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Christopher Bowel Cancer Story Age 25

Posted by Angelicamarie

How do a 25 year old guy cope with a cancerous diagnosis? The truth is that it as been very hard and at times terrible for my blooming adult confidence. Being a tyical 25 year old guy, I was out enjoying life and doing all the things old guys do-hitting the bars meeting ladies and taking to anyone with a story to tell, all the usual stuff. In 2012 I can recall not feeling so great . I began to experience stomach pain and felt really weak. I started stressing about aging and began losing my hair. The next day I went to the toilet there was blood in my urine. I went to the emergency GP hospital who immediately sent me for an MRI, after I explained there was no logical reason for there to be internal bleeding. The MRI showed malignant active tumor growth nearly three inches long and malignant polyps(they had to do the MRI twice to be sure of the readings,pretty common  practice. Three years on I am still generally clear, but have some signs of repeating cancer in the same region. In January I had surgery where five growths were removed. I have had a colonoscopy every six months since my diagnosis and this will now be extended to every tweve to eighteen months. Since my diagnosis I have a better mental attitude and feel more restful with my thoughts, I have had great support from others and I willing  to help others in their journey. i've also stop stressing so much and my hair have grown back. thankfully I didnt need any chemotherapy and now I have more energy-hitting the gym while your waiting for surgery can really pick you out of the dumps. Im just glad to be active. I feel like an acheiver when things other than the thought on cancer are taking up my thoughts. I undersand the cancer journey can be hard,but there is always a way to find something to look forward to each day. I would definetly say living . Christoher got a second chance as we we did.

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scorsby : Hi. Thought provoking as usual and well worth the read. Thanks. John
Angelicamarie : Hi scorsby, thanks for your comments !! Angelicamarie
Bill : Hello Angelicamarie. Thanks for posting this story and as John says it is thought provoking. I some ways it is quite uplifting to hear when people like Christopher have a positive attitude, come to terms with the diagnosis and still get the most out of their lives. Best wishes Bill
Angelicamarie : Bill that’s what lifted me up, the end results he made it!! Thanks for your comments