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Summer Time

Posted by blueonthetyne

look out the window at the start of the day.

the sun shines bright,

no clouds in the way,


i go to the wardrobe to see what to wear,

a nice pair of shorts,

top half bare,


top up the tan,

feel the warm rays,

i must say those were the days,


now i have to think,

what will they say,

as i sun my self,

the bag in the way,


i felt it had me id been beaten,

it would be there on show,

what id just eaten


people close say its ok dont worry,

take your time theres no hurry,

we dont mind your bag of poo,

all we want is the old you,


i found these wraps on the good old net,

you can even swim,

there ok wet,


so now another thing i dont have to stop,

my nice firm wrap,

a vest on top,

when i awake to see the sun,







i cover up now,

whle i have my fun,

mowing the lawn,

sit in the sun,



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Bill : hello blueonthetyne.I love the rhyming verse - keep them coming Jul 31, 2014
bababoo : Hi blueonthetyne...great poem..well worth the wait !! I tried seeing your private message but couldn't work out how so I am sure my tech savvy daughter will show me later. take care and best wishes to you all. Jul 31, 2014
bababoo : hi again blue..tried to get your message but can't open it because I am not a full member. tried always and it wouldn't work...shame Jul 31, 2014
blueonthetyne : ahh ,i was beginning to think id started to pong a little but i guess that's why no body ever replies. it was just me introducing my self a little more formal, but it doesn't matter, its just nice to be able to communicate on here as things are. are you having a holl this year ??? we are hoping to get away the end of august, nothing fancy, not sure i could cope with that, just down south to see some family.its been really busy at work with the kids off, they drive me to distraction, when they are at school we only get them on the bus for an hour early on and they are fairly docile, but in the holidays its bloody chaos and they push me to the limit, i was mr angry yesterday. im off to work now and am taking a deep breath before i start (i have no valium). best wishes from a calm collected blueonthetyne Aug 01, 2014
bababoo : hi blue...I am sure you pong very nicely but now you know the reason no-one answered !! haha...we are going up to Berwick in sept and from there up to Edinburgh and other places, I couldn't do a flight because of all the things that happened to me the insurance would be more than a flight !!! which is a shame as I have a sister who lives in California and it would be great to go and see her..but hey-ho.i am sure you will have a lovely time with your family, are you gonna drive down or get the train? I think I would be mrs angry every day on the buses with those screaming kids!! forget I had one of my own but that's a few years ago now! do you do certain routes on the bus or do you go everywhere? if you ever pass byermoor call in for a cuppa, just park your bus at the bus stop and let the passengers hope you and yours have a very enjoyable weekend. take care and best wishes Aug 01, 2014
blueonthetyne : good morning bababoo on this beautiful sunday after the rain and storm yesterday. we did the borders last summer, just before our run of bad luck started. when you get to Edinburgh try and visit the royal yacht Britannia, she is a museum now on the river there. im originally from Portsmouth and it was her home and she looked great out in the solent.its s shame you cant visit your sister, we have a friend in Santiago and shes forever asking us to visit, id have to pluck up a lot of courage for a trip like that. we are driving down this trip, I flew a few weeks back, big step being the first time through the airport with the bag and the searching and stuff was a b bit stressful but I suppose it has to be done, they were lovely at Newcastle airport but the other end it was a bit undignified, I was left with me bloody shirt hanging and no where to put it right, bloody southerners .the nearest I get to your way is whickam, we do a early morning work service from sunniside now and again, that's a lovely place to live up there but I would imagine testing in the winter. we often go to beamish, one of my favourite places. I have a nice day off today and we are taking our beautiful granddaughter up the coast for a picnic, she is 2 and a half and a real inspiration for life, we have another due in oct so plenty to smile about they say say in California, have a nice day now Aug 03, 2014
bababoo : hi blue I hope you had a lovely time at the beach with your grand-daughter,bet she is cute,and she will keep you on your toes haha bet you can't wait for the new arrival. well done on flying but it sounds pretty stressful at the other end.hope work is going ok and not too bad with all the little horrors being on holiday, enjoy the rest of your week. Aug 04, 2014
blueonthetyne : hi bababoo,how are you and are you back from your holl yet Sep 24, 2014
bababoo : Hi blueonthetyne I am really well thanks and I hope you are also.hope you have enjoyed many lovely days with your family especially your gorgeous grand-daughter, has grandchild number two arrived yet? we had a really nice relaxing time in Scotland but it is nice to be back home..nothing like the comfort of your own home eh?? I am currently ferrying my daughter all over as she fell while on holiday in Bulgaria in June and dislocated her knee, not only that but also cracked her kneecap and thigh bone in the fall!!! so she has been off work since then and has just started physio but we have been told it will take at least six months to heal so as you can imagine she is fed up. apart from that we are all well and I hope you and yours are too. take care Sep 25, 2014
