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Really-another Hernia

Posted by Gaostomyguy

I had a parastomal hernia operation 10/2018. Everything healed just fine he eliminated the  buldge underneath the stoma, I do not have a physically demanding job. I look down and I see another buldge. I I cannot believe . I am not out of shape,I can not believe this. Totally ridiculous. 

 I guess I'm venting,sorry

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mild_mannered_super_hero : I am wondering if they used the mesh? I had a repair in 2014 and so far so good. they relocated my stoma to the "rectus" muscle{that may not be spelled right}. while it is higher up on my abdomen that area is the strongest area on the abdomen. thank goodness I shopped around for surgeons till I found one who knew what he was doing. if you want his contact info I`d be glad to pass it on, he is located in Nashville. good luck Jan 03, 2019
Past Member: Hi, has no one suggested a hernia belt, they alter them to fit over your stoma/bag? Well worth it, prevention v cure. Google 'stoma hernia belt', they are available on prescription in the uk. steve Jan 03, 2019
Bill : Hello Gaostomyguy. Please don't feel sorry about venting on this site. I believe that is one of the best things about coming on here. Even if we cannot be helpful in terms of suggesting solutions, we can at least empathise. I have all sorts of hernias bot stoma related and in other parts of my body. I am very interested in what other people choose to do about theirs because that informs my view on what options I might have if I ever decided to have something done about my own. So far, there has been nothing I have read that will convince me to opt for surgical procedures to rectify my hernias. Where possible, I simply push them back in and hold them there with pressure from belts. In the case of the parastomal hernia, which blocks the passage, I have a variety of plugs to try to train the muscles so that they do not block the hole permanently. So far, so good. Although I am aware that this DIY botch might not be effective in the longer term, I will persevere with it until necessity makes me reconsider. The other thing is, that I at an age where I feel that if I persevere long enough, I might not need surgery as nature will take its course and death will relieve me of all these worldly concerns. This is not being morbid, just realistic! Best wishes Bill Jan 04, 2019
Puppyluv56 : I have been very fortunate to not have any hernias thus far! Good to see what others do, for when it does happen, and I am sure it will sooner or later, I will have good information to make decisions! Pup Jan 04, 2019
Mummy chicken : I had an ileostomy 7 weeks ago and am still learning! I have to admit I feel very lucky as I have recovered really quickly and am coping well with the stoma and a whole new way of being, I have read a lot about problems with hernias. Is a hernia an on going risk? Obviously post op I have been avoiding lifting and hoovering etc but when can I safely do these things again - or can't I? Jan 09, 2019
YankeeMagnolia118 : My parastomal hernia required me to have my original sigmoid colostomy revised & changed to a transverse colostomy (going from lower left abdomen to upper right abdomen). The location of the old ostomy herniated again & I had to have that area re-repaired 364 days later. But I also had to move during that time & I did do lifting of items heavier than I should have been lifting. I'm currently concerned that I am developing a hernia at my new ostomy site, again possibly from lifting more than I should from another move, but I also live alone & don't have anyone close that can help me avoid lifting!! I've been told that my abdomen wall muscles have just been weakened by multiple abdominal surgeries over the years & it's too late to really strengthen them much. I know this info doesn't help you, but it does let you know that you're not alone with the problem. Definitely look into some various ostomy belts that offer hernia support &/or make your own by getting an abdominal binder & cutting a hole just big enough for your pouch to come through. Let me know if I can help further! Jan 12, 2019
Gaostomyguy : Thank everyone for thier comments. Jan 13, 2019
BayGal : HI try not to stress I had a hernia in 2016 so in 2017 they repair it and then it can back at the end of 2017 and they repair that 1 and now it came back in 2018 so that will make it 3 time's it has come back... so hopefully in Feb this year they will move my bag to my left side and enforce my hernia so I am hoping that this time it will stay away.....I have been suffering for 13 years and now 3 years on since I had my stoma.. life has got better but with these hernia keep coming back it's making me so tired as I always in pain.... so I hold my head up high and smile..... all my friends and work colleague tell me that I am very strong as I always smiling and happy.... but I have to as I been depress and I don't want to go back to that place......You smile nad the world will smile with you xxx Jan 16, 2019

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