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Why is it that instead of omitting certain known causes of chronic diseases we choose to live in denial and continue consuming things that are known to cause havoc on our bodies.  Then we put so much trust in our medical professionals and they take care of us by prescribing us meds that treat our symptoms but cause us more side effects.  We are only recently finding out about GMO's and pesticides in our foods but all the other substances listed above have been known to cause major chronic health issue.  We have turned our heads to the facts regarding the harmful side effects of these substances until it is to late to do anything about it.  I have gone round and round with doctors telling me that Crohn's had nothing to do with what I ate and everything to do with the environment and genetics.  As a matter of fact every GI doctor i visited as a child and young adult expressed to me that Crohn's had nothing to do with my diet which was full of boxed and processed foods cheese burgers and pizza. Heck i even used to say if its in a box Juli rocks.  I have done a 180 when it comes to my diet.  I am literally a food Nazi now but I still mess up knowing that these things are awful for me.  I cringe when i hear people tell me we are all going to die one day so do and eat what you enjoy. And also when I hear, it is what it is.  I think it is what you make it.


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Apr 03, 2017
thisgirlyisbusyliving : Thanks WAB! I researched food babe too and it seems she didn't realize that a line of deodorant she backed had aluminum in it. Her site is very informational! I dig it!!
Mar 28, 2017
WAB : Sorry Winnie the Pooh.fame and influence ...............she made a few normal..nothing is perfect..and nothing is pertfectly safe............

but she is doing the right thing..informing us to be careful................what they put in our food..........Is like Oprah..or Dr do not have to believe everything they say...........and well they have made mistakes Babe is trying to make us aware.........and I agree with that...........too many chemicals touch everythign we eat these days.................and most people would agree.........
Mar 08, 2017
Winnie The Pooh : The Food Babe is a fraud. She sells stuff at high cost which contains, under other names, the very chemicals and additives she rants about. She belongs to the same schools of bunkum as "Dr" Oz and Mercola. Here's one site that debunks her profitable nonsense:
Mar 08, 2017
weewee : here is a simple rule if its in a store its got preservatives in it or on it here is a read for those that like to read and find out info some are natural and most are man made. here is the link he-chemically-ugly/
Mar 08, 2017
Bill : Great post! Thanks. I grow a lot myself and don't indulge in processed food very much. mainly because certain common preservatives have always upset my stomach. I think it is good to listen to other ostomates on what they find are 'problem' foods but it is down to each individual to experiment and establish what they can and cannot eat without coming to harm. Being sensitive to what our bodies are telling us is surely the key to finding out what we should avoid and being aware of what 'foods' are mildly addictive can help to make us wary of overdoing things like sugar, chocolate and other treats. Also there are the psychologically enticing things like advertising, peer pressure and fads, which draw people towards eating and drinking things they don't really need and can sometimes cause harm. For years I wondered why, occasionally I would start shaking as if I was suffering from Parkinsons disease. Then I stopped drinking tea and coffee and started drinking plain water instead and have never suffered those symptoms again. Apparently it was the caffeine content, but nobody tells you that it can have those sorts of effects.
Best wishes
Mar 07, 2017
thisgirlyisbusyliving : Thank you Mike! I agree there are too many special interest influencing the literature!!
Mar 07, 2017
iMacG5 : OK, so now we're learning so much about how foods, exercise or lack of, genetics and environment affect us and I'm trying to learn all of it. I won't because it's way too complex for me and there are too many special interests influencing the literature so they don't lose money.
The one thing I kinda take exception to, TGIBL (hope the abbreviation is acceptable) is your cringing when you hear “It is what it is”. I guess it can be taken out of context but I really believe it is what it is or, maybe, it is what we perceive it to be. From there we can learn and make it what we want it to be within some limits. I admire your dedication and, from experience, know how difficult it can be to abstain from some stuff I couldn't live without.
Mar 07, 2017
thisgirlyisbusyliving : Thanks for the tips weewee! I am going to check out a local co-op and hopefully get signed up.
Mar 07, 2017
thisgirlyisbusyliving : Thanks for the help WAB! Very information website! I added it to my bookmarks! :)
Mar 07, 2017
weewee : yes all the chemicals its hard to avoid if you are able and have a green thumb you can grow a lot in your house in buckets many need some sun or if you have room in your yard build a green house then you can control little better on what you eat i have chickens and this year i am hoping to build my green house and yes i live in a small city your meat is better when you find a partner to go in half and buy a farm raised animal that doesnt dope their stock you pay little more but way better taste or if you know of any hunter that dont want the meat you can get it from them also some give it away for the price of paying for the process fees
Mar 07, 2017
WAB : Check out food babe.lots of info to what is in you food......and what restaurants are serving

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