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New Year

Posted by charleston guy

It's said that hindsight is 2020, though 2020 was far from a hindsight let's all hope that 2021 will become more than that. Being a New Year is now approaching let's Pray that the numbers 2021 will become more fun and prosperous for all.
Charleston guy

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Aug 21, 2021
NewlifeVictoria : Hello hope your doing good and staying well!
I been dealing with stuff and one is my teeth I will say I don’t here anymore say anything about teeth! I don’t eat right because I can’t really eat dairy, vegs, fruit ?????????????But anyway it’s been so hot here I’m sure there as well
Also going through heat rashes and haven’t been here much at all a few things but anyway I hope your doing good!
How’s things,? Write it you want it’s been a still is crazy
My dad still has the catheter and has to have surgery
I have 2 big one hernias, sucks but anyway Hope your rest of your weekend is resting and staying well!
Your probably getting the rain? Also I heard other stuff to what a crazy crazy sad ???? and you know theses past 2 years but 10 years ago! Pray a lot ????
Are you still busy working? I would think so but it’s crazy out there! ????????????????
Jan 03, 2021
NewlifeVictoria : Happy new year to you as well and I pray that it’s very nice!! I wish the best for everyone and I’m not here much but if you ask me anything I will reply or we can email
I had some problems here with a few people and one told me I was a liar ???? that I was a transgender woman and I shouldn’t lie it’s ok
I’m not but I’m trying not to get to upset with rude ass people, sorry but being truthful and blunt because it’s a form of abuse I don’t need! So I don’t know why or what to think some times! But I’m not sure what people think it’s ok to do whatever they want to do or say and then say why you mad, I’m sorry !! No just don’t say it!! Or do it!!! If you know what I mean? I pray everyone is doing good and please keep in touch if you want and we can text or email if you like, I’m easy well not really, I’m just a good person with a big heart and take it to heart to much sometimes and somethings! Come say hello only if your not judging or your only nice, Im not a liar????Happy New Year to EVERYONE!! Hugs
Jan 02, 2021
Puppyluv56 : Well said ! Hope you are doing well!
Praying 2021 will be better for all
Take Care,

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