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What Gets You Through The Day & Night??

Posted by Panko

A day leak free?

fav internet radio station?

"Mi Soul" App, 3 station in one, Mi Soul,

Mi Groove & Mi House, you will be hooked

i promise!

night - large brandy & port with slice of lemon & block of ice!


sleep - an hour before midnight is worth 2 after!

Hair Dryer! Warm up your skin & bag before & after fitting to skin & you will have much less leaks! Big game changer!

Another idea I tried which works is buy a wheat bag you heat up in the microwave & put it over the bag to heat the seal up I use it in my Moho .

I got a long bolster pillow about 4 foot long for my bed & when I do go to bed I put it parallel to my body & tree hug it with one arm & leg over it on my side great if you sleep alone & only one bag but trickier with 2 so I sleep on my colostomy side as rarely have output in the night & get a much deeper sleep than on your back!

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Dec 31, 2021
Caz67 : Hi panko
What gets me through the day and night? I have to say it's got to be my dog. Crazy as hell when he comes back from his walk's. Runs from sofa to sofa for a few minutes then stops and when he looks at you his eyes ???? have the home and away look lol ????????. Never a dull moment. Cuppa and midget gems got to be lions though. XX
Dec 31, 2021
Panko : Yes you can't beat unconditional love from an animal especially a dog. I babysit my sisters dog more often than not & miss him when he goes & gets me thinking to get a smallish dog a friend for life. My niece & her partner run a boarding kennels & take in Alsations from a rescue home nearby they have had a beautiful one called Cody for over a year I would love him but he's a big dog but well trained my niece had a black & tan one from pup called Ava they play lovely together.
Dec 31, 2021
Panko : I almost forgot last time I was in hospital having a tumour removed from my left lung in February a guy next to me in his 70s & a double bagger would not stick his bags on without using a hair dryer first to warm up his skin & bag simultaneously so they stick better! Well he made such a fuss of it that it gave me the idea to try when I got home?
Well I must say it is a big game changer & really works & have had a lot less leaks since using a hair dryer & run it round seal after to push down spots that pukka up! Tip for the day!
Dec 31, 2021
Caz67 : Hi panko
I've been doing this for the last few months and it's definitely leads to a better seal which is win win. Thanks for the tip. I used to have a Alsatian got her from PDSA she was a beauty and very big softie lol ????. I have a schitzu now pure black but always have him short cut. Xx
Dec 31, 2021
delgrl525 : Hey Panko and Caz, The hairdryer tip was a game changer for me too. I make sure my peri-stomal skin is really dry and then run the hairdryer around the flange for around 30 seconds. Haven't had a leak since (fingers crossed) and my wear time has increased big time. I only change every six days, which is really good for an ileo.

Nothing better than having a dog. Wish we still did. Losing our last pup was very painful, and not sure when or if we will be ready for another. We walk our neighbourhood every day and know all the names of the dogs who live along the way. We always have treats. No idea what any of their human's names are!!

Dec 31, 2021
Caz67 : Hi Terry
Funny how I am the same know other people's dogs names but not got any ideas of the owner's lol ????. Sorry about you losing your dog. At the end of the day they are our babies, always happy to see you and never shouts or abuses you. Unconditional love XX ??
Dec 31, 2021
Panko : When you say you can wear a bag for 5/6 days without a change does that mean you are wearing a 2 piece bag with a base plate? As I heard you can wear them longer? I can't imagine wearing a bag for more than 2 days at most? Maybe I'm missing something? I did try one once with a base plate but found it not as clean as changing daily or every other day? As cleaning the seal was a bummer!
Dec 31, 2021
delgrl525 : I wear a Hollister one piece, the product number is #8958, and it's the best appliance I've ever used. As long as I get a good seal, super dry skin, cut the hole well, and prepare the flange with the hair dryer, it stays put. I change, for instance I'm changing it today, then won't change again until next Thursday. I shower daily and clean the outside of the pouch with soap and water so I always feel clean. I used to use a two piece but didn't get as good a seal, even though it was also a Hollister, the flange was different. I also had leaks occasionally around the seal and even had the top piece come off a couple of times during the night, ughh, not fun. The Coloplast pouches just don't work for me, can't get them to stay on for more than a couple of days. Everyone is different and what works for one person will be a big fail for others. It's good to try lots of different products.

