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Pop culture has a powerful influence on societal perspectives and can shape the way we understand various issues, including medical conditions. Over the years, movies, TV shows, books, and other forms of media have occasionally showcased characters with an ostomy. By analyzing their portrayal, we can ignite discussions about stigma, acceptance, and the realistic depiction of those living with an ostomy.

In the world of television, Bea Smith, the protagonist of the hit Australian TV series "Wentworth", underwent surgery resulting in a colostomy. The show provided viewers with a gritty and often raw insight into Bea's struggles and adaptation to her new reality.

In literature, The Salt Path by Raynor Winn offers an authentic portrayal of a character living with an ostomy. The memoir recounts the journey of Raynor and her husband Moth, who lives with an ostomy, as they trek the South West Coast Path after facing sudden homelessness.

Here are some more instances where ostomy has been portrayed in pop culture:

"The Bucket List" - In this film starring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman, Nicholson's character has a surgery resulting in an ostomy. The movie touches upon the challenges of coming to terms with serious health issues while pursuing life's adventures.

"Grey's Anatomy" - This popular medical drama has addressed various medical conditions over its numerous seasons, including episodes centered on patients undergoing ostomy surgeries.

"The Foul Bowel" by John Bradley - A candid memoir, it explores Bradley's experiences living with Crohn's disease and an ileostomy, providing a genuine look at life with a chronic condition.

"Casualty" - The long-running British medical drama has tackled the topic of ostomies in several episodes, offering a dramatic but compassionate look at the experiences of patients and their families.

"The Room" - In Emma Donoghue's acclaimed novel, the young protagonist Jack makes a passing mention of his "stoma", indicating the possibility of a medical condition that requires an ostomy.

"The Theory of Everything" - The biographical film about Stephen Hawking mentions his tracheotomy, which isn't an ostomy in the conventional sense but highlights the challenges of living with medical aids.

"Coronation Street" - In this British soap opera, character Izzy Armstrong struggles with painkiller addiction due to the pain from Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, which indirectly touches upon medical challenges, surgeries, and potential ostomies.

"Parenthood" - This family-centered drama series alludes to characters with health issues and surgeries, sparking discussions about acceptance and understanding of various medical conditions, including ostomies.

"Lucky Man" - A novel by Michael J. Fox where he talks about his journey with Parkinson’s and references friends and acquaintances with various challenges, including ostomies.

"This is Us" - The popular TV drama has been acclaimed for addressing real-life issues and includes various medical conditions and surgeries, creating a potential platform for future ostomy storylines.

Portrayals of ostomies in pop culture can play a significant role in breaking down stigmas. By ensuring these portrayals are accurate and compassionate, the media can promote a more understanding and inclusive society.

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