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Last Minute Bridesmaid, Pain Doesn't Ruin My FUN!!

Posted by pebbles2121

So on October 12th I was getting ready for my sister's wedding with my daughters. The day before my sister had told my mom her sister told her she wasn't going to be in her wedding. So my sister was stressing out about what to do. So I told my mom to let her know if she needed anyone I could do it for her. She said thanks but her sister was going to do it. So the day of the wedding I was helping my daughter get the cake ready. My sister had called and said she really needed me to be a bridesmaid since her sister bailed. So I rushed to get the dress knowing we're close in size just hoping it fit properly since it was tailored to her. We did my hair and makeup and my mom's then left to buy a pair of shoes. Since the ones I had got my other dress didn't work lol. We didn't make it in time for the party bus trip. We did make it on time to get dressed with everyone else. The dress fit and was just a little big which was fine with me. Especially having a stoma I never like a tight fitting dress. So I took her sister's place even though I was in pain. I stood up there in heels for the two hour ceremony which my legs wanted to collapse and was sweating. I just smiled and was honored to be a part of her beautiful wedding. Then we were done we had to say goodbyes and have pics done at the church then by the lighthouse beach. It was a very cold fall day but I wasn't going to let that pain get me down or anyone else for that matter. Especially my sister when she had a meltdown.Both of her Maid's of Honor and all of the Bridesmaids and everyone else left her alone. She had no one to help her with her dress or carry her stuff. So i stepped in and helped her and I got her taken care of. Then the fun began as we got to the reception. We got to walk in and settle down and just let loose. They had some nice champagne and some amazing toasts were made. We were dismissed to eat and half of us ran to the bathroom including me. I went to the bathroom and next thing I knew I had a little girl in the stall with me. Then there was a mom's head under the stall trying to get her out and she saw me peeing. There was whispering about me but not very softly. I heard them but I really didn't care and didn't even let it get me down. Again my bag and stoma are my lifesavers so I've got no shame!! When we sat down to eat we got to talk amongst ourselves and just laugh. We had a great time just laughing and telling stories about the bride and groom. Then it was the dances and we did the couple dances. I had a great time and all the guys were making girls laugh trying to make us spin. Then we went to leave after that dance but my sister the bride wouldn't let us. Then the DJ played this song that had line dance to it. Which none of us knew so we just looked like a bunch of dancing fools because only three of them knew it. The rest of us just faked it and just had a blast doing so. So even with my Ostomy I was able to do all of these things. Even through the pain with only one small glass of champagne. I just smiled through the pain and lived life and laugh through it. Life is what you make of it. Remember that's always someone who has it worse than you. So get out there and celebrate life, yourself, and your stomas. Rock those stomas!!! 💖

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Oct 21, 2019
Bill : Thank you pebbles for a lovely story. Your are an inspiration to everyone who needs to overcome their own problems to help others in their hour of need.
Best wishes
Nov 16, 2019
Puppyluv56 : What great story Pebbles! Your choices came from the heart and not your Ostomy! Just like it should be!
Nov 17, 2019
lovely : I liked your story, sometimes people just don't understand some of the things we go through.
Jan 15, 2020
PETey.13 : Love the story. Yes, we all have to live, love and laugh. ;-)
Jan 24, 2020
NewlifeVictoria : What a beautiful thing you did pebbles I'm proud of you for taking the time to step into something that wasn't easy to do and you did it!' Wow awesome story! I'm with you would do same thing!! Hope your doing well!! Victoria