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Busy Day

Posted by xnine

I was busy today. The oven went bonkers the boiler went on when you wanted bake ruined a dozen cookies. Looked it up on Goggle and needed a new control board. I put it in and nothing lite up. Where was the reset. I tried everything and nothing worked. Finally figured out I got dud. Reliable gave an other one. Put it in and I was back in business. Fish tacos were a success. Called Reliable back to thank them. What a work out on mind and body.

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w30bob : Way to go X! No one should have to be away from his fish tacos for very long! I can smell them all the way down here!

Apr 03, 2020
Bill : Hello xnine.
I hate it when I buy new replacement parts and they don't work. I takes so long to figure out what I'm doing wrong or why I cannot fix it. Then. when I realise that it's not my fault, I get a flood of mixed feelings(not always good!) about modern technology. and am convinced about the conspiracy theory that goes something like this: I am convinced that manufacturers put microchips in modern machinery to make them go wrong two days after the guarantee has run out!.
Best wishes
Apr 03, 2020
lovely : That is bad when you want to cook something and the stove messes up. Glad you were able to fix it yourself. Stay safe Apr 03, 2020
britathrt60 : LOL.???? Xnine
Drives me nuts when stuff doesn't work..glad u fixed it.

Apr 03, 2020
Puppyluv56 : Good Job X. Now is not the time to do without your stove. Wish I had been so lucky on my dryer. After the complete catastrophe, I am
Back in business. Cookies and clean clothes!
Apr 05, 2020

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