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Good Gesture

Posted by bowsprit

Doctor Omar Atiq, a Pakistani-American oncologist erased $650,000 of his patients' debts. According to the Arkansas Democrat Gazette, Dr. Omar, who founded his cancer clinic in Pine Bluff in 1991 sent out a notice to his patients just before Christmas, sayng that  " the clinic has decided to forego all balances owed to the clinic by the patients". A good Christmas gesture indeed.

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kmedup : I read about this generous gift in a news article the other day. An awesome example of giving for sure! Just, K. Jan 12, 2021
w30bob : that. So in the US that's;

Good doctors: 1

Bad doctors: 1,147,336

Still seems a little lop-sided to me.

Jan 12, 2021
lovely : More people should be so generous to help others that are having problems. Best wishes and stay safe Jan 12, 2021
Bill : Hello Bowsprit.
Thank you for drawing this to my attention as I am looking for inspiration for rhymes relating to 'kindness' in its various guises.
My rhyme is suffixed with (1) because I envisage that there will be a series of rhymes on 'kind gestures' before I complete this piece of work.
I was saddened to read about the fact that Pine Bluff Arkansas was so high in the US serious crime figures. However, this surely elevates the good doctor's gesture to heights that may not have been so dramatic if he lived somewhere less violent.(and unkind).
Best wishes


Doctor Omar Atiq it’s said,
at Christmas time wanted to spread
a little kindness to his flock
who would have got a pleasant shock.

For what the doctor did this year
was raise a little Christmas cheer
by a gesture that would be
something that folk might not foresee.

The thing about doctor Atiq,
that makes his tale somewhat unique,
is that he ran a clinic for
cancer patients who were poor.

And, over in the USA,
those who are ill, will have to pay
for their treatment and their drugs
while those who profit simply shrug.

But this year Omar thought he would
try to do something that’s good,
so, he went out on a limb
and cancelled patient’s debts to him.

This gesture was unusual for
people in Pine Bluff Arkansas,
as they are used to seeing views
of violent crime upon their news.

For Pine Bluff is in second place
to Detroit as a disgrace
in terms of serious crime done there
and seemingly people don’t care.

So, when someone like doctor ‘A’
makes a gesture and will say
exactly what is on his mind,
it shows that some people are kind.

Be Withers 2021
Jan 18, 2021
bowsprit : Sorry,Bill, I missed this, so the late reply. Very appropriate lines, I wish Dr. Omar Atiq could see this,I'll try to get it across to him. Jan 31, 2021

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