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Posted by Bill


Once you have knocked at death’s dark door
you know there is no guarantor.
So those who struggle to survive
appreciate that they’re alive.

For those who’ve been exposed to death
‘life’ becomes a shibboleth.
From personal experience
you know there is no permanence.

If you’ve faced death but don’t succumb
you build a will to overcome.
You get to know what life can mean
from where you go and what you’ve seen.

Facing death can be a scare
but it can make you more aware.
When once your life’s been given back
you’ll tend to get that life on track.

Sure, you’ll have a scar or two
to show how you have become you.
They are the proof that you have strived
against the odds and yet survived

You’ll contemplate mortality
and your potentiality.
You start to ponder everything
and wonder what your life might bring.

And if you’re wise you’ll look ahead
to use the time before you’re dead
to do the things you wanted to
and make sure what you wish comes true.

B. Withers 2013

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Aug 23, 2013
flying free : Hi Bill I agree 100% with you Everything looks so much clearer and lots of the silly things we worried about before is not important anymore !When you have been really sick made a recovery the mist clears from your life and we enjoy every important minute. Kay AKA Flying Free
Aug 24, 2013
Bill : Hello Kay. Thank you for your response to 'survivors' as it means a lot to to me to get feeback on these types of verses. I feel sure there are huge numbers of people who have 'survived' in one way or another but that doesn't prevent us from experiencing a deep-down feeling that we are unique and that the experience has entitled us to join an exclusive bonding with all those others who have 'survived'. Best wishes Bill
Aug 25, 2013
garfish : remember, Tomorrow is promised to no one
Aug 25, 2013
Bill : Hello garfish. That's so true and it seems to get more so as we get older.
Aug 31, 2013
WOUNDED DOE : I love this so much, I'm lost for more words....
Aug 31, 2013
Bill : Thank you Wounded Doe it means a lot to me to receive such comments and it is so true that it's not the quantity that counts, it's the quality. This is particularly so with words that connvey emotions. Best wishes Bill
Aug 31, 2013
garfish : the option to getting older is not pleasant. to quote from catch22 i want to live forever or die trying.
Sep 01, 2013
Bill : Hello Garfish. I like the quote. However, I've thought about the subject of my own death in relation to my own personality and beliefs and concluded that my own sentiments would be along the rhyming lines:-My ID.'s a S.O.D.An ID.'s an identity of anything or entity. It tells us what that thing's about so we then know it inside out. Sigmund Freud said ‘id' could mean a part of us that is not seen. As Freud's idea was that his ‘id' is energy that's kept well hid. It is the essence of our soul that's never quite in our control. Thus, both these forms of energy combine to form our own ID. Both these elements I see are partly relevant to me. Whilst I and D can mean these things That is not all the concept brings. The acronym can well be used to make two other concepts fused. The ‘I' stands for ‘Inevitable' and only Death's indubitable. The ‘D' for me means certain ‘Death' so death becomes a shibboleth. Given that death comes to us all I would like to make that call. My life has been SELF-organised my death will not be patronised. I'll be there to orchestrate, facilitate and administrate. I wish to state with my last breath mine was a Self-Organised Death. (SOD) I want it said – when I am dead that it's not odd – my death's a SOD. B. Withers 2013
Sep 01, 2013
garfish : not sure what all that means but life's a prick then you die.
Sep 01, 2013
Bill : That's about right!!
Sep 01, 2013
flying free : No that's so negative Lifes for living and then you die ' but life is what you make of it and how you deal with certain issues that are thrown at you Only go down this road once !
Sep 01, 2013
garfish : it's that truth that will set free to do what makes you happy. remember the snowball theory?
Sep 01, 2013
Bill : I was under the impression that the saying was 'life's a sh-t and then you die' which might possibly be appropriate for me as an ostomate. However, I think I like flying free's version best.Okay garfish -- I'm probably a sucker - but what is the snowball theory?
Sep 01, 2013
flying free : Me as an Ostomate too Id rather deal with the difficult sh-- situation I have now than to have died LOL !
Sep 01, 2013
flying free : Ps what is the snowball theory I know the one about rolling stones gather no moss in other words if you keep moving you stay alive yes ?
Sep 01, 2013
garfish : it was actually lifes a bitch but i didn't want to offend any of the fairer sex. the snowball theory is that in 10,000 years the next ice age will be here, new york under 2 miles of ice,so nothing we do now will matter. eat,drink and be merry for tomorrow we may die. yes, live life to the fullest. don't worry, be happy. and pray the next asteroid they don't see misses us.
Sep 01, 2013
flying free : I will be happy till it hits and wont know much about it anyway I think most of us are happy (to be here at all is brilliant) take care
Sep 01, 2013
ron in mich : we,re all survivors even after we die cuz we survived a shit storm of surgeries and life with the bag, and i,ve done a lot of livin in my 28yrs. of havin a bag.
Sep 02, 2013
Bill : I thought the saying was The Rollings Stones don't give a toss and They have to keep moving to stay alive. --- Just joking Mick! 10,000 years! Somehow I don't think I will survive that long. However, the meteorite I might just see as the seem to appear just when nobody's watching. A bit like ostmies!And Ron - your spot on!Best wishes Bill
Sep 19, 2013
beautifullyblessed : I'm sorry thought I commit on this along time ago...I open my site just to read these encouraging words Bill... Thanks a favorite words of my life right now as God has blessed me with a second chance to live this thing called life and do it right is to: LIVE, LOVE and LAUGH...Much Blessing to you all!!!!
Sep 19, 2013
Bill : Hello beautifullyblessed. It is so heartwarming to open my emails and find your encouraging comments in which you remind us to 'do it right'.I'll bear that in mind as make my way through today and the rest of this week.May you always be -- beautifully blessed.Bill
Sep 28, 2013
WOUNDED DOE : We love you beautifullyblessed, stay mingling with us out here :):)
Sep 28, 2013
garfish : any time you draw another breath, you survive
Sep 30, 2013
Bill : Hello garfish. You are of course absolutely right. Unfortunately that's another thing I have trouble with, so they have given me a breathing machine to help me survive in this particular way. Actually it's one of the best little gadgets I have used so far and it has brought me a whole new 'quality' of life. Best wishes Bill

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