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Was Sicker Than I Thought, Lol

Posted by Pixie

So, I ended up in the hospital for a couple days. smh

Not only was I dehydrated but my blood work was all over the place. I was low in just about everything so I had a couple days of fluids and a bunch of different pills or shots to get my numbers back up.

I have to take the imodium 4 times a day but it has thickened up my output which has allowed me to eat better and the doctor said it would help with my leak issue as well.

When talking to one of my nurses, I was telling her about my bag leaking but there not being any signs of a leak around my stoma and she said that what probably happened is the the bag itself got a small hole in it and began to leak. Which answered that question for me. She says that where you fold the end to empty it can get small punctures or just wear a small hole and it can cause a leak. I do believe that it was happened on those two occasions.

I went for a follow up yesterday with my doctor and he order more blood work and is trying to schedule me a test, barrium enema with contrast xray, which does not sound fun at all. I can't get it scheduled until I make a payment toward the cost and that is so infuriating! We are paying $100 here and $100 there trying to keep up with everything and then to have to pay on something before they even schedule it makes me so mad. Nothing I have had done is left unaddressed. Everyone is getting money from us so I don't know why they would treat me like I'm not going to pay for it.

My doctor goes on vacation the first two weeks in May and he was hoping to be able to do my reversal surgery the end of the this month but I have to have that test to make sure there are no leaks and that the areas where he operated are open enough to not cause problems. Then to have this issue over money slowing things down is such a pain.

Oh well. I'm still here at least. lol

So I hope life is treating you all well. I'm tired but moving along.

Thanks for listening again. I appreciate you and your time.

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Apr 15, 2022
lovely : Hope you continue to heal.
Apr 15, 2022
K-Calgary : Hang in there!
Apr 15, 2022
Rose Bud ???? : Well I hope you get better! I've been struggling the last two mths with health issues as well.Found out through blood work I have CKD stage 3 and just had a CT Scan done and they said I have fuild in my abdomen.So I may need to have surgery.Why its there and how the Doctor didn't know.The last CT Scan I had a year ago showed everything was healed from having Necrotizing Pancreatitis and there was NO fuild found.So I'm tring not to freak out.????
Apr 16, 2022
Bill : Hello Pixie.
So sorry to hear of your predicament and I hope it resolves for you soon.
Your post serves as a useful reminder of the role politicians play in the management of health issues for the general population. The NHS (National Health Service) over here in the UK has got to stand out as one of the greatest reforms of the social system. It has it's problems but at least the treatment is free at the point of delivery.
Those politicians who 'care' about ordinary people will get my vote every time!
Best wishes
Apr 18, 2022
Schwebs9 : Hi Rosebud, I know what u mean about wondering about these drs. Because of the people in the ER (3 times) I went there in an ambulance in such pain. Not one time did they give me a cat scan or blood work. One thought I had vivid but all they did was give me morphine n sent me home with Nuevo n percaset. The fourth time I went to ER it was immediate surgery. Each time I went by ambulance. The last time it was too late as the medication blew two holes in my intestines. Now if that wasn't bad enough the surgeon didn't pay attention to my family when they told him I was on prednisone for the past 11yrars for poly mayalgia. So three days after that surgery I was rushed into surgery again as all heck broke loose inside. After the second surgery I had small brain seizures n came down with pneumonia. I almost died. When that surgeon sees me he comments that he can't believe I'll alive. How negligent can these medical people be. I do that want to know. I want to get this stoma reversed but am keary. My primary care doctor said that the first surgeon should know my body now n it should be ok. He also recommended I ask for an endo chronologist be in surgery with me. I won't even go into the nurse care. It's something. I'm going to compose a letter to the CEO of Kaiser along with one to Medicare n AMB. I wish the rest if u luck n good health.
Apr 18, 2022
Schwebs9 : Words got printed wrong. Vivid s/b covid. Heart s/b leary
Apr 18, 2022
Pixie : Thanks everyone!
Omg Rosebud, when it rains it pours, huh. Just horrible how one thing just leads to another and then something else. I'm hoping for the best for you! I would be freaking out, lol, so I won't be much help for you in that department. I'd have to know what was causing it and I'd want it out of me as well. Keep us informed!
Best of luck to you Schwebs9 as well. I'm trying to get ready to have mine reversed and even though I'm dreading another surgery, I hope this will be the end to all this. Keep us updated!
Apr 18, 2022
Pixie : Hey Bill, I'd give anything for any type of universal coverage here in the States. It is so annoying to have to deal with all the financial stuff on top of trying to get the care and procedures I need. Then to have the whole thing stopped because one thing hasn't been given money yet is infuriating. We got the payment plan set up today so now we wait for them to call me with an appointment. smh horrible
Apr 18, 2022
MaeRee : Everything comes down to M O N E Y
I think we all know thatÂ…. It's a damn shame to
have to pay before you get the test.
I'm praying for you
Apr 19, 2022
makingitwork26 : Hi there! I so relate to your post. I had my surgery February 7th of this year. Since the surgery, i have ended up in the hospital twice with severe dehydration. My blood work came back horrible both times. They said my kidneys took such a hit that they usually only see in the elderly population (I am 35). My output is very watery and i have little to no appetite. I've lost 30lbs since the surgery. I feel fine after three days of IV fluid but nothing i'm doing at home seems to help all that much. If i can't have the reversal surgery soon, i know i'll end up back in the ER. I now take Benefiber with every meal and i've upped the immodium to 3-5 times per day depending on my output. It has helped but i don't think it is enough. Yes, the constant copays and fines are getting to be pretty insane. I have a scope in two days and i'm really hoping i can have the reversal ASAP. I have a $1,000 copay for each surgery even though i hit my deductible. It sure adds up fast. Good Luck to you all!
Apr 23, 2022
Rose Bud ???? : Sorry for the late reply but thank you all for your concerns.I'M just reading these now.For some reason I wasn't notified of the replies. I had another CTSCAN done yesterday this time with contrast.Hopefully it was just a bad image the 1st time.IF my GP would've told me to up my water intake after getting off TPN I think my kidney wouldn't have been this Bad.There were signs with blood test my function was going down,but nothing said cuz it was still in the safe zone at stage 2 and ive been telling him for months about abdominal apain and after 6mths or so he put me on pain meds and said it could be how my scar tissue healed from the JP drains when they were removed.HMMMMMM.So now Im on Sodium Bicarbonate pills to help with kidney function and drinking 100oz of water a day and taking Vitamin D3.Extremely high out put ,but I had some improvement in the last mth.IF only someone would've educated me on things i think this could've been prevented.As far as the fuild???? Thats still a mystery for now!!