blueonthetyne : hi bababoo.sounds like you need one of those mums taxi badges in ya window.we have just got back from our last holiday of the year, a beautiful caravan at creswell and it was lovely. we took our little rosie with us hoping the new would arrive but no luck, she is due on the 7th so any day afaid I bottled it with the pool while we were away, I built myself up right to the moment but im so nervous about this bloody bag leaking in such a place I cried off, im gonnna seek advice on here maybe that will help. I feel so well its a small price to pay. back to work in the morning, ill only be there an hour and it will feel like ive never been away, its the run in to the season of goodwill as well and that bloody metrocentre will be chaos every weekend, never mind, I love it really haha.hope your daughter is treating you nice for all the lifts.take care Oct 03, 2014
bababoo : hi blue...sounds like you had a good time at the caravan especially as you had your grand-daughter with doubt you feel like you have never been away from doesn't take long to get back into the routine does it? I know what you mean about swimming. it took me two years to pluck up the courage and luckily no mishaps so far. if you are interested a friend of mine knows of a place in haltwhistle where you can hire a private pool by the hour and I believe it is not too expensive. I can find out the details if you want, it might give you the confidence to give it a try. take care and I do hope baby number two has arrived safe and well and mum is ok too. Oct 08, 2014
blueonthetyne : its a baby girl,emily. born at the RVI 14th oct 2359 7 lb 3. everybody overjoyed, a little sister for rosie Oct 16, 2014
blueonthetyne : hi you,whats going on,hope you all had a nice Christmasand I wish you a very happy healthy new year,im very well just and looking forward to packing the decorations away again...... bahh humbug Dec 29, 2014
bababoo : hi Blue good to hear from you. We had a lovely Christmas thankyou and hope you and your family did too, especially with the little ones...I bet Rosie is all Frozen out!! Can't believe you want to pack the decorations away already....I do mine on Jan 1st haha. I am pleased you are very well and long may that continue. Wishing you all a very happy, healthy and safe 2015. Take care. Dec 29, 2014
blueonthetyne : hi bababoo, well that frozen is a thing isn't it,our little rosie is elsa(I think)she has a made up costume consisting of a snow white dress, some net curtain and a plat from the pound shop, she looks great. she does the let it go song with all the actions, a right little star.have u been back to the support group you were telling me about, its nearly a year for me now and I feel that I night like to go and see what I can offer and be offered. things wernt easy over Christmas at times over certain issues and I wonder if others have the same things.take care, winter is on its way Jan 12, 2015
bababoo : Hi blue it must be lovely to have your own little Elsa to keep you she looks soooo cute!! I am sorry to hear that you had some issues over Christmas and if there is anything I can help with please let me know. I am on facebook if you would rather chat on there privately. I only went to the support group once as I found it to be very cliquey and at 55 I was probably the bloody youngest there!!!(that was the one good thing about it...haha) No one introduced themselves or included you in anything and sat in their own little groups so I felt quite out of place...not what I was expecting at all, which was disappointing as we could all do with helping and being helped at times. I hope you are keeping well and this is a good year for you. Jan 13, 2015
blueonthetyne : hi bababoo, that is a shame about the support group, I could and may go to the one this side of the water, see what happens . im ok just got a bit fed up with other peoples bathroom during the visiting season, it was a bit of a lame excuse to others but why would they understand and why should they. health wise im 100% and even walking 5 miles to work a couple of times a week, I have the freeman tomorrow so just need them to confirm all is well.i don't do facebook im afraid but I am leaning twitter,although very slowly I add.ill let you know what the nice people at the freeman say,take care for now Jan 18, 2015
blueonthetyne : bababooo are you still with us, not been on here in a while Mar 22, 2015
bababoo : Hi Blue yeah still here and was great to read your blog, sounds like you are doing sooo well. It's amazing what a difference a year makes isn't it? Hope you and yours are all well. We have had some bad news, my husband has a brain tumour and is awaiting surgery so not too good this end, but hopefully all will go well and we can get back to some sort of normality. We are trying to stay positive but sometimes I just ask myself how can one family have such bloody bad luck. On the positive side we are still here to tell the tale. Take care and wishing you all good health . Mar 25, 2015
blueonthetyne : oh no bababoo, what a trauma for you all, things must be very puts everything into perspective when these things happen, our hospitals are the best outside the capital so he will be in good hands.look after yourself cause things can get hard going in these times as im sure youll know after what you've been through as well. I do know what you mean about bad luck, im gonna leave that one there .take care drop me a line anytime Mar 26, 2015
blueonthetyne : hi bababoo, how are things ????? Jun 19, 2015
blueonthetyne : hi bababoo,are u still here ???? Nov 25, 2016

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