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Posted by Angelicamarie

I joined Meet An Ostomate,  (MAO) for both emotional and educational support,  There  are others who joined this site for a variety of different reasons such as loneliness, companionship or just fulfilling a need or desire for friendship and belonging.   The bottom line is what we all have in common is the ostomies. I would like to think that kindness exist in all of us but there are some that are not kind .  The lack of kindness have been has been shown or demonstrated by comments and demonstrations toward others that are geniunely trying to bring positive thoughts and trying to help others. 

Sickness sometimes plays a big part in our attitude and behavior.  Some blame their illness or reason for their pain and suffering on everyone else. No one chose to be sick. It just happened. There are others who have issues far worse than ours and they have less of a life than we do. They have many different illnesses and suffer in a a variety of ways. Some live and some die. But where is the love or our ability to demonstrate kindness toward others when clearly that's all a person seek.

Kindness is free and can be given or shown by all of us.  Yes this site alows us to let out our frustrations or happiness regarding our plumbing.  The privilege to express yourself is afforded to every member regardless of what we may think or feel about others who are trying or doing there best to help.

Sure some of us let loose on how surgery has changed us.  Others are just happy to still be here. Yet, there are some who are miserable and grumpy.  So ease up on them and try a little kindness and understanding.   It's not the members fault if they dont meet your expectation or possess  your vast knowledge when it comes to writing or making a comment.  We are not the same nor do we all think the same.  Cant we all try to be kind?  Is it that hard to show kindness to others? We can say anything in a kind way and not be harsh.  We all are members that have good and bad days.  Maybe we could try a little bit more to be kind to one another. So press rewind and be kind.



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Past Member: Well spoken and I for one will follow your advice. I don’t post much nor spend as much time as I did. You are spot on. I will take this opportunity to say I’m sorry if I have ever offended anyone. God bless us all.
Angelicamarie : G'morning, tomac thanks for your comments. Angelicamarie
Past Member: Angelica your topic about being kind you hit the nail on the head.Everyone should be on their knees giving thanks to GOD for letting us all live and have a near as a normal life as possible.And for the great doctors he blessed us having.
Angelicamarie : Hi Ed, truly god is good, thanks for your comments. Angelicamarie
scorsby : Angel. What a good blog. As Mr Ed says, you've hit the nail on the head. Kindness is a fundamental human trait, but one that somehow seems to be forgotten in modern society. Kindness during sickness and ill health can mean so much. Thanks for reminding us how basic kindness is but how important it is. John
Angelicamarie : G’afternoon, John thanks for your comments. Angelicamarie
dadnabbit : homelvigv--your post made me so sad. You have to live for yourself. Do not let someone else dictate your desire to live. Do what you need to -- for YOURSELF. AS for you daughter and her horrible behavior----She is lacking in empathy and does not deserve any more of your concern or thought. Her lack of concern for YOU and your situation speaks volumes, don't give her any larger speakers or any audience. Use us here for your sounding board, we have many caring and concerned members, with a myriad of experiences to share. Tell her not to worry about when you're going to die, you'll be sure not to let it interfere with her very important life. Use your life insurance policy to set up what you want by way of services and dictate the rest to go to a proper and caring charity to a cause close to your heart. AND BE SURE TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE INSURANCE POLICY BENEFICIARY so she can't attempt to over ride your final wishes. You won't have to hear the bitchin' when you're gone and just maybe she'll get the point and learn a very hard and important lesson about love for someone other than ones' self. Peace
dadnabbit : Homelvigv, We may not be able to pick our families--but we can distance ourselves from painful and toxic relationships in our lives. Try to stay positive and open minded about YOURSELF and your future. WE are our own greatest asset, and belief in our importance, regardless of how someone else treats us, is the thing that makes us the individuals that we are. LIVING HAPPY is the best revenge. Try hard to find some small thing each day to give yourself a reason to smile. It's a start. Peace
Angelicamarie : homelvigv, my heart goes out to you, we never think our children will do those things, it is quite sad, however the doctors have known to be wrong,keep pushing on, are you a believer than you know he’ll never leave you!!sure it hurts , but at this time you have to concentrate on you!! It’s not over until it’s over. Your not ranting there are times when life throws a curve ball that scare us to death. Get you papers in order not preparing for death, but we all need to pray. She left ,but god promised he would never leave us.. hold on to God’s unchanging hand.
Angelicamarie : Homelvigv, you said you beat it 4 times , whose to say it don't be a fifth. No doubt life is hard at times, but all we know is living. Hold on my friend for you!!! As dadnabbitt said each day do something to make you smile. Think of how you made it four times, who's to say you won't like 5 times. Sometimes the cards we are dealt are not the best, but that's all we have to work with. . I'll pray for your strength, your a soldier look what you had endured already, hold on my sister, fight.! Angelicamarie
Darturbo : You know I understand what you say but where is the love in your words? Everyone has a bad day or days, my advice is to ignore the moody or hateful people and if you feel they deserve your time be paitent. People that have the best relationships have no adjends and nothing to prove. Everyone is different and we don't know what else they deal with in their lives besides an ostomy.
Angelicamarie : G’morning , Darturbo I understand your point!! Angelicamarie
Darturbo : I'm not trying to be critical of your words but you are old enough to know if you talk to people some you will like some you will not, some are full of it some are not... I believe am a nice person but sometimes I get right to the point, I am often misunderstood, I certainly am not here to hurt anyone. Maybe you were even having a bad day or just did not hear what you wanted to... I get hurt by people but I reflect on the situation and know I am secure enough to take thing for what they are worth or maybe try to look at things from a different point of view.
Angelicamarie : Darturbo, you didnt hurt my feelings, we all are different , we feel different about life, my blog is simply about human courtesy and nothing else . If you were critical, I'm a big girl , that's what I feel, we all have other things going on in our life besides ostomies. But kindness is free !. I wasn't having a bad day, I was simply expressing what I feel and see. Do have a nice day!!! Angelicamarie
vollovr : Angelicamarie: Some people misinterpret or misunderstand the real meaning of blogs.You just showed a genuine example of your blog on kindness to the person who misunderstood you.God Bless you sister!
Darturbo : If you are speaking of my response. I understood the conversation perfectly. Everyone has has their own opinion and point of view. Kindness is relative just like tough love. I have said or done nothing that was not blog worthy or unkind.
Angelicamarie : G!afternoon, vollovr thanks for your support God Bless. Angelicamarie
sosweet : Thanks Angelicamarie for this post. "Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible." Dalai Lama
Angelicamarie : Hey so sweet thanks for your support and comments. Angelicamarie
Past Member: I’m the one that kant Wright.verry well.but I can see some people fealing gilty.when it’s me you guys can blame.not angel M.she is a sounding board.witch weall use.we all the same.thank you for your posts.
Angelicamarie : Kemo, your a kind soul. Thanks for your comments, but there is no blame it’s ok. Kindness is free!! Have a good night Angel
Angelicamarie : Home, you have done nothing wrong, reach out when you need too. We are here to support one another