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Time Together ...alone .

Posted by Mayoman

Hi Guys ...and Ladies ,   Well we had our little visit together , alone in a self-catering place almost on the beach. I found this little place online and it was just right , it's  in Easkey , County Sligo , Ireland.  This is only about 45 minutes from my own house but my house is in town , Ballina. 

   It was a small one bedroom unit over a garage and appeared to be brand new , we may have been the first tenants so everything was new and fresh....including the weather !!! ...fresh, breezy and a little wet !! First problem was that thw wifi didn't work !!!  Disastwer I thought !!! she will be pissed !! That turned out to be not really a big problem at all. We spent a lot of time driving and saightseeing anyway so the wifi wasn't really a deal breaker. I used my phone as a Hotspot when necessary so it was OK in the end. 

   Easkey is a worls famous surfing spot and people come from all over the world sto surf heree . However the waves were not cooperating on many of the days. I have to say that surfing is a bone chilling experience in this North Atlantic water ...Very Cold but pristine water. 

  We drove along the coast several days and I got to show her the ancient Abbeys and the Round Tower in the village of Killala which has been around for about  1,000 years  ( dates cary a little ) . The local Monks would climb up into the solid stone  Round Tower and pull up the ladder when The Vikings came to raid their Monastery which is on the bamks of the River Moy ..... perfect for Raiding !! 

   It was really nice to have the five days together ...just us and no other distractions except for the "Lovely" irish weather ...cloudy but warm and actually not too much rain .  We had really heavy rain just one day only and even on that day we drove to the sea cliffs . The Cliffs of Ceide are near the Moy Estuary and are in County Mayo . The countryside in this part of Mayo and Sligo is almost empty of houses and people...just cows, grass and the multi-colored , spray painted sheep out on the hillsides . Each farmer spray paints his sheep with his own code for ID purposes and they make a colorful sight up in the hills / mountains. 

    I'll post some pics later. 

    OK ...what you were all wondering.....Sex ???   what happened ??

    I remain a Gentleman but I can make certain disclosures without giving up too much info Given the fact that both of us have Ileostomies and we stayed in a self-catering unit rather than the B&B  part of the property we were way better off . Our bathroom was our own so we didn't bother anyone with the  noise of flushing every time we got up to empty or to creaky floorboards etc etc. It was really nice to have that privacy.  

    I brought two big bath towels just to put under the bedsheets ....just in case ( I insisted and she agreed ) . One watery leak in the bed would really ruin the whole trip so I didn't want to take any chances. We both taped our bags , around all four sides of the wafer and over the Velcro at the opening . With these precautions we could fool around at will without any worries .  Yes indeed we had some wonderful , crazy naked sex....Ostomy bags clashing ( empty first....always !! ) ...getting sticky and sweaty in the warm , muggy Irish summer....sort of a summer  !!? lol. It was actually very warm and muggy at night ....or maybe that was just us , we generated lots of heat and sweat ...I'm sure you wuill be happy to   We had no leaks , no real accidents with our baggies and the bed was spared was my credit card  !!  ...a new matress is expensive  !!! 

    We heard and saw aome of the Very Best Irish Traditional Music I ever experienced at the local Pub in Easkey, McDonnells I believe ...only one night a week on Wed in August . We had a beautiful Solo performance on a gebuione Irish Harp . 

   Anyway , just wanted to let you guys know how things went and how our "Bag Experience" was ...given that we actually got some intimate activities in and too Full advantage of our privacy. 

   Back later with some pics ...of the Coastline !!  lol   Mr Magoo XO

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Bill : Hello Mr. Magoo. Thanks so much for sharing your experiences. I had been wondering how you had got on with meeting up with your lady friend. I loved your description of the west coast, which took me back to my own holiday over there some years back. Unfortunately it rained so heavily that we had a job to see the beautiful countryside but we had a few clear days and the people are so friendly that it made up for the weather. I'm so pleased that the relationship measured up to what you were hoping for and I hope that it may continue to do so. Best wishes to you both Bill Aug 23, 2018
dadnabbit : Hey Eamon, SOOOOO GLAD your Cali Girl was able to come (no pun intended) and visit for a brief stay. I envy her the sightseeing of the Irish coast, long a favorite bucket list item of mine. I am happy that things went smoothly, and even your temperamental Irish weather accommodated her visit. Driving in new countryside is one of my favorite past times. I look forward to seeing some photos of the pristine water, gorgeous cliffs and colorful sheep!!! BTW HOW are YOU feeling? I'm sure the visit helped, but are you still on target for surgery? I'll continue to think good thoughts for you and the future. Peace Nancy Aug 26, 2018

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