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An Ostomate's Journey 😃

Posted by Past Member

I've my ostomy most of my life and a diverted bladder before that.. I'm curious about the journey others have had and I thought, here's a perfect opportunity to ask. 😃 


For me, it's been a n amazing ride, and as I was reading the "New Ostomate Patient Giude" ( great read by the way, you can order free copy through the UOAA or United Ostomy Associations of America). What has your journey been like my friends? What adjectives best describe your journey? Mine...hmmm.. exciting, exhilarating, down right scary at times, educational to the spirit, just to name a few..   

Bill : Hello Summerfan. Welcome to the world of blogging! I tend to use this section to post rhyming verse because it prints it in a layout suited to the rhymes, whereas the forum seems to run all the lines into each other, which makes it difficult to read. Anyway, right from the off, I decided to document my feelings about stomas in rhyme, so there are quite a few in my profile under ‘blogs’. Just to give you a taste, below is the very first one in my first book on the subject. Best wishes Bill FIRST OSTOMY. I must admit I had a scare the first time that I saw it there. I can’t remember what I said about this thing so crimson red. Some thoughts were flashing through my mind about how fate had been unkind. Most of all I thought “Why me!” that had to have this ostomy. What in the world had I done wrong that to this thing, I’d now belong? This thing that stuck out from my tum replacing my malfunctioning bum. Right now I only speak for me when talking of my ostomy. They told me I would benefit but I began to doubt that bit. To tell the truth, I won’t pretend I thought that this would be the end. I thought the active life I’d led was now gone, forever dead. There was no way that I could swim with what looked like an extra limb. There’s nothing anyone could say to keep these type of thoughts at bay. The negatives exaggerated as my mood degenerated. It seemed that I had lost control of my body and my soul. But now I’ve had this ‘thing’ a while I can look back and I can smile. For now I’m doing so much more and I’m more active than before. B. Withers 2012 May 15, 2020
Past Member: Very Cool ???? Thank you for sharing your thoughts, feelings and artistic ability as a gifted writer my friend. You're Aces. May 15, 2020
Past Member: Oops! Supposed to be smiley not question mark, sorry Bill May 15, 2020
iMacG5 : Hi, Bill. Regardless of the layout, your writings are always special and I thank you for sharing. Sincerely, Mike May 17, 2020

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