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Membership Reflection

Posted by Primeboy

I just renewed my membership in Ostomates and am starting my fourth year here. This transaction led me to reflect a bit on the value of this community to me personally.

I am sure many of you feel, as I do, that we are fortunate to have this supportive resource in our lives. I could write a list of benefits, but you already know them. I'll just say that the access I have to folks here and to their shared experiences and wisdom has made my life richer and me maybe a better person.

I recently learned that another ostomy site is closing down. I would not want to wake up some day and find this site gone too. Membership here over the past three years has doubled for good reason, and I am happy to continue my support.


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kmedup : Good on you PB. I will be renewing year-7 and although there may be days or months between logging on, I always remember the numerous fine people I have met from this site, either chatting with or actually meeting in person. We have shared hopes, family matters, advice, humor, wit, knowledge, sarcasm, attitudes, disagreements, encouragement and reading material. For that, I am more the wiser - and for about one Starbuck’s speciality coffee per month. This has been a most valuable resource for me, and like you, I would not like to see it “disappear,” for lack of membership fees.
lorraine-cooper1960 : Hi PB, we are very lucky to have you as a member of this community. I have been thankful for the times you have replied or commented on my posts. Here's to another year, may it be kind to you.
sherrybear : Hey PB want you been up to my desr friend!Haven't been on in so long I forgot how. Lol.. I sent zeppo a message while back but he ssid it csme back??? I hope to send him one soon. Talk with Mooza all the time and of course my dear friend Gale. Her and John are great. So how is evetything with you going,good I hope. I see renewed so did I, and you were saying another site was closing? Were you talking about ostomyland? If so think they got a new administration and zI think is name is Scott. I HAVE tslked to some people on there but I really don't know what the site looks like just answer from my phone. This is the first time I finally got on and I'm on my tablet. I did see you are playing words agsin adk mr fir I have git alot better!!!!! Well dear friend I'm going to ho I think if zi csn I', going to try snd get on Friday will you be on and zeppo??? I will call Mooza and tell zGail and zJohn and maybe we could have some fun...till then take care...Sharon
sherrybear : This site had been a blessing for me, for when I got my ostomy I thought I was the only one with it, then I found this site and some very good people that help me . PB I'm with you I don't know where I would go if this one disappear ed. That would be scarey...
Primeboy : Thank you all for your comments. Without this site, none of us would know each other. Some of the folks who were once regular chatters often pop into the General Chat room on Friday nights around 11PM. Zeppo is usually there and still gives out points for witty or profane comments. Maybe I might see you there. Let's hope another year is kind to all of us...John
lorraine-cooper1960 : Hi PB I have often tried to join the on line conversations but unfortunately I don't know what has happened to my metabolism. I can't say I'm in hibernation as it is a very hot summer here. I think it is the fentanyl that I'm on (at least I hope so LOL). I will continue to try but I always enjoy the posts and banter. Bye for now.
Gabie68413 : Hi Everybody, I'm brand new here, just registered tonight... excited to have found you all!
Primeboy : A thousand welcomes, Gabie.
Gabie68413 : Thank you :o)
dcrazy : Hey Prime. I haven't been on much as of recently, but have seen some of your posts from time to time. You are an asset to the site and your participation. Good day! -Rick Bitty
zeppo : There goes the neighbourhood LOL!I renewed my membership as well because od special friends like Prime,Kmedup,Sh,Gail.Sherrybear,LW,Gail,Terry,Charlie etc.All of these fine people were there for me when I first became a member here. Humour has always been a way for me to break the ice so to speak help those who are a little apprehensive about talking about certain problems they are dealing with.Once I feel that you are accepting our invitation,you will not find a nicer cross section of people anywhere. Yes I love to give points as John mentioned for witty comebacks humerous shots at profanity all in good fun.Once I have everyone contributing then you realize why we look forward to Friday nights.I feel that this site has more good people than you can shake a stick at. In closing because I do tend to ramble on,I would welcome with open arms every new member who is feeling awkward about coming into the chat room.You will be amazed at how much fun youll have how relaxed we will make you feel.Who knows,maybe youll be the one that will score the most points.We also applaud loudly if you do.See you hopefully in the room,your pending good friend Zepp.
kmedup : Hey Z! You have kept me in humor royalty for years. Sharing fittingly with students in lectures, albeit censored occasionally, your new following asks for Zep wit-craft-of-the-week, so keep it coming. Consensus is that being in the “know” is much better than being in the “no.” I look forward to the “brat pack” on Friday nights whenever I can. This connection we all share on this site, my friend, is like no other - and, like you, I am renewing for another year.
texnana : I'm new here tonite.Had my colostomy January 16,2014.It's all still so new for me and hope I can learn from you with more experiance.
lorraine-cooper1960 : To everyone who is new welcome you will meet some wonderful people and make life long friends. I am not on the site much at the moment due to health problems but I will be back in the saddle soon. So I will say Adieu for now.
Primeboy : Hi Vdahl. You recently asked what motivated folks to join MAO or what were their expectations for joining. I found this 3+ year old discussion thread which catalogues some great responses from old friends, some of whom have moved on in life. You might find it helpful as you get answers to your question.
Angelicamarie : Hi Primeboy, I joined the site in nov 2016, seeking support found much more!!! Actually found some whom I have never met, but feel like family. Each day you learn something new,you get support and new found friendship. I really wouldn't want to think of this site closing it would be a great lost to me!! Angelicamarir
CharK63 : Hi,
I love it! Sounds like a lot of fun. Can't possibly be going on Friday nights like that is it?
Alas, I have failed at getting on chat try as I may. I see myself listed as online but I've never even observed the chat room. I am not a paid member is that why I can't get on? Sorry but I am unable to pay membership fees. I do so love the site and I've made many new friends here. I would be disappointed if it shut down as well. Should we thank our sponsor Coloplast?
Primeboy : Clark, some of us show up regularly Thursday nights at 10 EST now, instead of Friday's. All are welcome.