Sex Positions Best Suited For People With An Ostomy

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Exploring sex positions that accommodate an ostomy can enhance comfort and enjoyment during intimacy for both men and women. Choosing positions that minimize pressure on the ostomy site and allow for easy access and movement can make a significant difference in the sexual experience. Below, we provide suggestions tailored for men and women, emphasizing comfort and practicality.

For Men with an Ostomy

1. Spooning Position: This side-by-side position is gentle and minimizes pressure on the abdomen. It allows for close, intimate contact without direct weight on the ostomy appliance, making it ideal for maintaining comfort throughout the experience.

2. Seated Position: In this position, the man sits on a chair or the edge of the bed, with his partner facing him or turned away. This position provides stability and control over the depth of penetration, while also keeping the ostomy site unobstructed.

3. Modified Missionary: The traditional missionary position can be adjusted by placing a pillow under the man’s hips to elevate them slightly. This modification helps relieve pressure on the ostomy pouch and can make the position more comfortable.

For Women with an Ostomy

1. Side-by-Side: Lying side by side can be one of the best positions, as it puts little to no pressure on the abdomen. Both partners face each other and can adjust their bodies as needed to avoid discomfort.

2. Woman on Top: This position grants the woman control over the angle and depth of penetration, allowing her to adjust her movements to avoid placing pressure on the ostomy site. It also provides the freedom to manage the pace and pressure comfortably.

3. Rear Entry: Also known as doggy style, this position keeps pressure off the abdomen. The woman can control the depth by adjusting how far she leans forward or back. It's advisable to use a supportive pillow under the knees for comfort.

General Tips:

  • Communication: Always communicate with your partner about what feels good and what doesn’t, especially when trying new positions. This communication should be ongoing, as comfort levels may change.
  • Timing: Consider engaging in intimacy at a time when the ostomy bag is less likely to be full, such as after emptying it, to avoid any discomfort or accidents.

Support Accessories: Using supportive garments or ostomy belts can secure the ostomy pouch and provide additional comfort and confidence during intimacy.

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