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Cheese, Dairy And Red Meats

Posted by Past Member

I have done alot of research into why a lot of us have chrons and colitis.

After doing my research, I found out the following. 

From us being a baby to now, we had some kind of dairy. The dairy such as milk or cheese is hard to digest. It creates a layer and attaches to the thin membrane skin tissue which is the first layer of the wall on the colon.  The bad bacteria attacks the skin tissue and the body then defends. Most people with chrons and colitis have a higher immune system which then causes many other issues such as cancerous cells, tumors, ulcers, itchy eyes and runny nose during allergys or just a simple Allergic reaction to an injection. 

Our bodies have a genetic gene which we cary which is triggered and having this string immune system, it does not help.  Majority of people who do have strong immune system is ones who was breast fed. 

After the skin is damaged by the dairy bacteria, the red meats we eat carry cancerous cells and blood which then goes into out body.  Our bodies cannot stand the amount of bacteria in red meats. Our bodies will attempt to attack and cause more problems in the gut and stomach. 

Then this will cause not only constipation but swell of the gut. Cancerous cells grow in acidic bodies not alkaline blood stream. 

So what is my cure or what I recommend:

Don't eat dairy, don't eat red meats, only take the immune system replacement injection if you feel you need it. As this will replace and reduce the immune system which does help but it does have it flaws. 

Use less acidic foods. They only going to feed your ulcers. 

Use as much vitamin Cs and bs. Intake vegetarian protein options. Drink coconut milk not soya, and no animal milk. 

Exercise regularly but don't over do it.

Sep 29, 2021
Caz67 : Thanks for the information hindsight is a wonderful thing. Too late for me I'm afraid I'm addicted ???? lol xx
Sep 29, 2021
Ritz : That's very interesting, yet I had refractive microscopic collegeous colitis for 19 yrs prior to my surgery along with 6 cases of c-diff and rarely ate cheese,drank dairy and minimal red meat , No family history either . They told me I'm complicated… I'll chalk it up to being ‘One if a kind ‘ !
Thankyou for the information
Sep 29, 2021
Earth Angel : Two great documentaries to watch on nutrition and disease are Forks over Knives, and Food Matters. They explain the connection and harm that diet can play in our bodies. Even if you don't go vegan etc it is very informative.
As Hippocrates said, “ Let food be thy medicine.”
Much better than taking pills.
Sep 30, 2021
w30bob : Hi Dave,

Over the years there have been innumerable claims that the cause of autoimmune intestinal disorders had been discovered. Each had some limited research to support the claim, but ultimately none were right. When I got my diagnosis of Crohn's back in the late 80's the big ones were stress, heredity, smoking and being Jewish. Except I wasn't very stressed, no one in my family had anything like it, I never took a single puff of a cigarette and I wasn't Jewish. Then dairy got a bad wrap for it, and then Dr Atkins came out with sugar as the cause, which later morphed into carbohydrates and then he went with Candida overgrowth. He made a small fortune selling supplements that he guaranteed would cure those things. Since then there's been a myriad of other claims, all eventually proven wrong. Later it was genetically modified food, preservatives, etc. Mapping the human genome was going to figure it out......but hasn't......then it was gut bacteria again.......and I guess what you're talking about is the latest. Time will bear it out, but I'm not hopeful. I was never constipated a day in my life, did try the no red meat thing when that was popular....and then the no dairy stuff. The problem with elimination diets as a cure is you also stop getting the good stuff your body needs. So anyone trying something like that should be working with a dietician and have their micronutrient levels checked regularly. Otherwise you may do more harm than good. I'd think if anyone truly found a cause for any autoimmune disease it would be on the front page of every newspaper in the widespread as autoimmune diseases are.
But give it a try and let us know how you make out. I've grown a bit skeptical of medical claims in general and IBD cure claims specifically. But who knows.........maybe you're on to something. If you can convince yourself that coconut milk tastes good......that's awesome. I think at this point in my life I'm done eating things that taste like crap until I see lots of data saying it's worth it.....and it's supported by real people actually getting better. But the info is appreciated.

Oct 02, 2021
Artsy Lady : I agree with Dave... I have followed most of these health trends for 45 years. I too ate a healthy/natural diet and did not have a problem with constipation (past childhood). Rarely to never ate beef or dairy (except butter ????) the last 25. I still got colon cancer and have a "sensitive" colon. I would love to see more research done on this subject. My efforts to figure out what to eat is still ongoing after almost 5 years of life with a colostomy.
Oct 02, 2021
w30bob : Hi Dave,
You sound like a very determined and driven guy.....BRAVO, we need more of that! BUT.......and I might be oversimplifying here, but you're not going to change your blood PH by what you eat. I know, there's tons of diets out there that claim to do that, but they're just trying to make money. Drastic changes to your diet can quickly raise or lower your blood PH, but the way it works is your blood PH is controlled by your liver and your lungs, not by what you eat. Eating things either more acidic or more basic is just going to make those two organs work harder. You only see a temporary change in blood PH because the liver takes some time to adjust its secretions of acids and bases to regulate your PH to whatever level its programmed to do, so changing your diet by restricting things and adding others may only stop you from getting other nutrients that you need. If your body PH is not where it should be, then the issue is with your liver function, or lungs (producing the wrong amount of carbon dioxide). The other bad news is that your stomach acid is SO acidic that you'd have to eat a box or two of baking soda each day to significantly increase the PH.......and have you ever tried to swallow a teaspoon of baking soda??? Remember, any dilution (change) of your stomach acid causes the body to secrete MORE acid into the stomach......and the body can secrete 3-4 LITERS per day into your tummy if it needs to.

Again, I applaud your drive, don't stop. But most of this has been looked at ad nauseum and we're still not there yet. I remember trying to reduce my acidity back in the late 80's, just as you are describing now. So I'm speaking from experience when I say baking soda tastes like crap. Trust me on that one!

Oct 03, 2021
Artsy Lady : Ooops! I just realized I said I agreed with Dave... I'm sorry, I meant Bob. ????
Oct 18, 2021
Wantstoliveagain : Wow sounds like you have Really been digging. Well done you. Please do share some of that determination you have.... could really do with some. I envy you! But I'm afraid I agree with Bob here. I too have read things along this line once. Damn is Bob ever off his game?! Lol ????????.

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