 70-75 during the day , down to 50 at night. It gets much cooler in SF. I've been spending most of my time in the pool. Spending time in the city next week. I've had a year of Irish weather and i just had to get some sun. There will be no rain at all here , hardly a cloud until late Dec or January. I'm helping Brothers with some renovations ne,t week a d will probably stat until early Nov . Hitting DC and New York before heading back.
I'm a sun-worshipper Bill, I'll get enough rain when I get home ???? later Bill
Aug 31, 2016
Past Member: HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY !!! Hope you did something special. Hubby's B'day was the 10th. Went to a Durham Bulls baseball game, gorgeous evening, got lucky and avoided the real heat we've been having by watching from owners' box. Friend of a friend.... Enjoy the weather. Hey, if you're heading to NYC before Christmas make sure to see the Rockefeller Center tree. It's spectacular!!
Aug 31, 2016
Mayoman : Hu Nancy , thank you and happy Birthday to Hubby. I did something special....i got my ass on a plane and got outta Dodge the Cal sunshine.
. I always go to see the tree, even Ice Skating on the Rink....ever done it, it's a blast , so much fun !!. Never we t to Times Square for New Years...too many people....not enough bathrooms haha. The 4fh July Fireworks on the Hudson, that is worth going to see , spectacular !!
. The Blue Angels fly over SF in early Oct, not going to miss that. Never get tired of watching their show.
Not sure yet when I return to the cold a d rain...getting a ni e toasty tan for now ???? Hugs Nancy XO
Aug 31, 2016
Past Member: Grew up 14 miles from NYC and saw the department store displays and skated Rockefeller Center many times as a kid. Love the tree. Spent just one NY's EVE in Times Square--it was enough !! We did have a great room with a balcony, which made it easier, but a large part of the experience is being in the crowd. Don't feel the same about crowds anymore, tho' and tend to avoid rather than join. Spent summers as a child in Saugerties on the Hudson and watched the tall ships celebration in 1976 with fireworks when back in NJ for a family wedding. Have you seen the new tower that replaced the WTC ? We haven't made it there yet, but probably within the next couple of years before NYC loses it's allure for us completely. The original twin towers were amazing. I watched them being built when in High School. The view from the observation deck was breathtaking. I lived in the Village for just a year when still young, after Boston and before heading to SF, so I did my damndest to make sure my NYC experience was pretty thorough. Worked for an attorney who distributed liquor. Learned a lot about booze. Interesting job.
Glad you have seen so many of the interesting parts of the USA. There is a lot here to be proud of, in spite of how stubborn and foolish we can be. It sometimes amazes me how so many Americans never even travel outside of their own back yard. Sad. Enjoy the weather, and take a trip south to somewhere you haven't been !!!
Sep 01, 2016
Mayoman : Hi Nancy.
. Still enjoying the weather here. Going to the city to plan some work for next week. My Bro's house is a Victorian on Fillmore . "The Painted Ladies" houses are around the corner, Alamo Square Park, I'm sure you know that area, couple of blocks from Haight St . Very " Gentrified" now. The Outer Haight is still a bit 60's but too much hard drugs these days.
. Yes I've been to the new Trade is a beautiful piece of architecture. The Waterfall with the names engraved brought a little tear to my eyes . Such an emotional can feel the horror that happened but applaud the beauty of what was created. I lived in The Bronx in the 70's and was up in the original tower. What a view from the top !! My NY Brother worked on the construction of the original.
. My Texas Cowgirl haha wants me to visit. She is a real sweetheart , just a bit younger than me and we get along really well....seem to be on the same page ???? Austin would be an interesting place to visit. I've heard good things about it. Not sure when but definitely going to visit. Never been to Texas so it would be an interesting experience.
