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Posted by Bill


Sometimes stomas are performed
so someday they maybe reformed.
Surgeon’s can sow the colon back
and lives can then be back on track.

There are some people with a choice
to make decisions and give voice
to what they really want to do
if a reversal comes in view.

Now I recall that I rehearsed
how I would have it all reversed.
For sure it could my life enhance
if only I would get that chance.

It all seemed so straightforward yet
I hesitated with this bet.
What were the hidden risks to me
to get rid of my ostomy?

When all about it was not known
then some seeds of doubt were sown.
I thought I ought to research more
so I would know what lay in store.

With exploration on the ‘net
for information I might get.
The risks I found might be quite high
I then was bound to ask the why.

Why prevaricate with fear
as my reversal date drew near.
I waited so long for this day
but what was wrong I couldn’t say.

I ponder now on this subject
and wonder how in retrospect
someone like me would know it all
so I or we could make this call.

B. Withers 2013


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Bill : My thanks and acknowledgements to NEWSTOM for initiating a forum discussion on the for's and against's with regard to reversal as this provides the ideal impetus to blog my very last verse in the series on stomas. Best wishes Bill Feb 09, 2018

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