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Posted by Bill


As I muse about resentment 
I’m confused about presentment 
What was first, the fact or act 
or the burst as I react? 

Do those daft things I resent  
come ‘fore or aft some main event? 
Or might the feeling creep about 
for the right time to leap out? 

When someone’s life just comes amiss
then anyone must resent this.
Am I resenting my body
presenting me my ostomy?

A lot of my resentment then
was got from discontentment when
my colon needed attention
and the surgeon’s intervention.

You could say that the surgeon’s knife
took away my normal life.
And what was sent to me instead
left resentment in my head.

I resent that I was ill
and disenchantment is there still.
The cost to me I always claim
was that the ostomy’s to blame.

But as the years have passed on by.
I have now caste a different eye
on those worst things that got to me
when I first got my ostomy.

I’ve had a chance to contemplate
to glance again and ruminate.
By re-presenting what I feared
my resentment’s disappeared.

                             B. Withers 2013

Hello Bill. Your lovely verse resonates with me, I'm thankful to you for posting it and that this talent and kindness of sharing exists at this time. All the best to you.
Hello Andrea.
Thank you very much for commenting so positively on 'resentment'. I find the sharing of such sentiments with others a lot easier than the process of organising my thoughts on the subject in the first place. Once the verses are written and reflected upon, it often feels as though I should not have let these sentiments take an internal hold in the first place. I tell myself that I should have known better than to allow any of my emotions a free reign, for I know this is a sure way for them to drag me in the direction they seem to want to go, rather than the way that I might choose for myself.
Best wishes

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