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Ulcerative Colitis Causes

Posted by rustyeddie

Hello EveryOne,

I was chatting to a member on here who's also had   ulcerative colitis  before surgry  this is what I  wrote

As a matter of interest I have always put the cause of my ulcerative colitis down to drinking fresh milk I think maybe I was allergic to it, I worked as an engineer on a large farm at the time and was always in the dairy for a glass of fresh milk, I wonder if you could relate to such an experience.. 

I would be interested to hear if any one else can add to this..

 Best Wishes Eddie


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Bill : Hello Eddie. I have always had problems with dairy products, which has led me to eliminate them from my diet. (even though I sometimes crave for a piece of cheese!) Best wishes Bill Aug 18, 2018
britathrt60 : Hi Eddie..I believe that could be possible.I also have an Ileostomy due to Ulcerative Colitis..Back in 1972 I drank water from the wrong tap at a relatives farm and was violently ill and ended up in hospital on IV fluids for 2 weeks.They had the well tested that I drank from and apparantely there were dead rats and other horrible stuff in it..I believe that is what caused my Colitis..Take care....Angela Aug 19, 2018
SURVIVOR#15 : Hi Eddie !! I have a ileostomy too. I got ulcerative colitis at the age of 13 that turned into colon cancer when I was 28 yrs old. The Dr said that my colon was 98% full of ulcers so to be on the safe side I had to have it removed. Back to your question me and most of my family went camping on a lake and I spent most of the weekend swimming and waterskiing and on my way home they had to pull over because I got so sick and was throwing up. I just got worse from that weekend and I have always said that the lake got me sick. Aug 19, 2018
britathrt60 : Hi Survivor I am so sorry you got so horribly sick at such a young age. I do believe it can be caused by harmful toxins entering our bodies from, in your case the lake, and in mine from drinking bad well water..Take good care of yourself and keep your faith. Best wishes....Angela Aug 19, 2018
Bill : Interesting posts! I burnt my throat and oesophagus one day by drinking ground water that had been contaminated by a chemical factory making chemicals for the farming industry. It has never been right since. Best wishes Bill Aug 19, 2018
Poobag17 : Diagnosed at 13, surgery at 14, I'm now 35. Used to drink milk like a fish drinks water! Not in my adult years now, but I still love my cheese, and have afeeling that contributes in some capacity to an inflammatory response in my system, albeit no obvious cause and effect or pain or discomfort Aug 24, 2018
dadnabbit : I realize that this blog is from awhile ago, but I would like to add that, what caused my inflammation that got tagged as colitis was prescription drugs. Each time antibiotics were prescribed I'd freefall into diarrhea and hemorrhagic rectal bleeding. When I would stop the meds, the symptoms would end. I NEVER had ulcers, fistulas, rips, tears, polyps, hemorrhoids, diverticuli or ANY other symptom of colitis other than the inflammation caused by drugs. But then, that's why I'm positive I never really had UC. My colonoscopy pathology by Mayo clinic tagged my symptoms as "self limited colitis" likely caused by drugs, especially antibiotics. UC and Crohn's have become very common diagnosis for unexplained issues with similar symptoms, and MANY doctors don't want to treat what they can't explain, and surgeons are in the business of cutting. Peace Peace Oct 21, 2018
jim : Lake water for me also. Got a good drink of it by accident swimming. Woke up the next morning with the right side of my stomach swollen up, though I had a bad muscle tear, looked like I was half pregnant! That was the start of 22 years of suffering with colitis, ulcerative colitis, severe ulcerative colitis and finally an ileostomy. Mar 02, 2019

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