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Posted by Bill


Hope, is expectation and desire
that something better will transpire
and somehow we will find some ways
for future to be better days.

I feel it’s no coincidence
that hope can give us confidence
to face and tackle our aggro
and overcome the status quo.

Hope engenders optimism
as opposed to pessimism.
It lifts the spirit way above
and gives our impetus a shove.

Hope’s about anticipation
creating in us an elation
leading to an expectation
of some sort of jubilation.

As people look at their life’s lot
they may conclude that what they’ve got
is far from what they would hope for
so they may wish that they had more.

They might feel that they’re bereft
and hope is all that they have left
so it’s the only thing in life
that helps to overcome their strife.

Who would think to steal the hope
from those who feel they cannot cope?
And who could be so horrible
to take hope from the vulnerable?

Yet there are those who’d raise our hopes
with sales-pitches and such soft-soaps,
deliberately misleading folks
whilst stealing hopes with sneaky strokes. (B. Withers 2018)

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magoo : Nice one Bill...Love it.
Angelicamarie : Bill hope is alive, good one!! Angelicamarie
Head : Very good. Keep Hope Alive.
Bill : Thanks Head, for your positive comment, they are always appreciated. Bill