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Bladder Exam Today

Posted by xnine

Things have opened up and my postponed exam is today. Hope for an A. Chiropractor opened and fixed my back. Dentist is also taking patients, next month for me. Restaurants and Bars have opened also. It is still not the same.


Got an A, next exam in 6 months.

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Padfoot : Xnine, why do you need a bladder exam, if you don’t mind me asking? Did you have pelvic radiation, by any chance? Jun 02, 2020
xnine : I have had bladder cancer. An operation cleared it. No radiation. Jun 02, 2020
Padfoot : Oh, OK. Sometimes radiation cystitis affects people who have had pelvic radiation, and hyperbaric oxygen therapy can help alleviate it. That’s why I was asking. Hope all goes well today. Jun 02, 2020
Puppyluv56 : Good luck with your exam. I had my 3 month scans two weeks ago and they were good so I get a “get out of jail free” card for 3 more mo this! Yay! Jun 02, 2020
w30bob : Hi X, Good luck with the exam!! Sounds like you guys are really getting back to normal. I got a call from my eye doctor's office yesterday saying they were now booking appointments, but haven't heard from my dentist yet. Here you can just tell folks are really ready to ditch the masks and get back to normal. We'll see how that pans out, but I think once it gets hot......the masks will disappear no matter what. Again, best wishes on your exam! Jun 02, 2020
kmedup : Hey X, Good luck with your exam. I was my dentist's first patient yesterday; I lost a filling. His office and employees are really well prepared for this new way of working. They are all tested; the unknown factor is the patient. Many older people are still wearing masks and social distancing which is encouraging. BTW actually wearing a mask has been a solution - not a problem for me. When people see me wearing a mask - they back off. K Jun 02, 2020
lovely : Hi X, hope all went well for you. I got to see Dr Thursday. I had female cancer and had radiation. It scared the Ureter tube between my bladder and kidney. They had to put a stent in the tube to keep it opened up. I have to have it changed every six months. I also have a lot of UTIs. Best wishes and stay safe. Jun 02, 2020
w30bob : kmedup said "When people see me wearing a mask - they back off." Hey Sis....that's not because of the mask! ;0) XOXO bob Jun 02, 2020
bowsprit : I have had a a growth in the bladder removed twice. Non-malignant. No other treatment received. The Doctor recommended by an American Doctor he had worked with in New York, so, hopefully I am in good hands.This is in addition to the surgery in the colon. Jun 02, 2020
kmedup : You think - Bob:) Hhhhmmmm - you see; there are different ways of thinking. Nailed it! Jun 02, 2020

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