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People Make The World Go Round

Posted by Angelicamarie

I am referencing a comment that I had read on someone's blog concerning laxatives. So, I asked my pharmacist about this particular laxative mentioned in the blog. He explained it very well and I was able to better understand the pros and cons of this product.  He went on to explain  that since it is a laxative one can become dependent on it. I have heart problems. So, before I could take that particular laxative, I would have to consult my primary doctor. My pharmarcist knows that I have a stoma. He made a comment that laxatives are for normal people. I really dont think he meant any harm by it. Truly I hope he knows better than that. At least I think he does when it comes to making such a comment. I am normal.  The only difference is our plumbing. He goes out of his backside and my waste comes out of the stoma site.

After surgery we have to change how we dress and sometimes change what we eat because of our altered or new digestive system. I still have two arms,two legs and a beating heart. Without a doubt if one can't deal with it mentally that could cause a problem. As far as I'm concerned, I'm normal. No pity for me!

There are people out here with no arms or legs, they are just happy to be alive. There are people who take meds daily to slow the cancer process down who are still going to die. There are people living with aids. who have been told they are going to die but take meds to live, just a little bit or a whole lot longer than those who have already died from the disease. So, even on my lowest days,I think of others that have different sicknesses and are still fighting to live for as long as they can! I dust my knees off and be thankful I'm still here. Ignorant people will always be around. Educate when you can and if u cant, its not your problem. life is living and the world goes round and round. People make it!



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Past Member: Angelica you hit the nail on the head and are exactly right,and I agree with you 100% we are normal people and we have hearts and feelings to. Mar 17, 2018
Angelicamarie : Hello, Ed even as some say normal people have mistakes, so do we at times. No doubt we are human with feelings, we love, we hurt. Thanks for you comments and have a restful night. Angelicamarie Mar 17, 2018
scorsby : Hello. Well done. Its about time that just because we're Osomites we're not normal. Your points are well made. I get fed up with people that I know, and who know that I have a Stone, expect me to poo all over the place. People have so many inaccurate preconceived ideas about Ostomites. Shout it from the rooftops. Your points are well made. John Mar 18, 2018
Angelicamarie : G’morning John,thanks for your comments and I hope you have a wonderful day, Angelicamarie Mar 18, 2018
scorsby : Hi Angel. Of course your Blog begs the question 'What is normal?' I'm rather pleased that I'm not boring, bland, monochrome normal. So if somebody has an answer to what is normal now a days it would be good to hear. John Mar 18, 2018
Angelicamarie : John, the only way I can answer is this way. I don't feel as though I'm handicapped. The Webster dictionary says a form or state regarded as the Norm, (standard) If your dealing with ignorance you wouldn't Be norml If one has researched they will know the difference is you use the bathroom through your stoma. Hope this helps! Angelicamarie Mar 18, 2018
Past Member: Angelica I agree I am just as normal as anyone else GOD gave me the chance to live and I am . When I was born he blessed me with a heart,lungs,brain etc.he also gave me 2 hands 10 fingers. 2 feet and 10 toes also. He gave me a very caring ,loving,tender heart that cares about others so to me yes it makes me a normal human.True I have had my plumbing reroute but if it is what keeps me alive than so be it.Thank you GOD for giving my surgeons the knowledge and ability to keep me alive.Thank you GOD!!!!!!!!! Mar 18, 2018
Angelicamarie : G'morning if you look at some people you would,t have a clue, unless you have special made glasses that you can see the insides of humans Some ignorant people think we as ostomates have an open hole that when we poop it pours out.yes it is an opening where a pc of our intestines is out which allow us to poop. Thanks ed for your comments! Angelicamarie Mar 19, 2018
Angelicamarie : G'morning , normality changes over time and societies. There was a lot of things that wasn't normal before that are normal now. However we are simply talking about the blog!! Angelicamarie Mar 19, 2018
ron in mich : Hi all yes we are normal but different, but look around and everyone is different we aren't clones, so live your life and enjoy everyday you are alive. Mar 19, 2018
Angelicamarie : G'morning , ron in Michigan thanks for your comments!! Angelicamarie Mar 19, 2018
Angelicamarie : G'evening 7afin, thank you for your comments. Angelicamarie Mar 19, 2018

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