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Posted by Angelicamarie

Hello All..   I recently heard a speech, about broken souls.   I thought about grocerie stores that put aside dented cans, ripped lables. the assuption is there no good.  Truly if you open that can and one opens a perfectly packaged can; the contents would taste the same

Reminds me of a movie, I saw some years ago. This wealthy man, hired a lawyer. She was quite plain, different from others that he hired , yet simply brilliant.

Which brings me to this... Others may see me or you as broken, because of our anatomy, However if they looked beyond that we are the same as them.

So even on a rainy day, don't be hard on yourself. I'd like to believe there's good in all.

Take Care


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ron in mich : Hi Angel you hit the nail on the head, I,m still me but after my recent relocation of my ileo. surgery makes me dented like the can and the failed IV attempts is my torn label so as I left the hosp. I felt broken, but just yesterday my wife and I were out picking berries so life is good again.
Angelicamarie : ron in much... Hey friend it’s not what’s on the outside. Though sometimes we feel broken, life has a way of mending us. Live your Life. Take care. Angel
Bill : Hello Angelicamarie. Thanks for another insightful post. I grew up in a world where everything was seen to have a value and little was ever discarded so this throw-away tendency which has crept in over the past 50 years or so is quite alien to me, especially when it applies to relationships. When it comes to the human species, I find it hard to believe that some of them have opted to be so horrible and, whilst there might be some good in everybody, it seems pragmatic to be wary of the selfish and destructive traits they choose to demonstrate to the outside world. Fortunately, there also many people who are kind, generous and caring about their fellow creatures (including humans) who, hopefully, will find a way of keeping the more damaging ones under some sort of control. There is much truth in the cliché; 'You can't judge a book by its cover'. Best wishes Bill
Angelicamarie : Hello Bill........,,,,,,Thank You.....,,,,,,,,,,,Angelicamarie
scorsby : Hi Angel. I love being a dented can. My label came off a long time ago but I'm perfect inside (well I think so ) Very perceptive as usual. John
Angelicamarie : Hello John. Ty for your comments and support. I'd like to think that we all are good inside. Take care. Angel
Past Member: My 2 yr old neice loves me dents and all, when ever I visit she lifts my t-shirt to see if my bag is still there, I tell her it's my diaper! Lol.... She then takes me by the hand and shares her world with me, she sees my soul, not my outside and makes my life worth living
Angelicamarie : Ostojock... little people are so loving at that age. My daughter is grown now, oh how I miss it when she was small. There so loving at that age. Hey thanks for sharing and responding. Truly it is what's on the inside!! Take Care Angelicamarie

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