Dec 31, 2021
Panko : Hi Terry, I have recently changed to Hollister bags from Coloplast, they seal much better even thou the flange is smaller on my Urostomy stoma,
I also use another bag for my colostomy made by Dansac a Swedish company owned by hollister which I've just changed to from Salts bags which were great but small.
Nice to hear peeps use the Haitian dryer method for drying skin wish I heard of it years ago!
Happy new year!
Jan 01, 2022
delgrl525 : Hi Panko, Another thing I should mention that I think has improved my wear time. After applying the new pouch, I hold it firmly in place, covering it with my hand so that I'm applying even pressure all around the flange, and keep holding it in place for around 90 seconds. I used to just hold it in place for a few seconds and that may have not been enough. The extra time is worth it. I also didn't mention that the pouch I use, the #8958, has a soft convex wafer which has also made a big difference from the flat wafers. They are just as comfortable as the flat ones and more comfortable than the hard convex. Good luck and Happy New Year to you too!

Jan 02, 2022
Panko : Hi Terry, are you bags vented or unvented ??
Jan 05, 2022
Panko : Always say a little prayer & be thankful at end of day & wake up in good spirit f cheer normally,
If it's sunny then that's a bonus, by the time you've had coffee brekky & showered then changed your bags
There's no time for depression or self pity so just get on with the day & what it beholds?
Jan 05, 2022
delgrl525 : Hi Panko, My bags are vented, but it's only because you can't get that particular bag without a vent. I cover the vent with one of those little stickers, so it doesn't work. I've never liked vents because they tend to make the bag suck in against the stoma and make it more difficult for output to slide down to the bottom. If I have gas build up, I just "burp" my bag.
Jan 06, 2022
Panko : Hi delgrl, I often wondered what those little sticky round tabs were for?
I actually thought they were to remind you that you've had your bag on for more than a day? (What a donut)!
Well now I know & will try your tip sounds good idea stops pancaking!
As for burping great idea being a plumber it makes sense as you are venting your own system!
Thx again great tip as my prolapsed stoma inflates & deflates all day & this could be away of keeping it smaller
Instead of women saying is that a gun in your pocket or are you just pleased to see me! ????
Jan 07, 2022
Caz67 : Hi Terry/ panko
I only found out about the vent about a month ago too ????. Better late than never right? XX
Jan 07, 2022
delgrl525 : So glad I could help out! It's what this site is all about, ain't it great!?

Jan 07, 2022
Panko : Got any other tips being a veteran an all that?
Have you thought about going black instead if pink bags as they blend in more with darker clothing?
As they say once you've had black no turning back as black dont crack!
Jan 08, 2022
delgrl525 : You are a hoot Panko! Not sure about the black bags for me, wouldn't look too good under my white T shirts! And I am far from being a veteran, got my first stoma just over two years ago, emergency colostomy from a perforated bowel, then a second surgery to remove more large bowel a few months later. Major problems ensued and I finally got my current ileostomy just over one year ago, which meant learning to live with an entirely different stoma, so different products, etc. I'm still learning myself, but I'm lucky I've found products that work well for me. It's nice to be able to pass on any knowledge or tips I can, because I've appreciated all the help I've gotten from members of this site, as well as good doctors and ostomy nurses I've been lucky to have.

Jan 08, 2022
Panko : Im 3 years in & had to find my own way mostly as my stoma nurses were crap tbh & just found out tings from other osomates on the way in hospitals or on line chats like you.
But yeah they do black things to blend it with the skin!