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4 Years Later

Posted by pebbles2121

So I had my bladder removed in January of 2015. After all the researching and thinking it was the best decision I could've made for myself. It definitely wasn't an easy road and there were complications, but this surgery saved my life. Interstitial Cystitis is a horrible painful and embarrassing disease. I would have to urinate 100's of times during the day and night. When I would urinate it would feel like razor blades had cut everywhere inside and out and acid was the urine. Then my bladder never gave me any notice that I needed to get to a restroom. When i had to go urine just started to come out, I had absolutely no control. So there were so many embarrassing public accidents. What was worse were the many people pointing and laughing at this grown woman peeing her pants. So I finally said enough was enough and had the surgery. Surgery wasn't scary for me because I did so much research. I was prepared for every outcome that could happen. Immideatly after surgery I felt that burning in my bladder was gone. It was amazing to wake up to that pain gone that I felt for most of my life. I was in the hospital for six days and was released. I did amazing my doctor said. Once I was at home I started to get some pain in my stomach that the pain meds couldn't touch. So we went to the ER and found that there was an abscess in my pelvis where they couldn't drain. So I had to get a PICC lines put in and give myself IV antibiotics for a month. While I was recovering my surgeon called me personally. During surgery she had removed my appendix because it looked funny. So she called to let me know that my appendix had cancer in it. She didn't want me to freak out when I looked at my reports. So she called to explain everything to me that it visit in time. The cancer was contained in the appendix and I didn't need any further treatments. At that point I knew I made the right decision to have my bladder removed and the right surgeon. A year after my surgery my Interstitial Cystitis came back but I knew that was a possibility. As my surgeon warned me about, but I'm just thankful I don't have to urinate 100's off time a day/night. So I love my bag and have no shame in it because it saved my life in more ways than one. So I say embrace your bag and stoma. Get some Sharpies and color them if you have to, but remember they saved your life. So love them and love life and laugh a lot 😘

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mild_mannered_super_hero : great post and wonderful attitude. its been decades since my surgery, things just get easier with time and experience. :) Sep 24, 2019
dls : keep writing, we all need your young wisdom and experience, esp. we old 'em who spend too much time feeling sorry for ourselves. Cheers, dls Sep 24, 2019
dls : Forgot to add what an incredible, strong person you are.. then I read you have three children...Lucky,,,I only got one. The horror, terror and insane thoughts that go though your mind are not to be explained. You're fantastic, and you're children will grow up to handle ANYTHING, I mean ANYTHING life throws at them...they have YOU...Lucky...Lucky...Lucky. Keep posting. Sep 24, 2019
pebbles2121 : Thank you so much for your kind words. It really means a lot to me especially putting myself out there. ???? Sep 24, 2019
dls : You're here, home among friends,,,unless the "administrators" decide your comments unworthy. BEWARE, but be honest. We're on you're side....a lovely side it is, too, so healed and complete. Gee. Sep 24, 2019
Angelicamarie : pebbles2121, Thanks for sharing, in this society people are so doggone cruel. I think your a courageous person, with a great attitude considering all that you have went through. Don’t let the dislikes discourage you! Even an author who’s Novel made the list of best sellers didn’t get picked by all of society! However they made the list! Thanks again for sharing..... Respectively, Angelicamarie Sep 24, 2019
pebbles2121 : Thank you dls and Angelicamarie. I've always been that quiet girl my whole life who let people push me around and never stood up for myself. This disease has taught me to fight for myself and others as well for what's right. It's also taught me to be more of an open book so that people know more about ostomy's. That way we're not looked upon as nasty or disgusting for having a bag. Bags nowadays can be hidden and no one can even tell I'm wearing one unless I've told them or happen to spring a leak ???? Sep 24, 2019
dls : Oh, we forgot to mention you're gorgeous. OH, how the supplies have changed, bug everyone for 'new' samples, all the companies are always coming up with something new. It's great, and most insurance will cover it. Freebies are well, free. Keep up with all the latest, I'm new and change things around all the time. Things are great when there is competition with so many people with so many different needs and lifestyles. Go Shopping... Sep 25, 2019
Bill : Hello pebble. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences and I echo what has been said by other respondents. You have described your situation so well and so positively that it gives us all pause for thought about how fortunate most of us are to have had the opportunity to move away from the life that preceded the stoma, towards a more manageable existence. I do hope you continue to post as I really enjoyed the read! Best wishes Bill Sep 25, 2019
Puppyluv56 : Pebbles, You certainly have been through a lot but it is nice that your attitude is so great! I cannot begin to imagine the embarrassment you suffered through. The timing was perfect for you and your appendix! Prayers for continued recovery and good health. Puppyluv Sep 27, 2019
Past Member: Hi Pebbles, Thank you so much for sharing.Iv'e had my Urostomy for 5 years due to Bladder cancer and it is still hard for me to accept.You have a great attitude and are so positive about it.If you have any tips on dealing with it emotionally please let me know. Bobby Oct 06, 2019

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