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Snow Day

Posted by xnine

2018/10/03 snow for 2 days. There is a motorcycle in there somewhere.

Took 3 hours to do the walks. I need a drink.

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Bill : Almost artistic!
xnine : Until you have to shovel it.
Bill : You could always make a snowman to sit on the bike!
xnine : Oh Bill. Thanks for the replies
Bill : I tried to reply again and all I was getting were blue spots each time I pressed a key. Anyway! after turning of and on again it righted itself. What I was going to say was that I expect the snow will be arriving over here pretty soon as the temperature has definitely dropped in the past few days. I'm off to work now so no more communication today. Best wishes Bill
Puppyluv56 : Omg It just seems way too early for snow! I have been in my pool all day because it is sunny and 90 degrees! Brrrrrrr. Ready for some cool and I LOVE when it snow in the South! Shuts everything down. Too funny. Have fun in the snow an dbe careful!
Angelicamarie : Xnine... fall have passed right on by. My goodness winter is definitely there. Hang in there X ,don’t hurt yourself shoveling
Luke : Oh yeah, snow. Now I hear the Jaws theme music.
Mrs.A : Love the look of falling snow. Shoveling, not so much. It can sure do a bit of damage as well. We lost a few beautiful evergreens due to the weight of it. Love when everyone slows down and things shut down but not for to long. I couldn't imagine being happy without the changing of the seasons.

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