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Posted by xnine

Had a scope on Monday (Sept 30) and all was good. Next one in 5 years. Things are coming along. That goop is still hard to take.

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Tickpol : Congratulations! I question the sanity of anyone who enjoys the prep.... Dave Oct 02, 2019
Morning glory : Xnine I agree with Tickpol. Happy that things turned out well. Oct 02, 2019
xnine : Thanks for the support Oct 02, 2019
Bill : Thanks for keeping us updated and I'm pleased all is well for you Best wishes Bill Oct 03, 2019
xnine : Thanks Bill, I think it is important to let others know how things are going, good or bad. Oct 03, 2019
Tickpol : Especially the good! We all have a tendency to reach out to get a handle on things that have a chance of going southbound. But when it turns out to be nothing to worry about we're relieved but never close the loop on the thread. One of these days there will be someone nervous about a test or procedure and hopefully they'll take some comfort from those folks who lived through it without a lot of drama. Dave Oct 03, 2019
lovely : How oftem does anyone go back to ostomey Dr for check up. Oct 03, 2019
lovely : Glad all is well for you. Oct 03, 2019
xnine : I think I was every year till now. I hope all is well with you too. Oct 04, 2019
lovely : I had mine since 2014 but I have not been back the colon Dr. Oct 04, 2019
w30bob : xnine....that's Awesome Sauce! I'm every other year with maybe an MRI or CT on the off year. As long as my C-Reactive Protein levels are normal I know there's nothing going on........and so far so good. When I do have my every other year colonoscopy I have my Gastro explain to those doing the procedure that because I'm short gutted I don't need to take any prep. If I see bile coming out before the test I'm as clean as I can be. So no prep for me. Wow......I think I just found one thing that's good about being short a sick and twisted sort of way. Oct 11, 2019
Puppyluv56 : Congratulations! A clean bill of health means everything! Oct 16, 2019
xnine : Got a call from his office and he still wants to see me in 6 months. I expect it is just to chat like my others office visits. Oct 16, 2019

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