Talk later Nancy...Always a pleasure to hear from you. XO
Sep 01, 2016
Past Member: Eamon, You will LOVE LOVE LOVE Austin. I've a brother on the east side of Texas in Victoria for 35 years now and I've been to a few weddings down that way. Visited Austin on a trip one fall and heard some awesome music, then traveled the approx. 80 miles to San Antonio, visited the Alamo and enjoyed riverwalk. TAKE THAT TRIP and visit your Texas Cowgirl. I know you won't regret it!!!
Sep 01, 2016
Mayoman : Ho Nancy, thank you for the recommendation . I'm definitely going to visit my Cowgirl. We are totally compatible and on the same page. I need to spend some time with a special lady, I think she is special. I've heard a lot of good thongs about Austin and you confirmed it. even her accent is different, softer and gentle Texas accent, I'm looking forward to it, haven't picked a date yet.
. Do you think my last pic might be a bit too much info ? I felt a need to show my whole self...Stoma and all. My tan was uneven...i have a nice , almost all over mocha tan mow a delicately roasted turkey haha. I get red first then go a nice shade of brown. Nivea Moisturizer is the key to avoid peeling.
Hugs Nancy ???? Gotta meet you one of these days. You are one cool lady ...sure you're happily married hahaha...just kidding...hubby is a lucky man. XO Magoo.
Sep 02, 2016
Past Member: Eamon--Soooo glad you are gonna make that Texas trip. I'm sure you're cowgirl has a very good idea as to your true personality as you appear to be a very forthcoming man, a TRULY POSITIVE TRAIT.
As far as the pix--well, I've just never been a speedo kinda gal, but that is ONLY personal taste having nothing to do with the baggie. I've always preferred shorts along the OP line (ocean pacific) and when we first met my hubby used to steal my op's when we were both a size 26 waist. Those days are long gone for both of us lol!! Now as far as how you looked, your body appears to be in EXCELLENT shape !!! I believe a while back one of my first posts to you was about your swimming pix--(the one with the sox !!--you explained your sunburned feet lol) I envy your ability to accept your body-- it is a positive trait. Those of us with body issues can only hope to attain that true sense of freedom again some day. I'm working on it. With me it's more an issue of weight than anything else. Kinda funny cause when I was younger (MUCH YOUNGER) I lived in Baja and SoCal and rarely saw anything other than a bikini except for work. Now I'm a T-shirt and jeans kinda gal--if not sweats. Comfort above all else these days !! Anyway, enjoy your Texan adventure and remember two things---AVOID POLITICS and remember that in Texas most locals believe in their absolute right to carry two things in their vehicles--a gun and a beer !!!! HAVE A GOOD TIME !!
Oh, and Eamon, make no mistake, I'm the lucky one in this match with my hubby.
Sep 06, 2016
Mayoman : Hi again Nancy, I have stuff to do o. This
S trip but will be back in March when it cools down in Texas. Really looking forward to it. She seems like a sweet lady although we have yet to meet in person ?? Fingers crossed !! ????
. Thank you Sooo much for your comment on my pix ???? I like the speedos for swimming laps, you move much faster and more efficiently. Plus I have the pool all to myself so who cares. In Europe the Speedos are the norm so it's just normal for Europeans to wear them or Even to wear Nothing at all haha except we rarely get that kind of weather in Ireland. The water is normally so cold that Ocean swimming challenges the most hearty of us. Didn't bother me as a kid but often wear a wtsuit these days...65 degrees would be warm !! Freezing even on a wetsuit !!
My scars have healed very well over the years. It's been opened about three times ...breastbone right down to "himself" haha. I used Vitamin E capsules, squeezed into the wound to help healing. First time I was open all the way for 9 months until it closed after an infection ( leaking bag ) that almost killed me.
I use the 4 I ch Eakin Seals under the water. They go right to the scar but hold very well. Never get leaks anymore.
. I normally wear swimming shorts and cover the bag, most of it. I keep my shorts ny the pool in case my Nephew and his wife drop by, don"t want to freak them out haha....with my Baggie hanging out.
Love and Hugs Nancy...
PS ...You aare both very lucky to have found each other and still madly in Love...right ????
Sep 06, 2016

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